Settlement, who invented you?


On this corner of the Kaluga region do not go just rumors and legends. Ferris settlement — almost the same "brand" the area as "Kaluga Space" and "Kozel'sk — a city of Russian glory." Different sources I found many definitions of our ancient settlement — from an abnormal location and the Russian Stonehenge to Gamayunschiny Kaluga and Bald Mountain.

Moss teleported from Karelia?


In Kozelsk area, near the village of Sosenskiy, on the banks of the river Bally, in the Ugra National Park, is the tract. Its main attraction is the hill of sandstone. Nerds growing very surprised at the settlement of relict plants: shistosteg glowing moss and fern especially centipede. Areas of their distribution is Karelia. How the wind brought them to us?
Archaeologists have chosen this place, found an explanation: as if there was held a glacier and left us a legacy of beautiful plants. We ufologists another explanation. As a result of the curvature of space centipede with shistostegom teleported from the northern edge of our seats.
The fact that not only the space Castle curved, but also time. People suddenly for no apparent reason begin to stray, they say, in broad daylight. It is difficult to get lost: the area of the hill — one and a half hectares, and around the perimeter of the stone zone trodden path. However, the man thinks that he walked away from the camp for ten meters and walked 5 minutes, and it turns out that he had just come back in three hours. Such failures occur in time with the tourists (especially with ufologists) frequently.
It is said that in the tract buggy technology — cell phones do not work, although tower close, someone slipping settings. Animals are also starting to behave strangely. Especially not like this place a dog. Near the caves or holes in the rocks of strange four-legged companions suspiciously sniffing the air and then huddle at the feet of the master. However, it is possible to come up with another explanation. The dogs are known to be afraid of evil spirits, but more on that later.



At the top of the hill are now in ruins, like the remains of a stone house. Previously, they say, there were stone tables with benches, stone alley with steps leading down the hill, and the complex maze of underground corridors artificially cut down deep in the rock. On a relatively flat top of the hill randomly scattered boulders of all shapes and sizes. Who brought them here and why they are coming from the east? Perhaps our fort served before the space observatory or the remnants of an ancient civilization? And these legends tell tourists. And we are worse than the British, who were lucky with Stonehenge?
Realists, however, is more inclined to believe that there was a sanctuary of Slavic tribe Vyatichi. Loose rocks are somewhat similar to the vessels for charging water. It is said that there was a cave that was filled in the Soviet era, where priests perform the rite.
Speaking of dungeons: there are rumors that somewhere in the rock there is a move that leads right up to the city Chekalina in the Tula region.

There, on Bald Mountain …


Some of the local still calls settlement is not Devil, and a Ferris. May not want to mention the evil vain, maybe the way it would be more correct. There is evidence that people used to say so, because this place was a border defense line. But then, everything is very simple! There would be no abnormal famous places on the map area, and tourists for 50 rubles is not what it would take … Still, people are pleased to believe in mysteries, legends grow.
One of these almost "official" legends about the origin of the name of the settlement is the legend of the devil and Lyuba. Supposedly the guy was raskrasavitsa daughter named Lyuba, which fell in love the devil himself. When he wooed her father put a condition: if you build a palace for the night, like the Kings, then take it, but no — I'm sorry. Damn did not realize that there is no stone in the county. I had to click a jack, which had the stones through the air and pitted walls. Had time to lay down the palace is only half — cock crowed. Scum tossed Materials and fled. Since then, over the river and is worth a hell of a Ferris unfinished fort, and on the way to his chain of rocks lying around, do not subjugate the devils to the place.
One of the variants of the same legend as the father of beauty was not a simple man, and most Kudeyar-leader. He just for the fact that my daughter did not want to go for the devil to marry, put a spell on it for many centuries and imprisoned in an underground castle. Periodically from the grotto hear unpleasant sounds — then moans Lyubushka. And some even see her ghost sitting on the rocks. According to another version, the girl was "guilty" in that mound of unfinished projects: the devils when worn with stones, she ran into the chicken coop, pulled out osolovelogo cock brought to fire the stove — one of fear and because he missed the sunrise, crowed — I proceed through the text.
About the cave, the former lock feature of the bride, still tell that it Kudeyar hid the loot, then went to build the Desert and otmalivat sins. No one has found a treasure there.
Among the locals in the course of the story that in the 50 years of the last century with the Devil decided to take the fort stone for road construction. Produced several explosions have taken out several tons of gravel, and then realized that the stone will not do. Explosions and export stopped, but after that the entrance to the rock was covered completely.
There is also a version that the entrance had stopped on purpose, because there was a poisonous hallucinogenic gas, which was the reason that there is some "blaznilo." In ancient times, as historians write, "Princely traptorial, all of whom forest — sweet home, gave a great hook. The old men told us that since ancient times has been here the whole, from time immemorial inhabited Leshakov, the day they were buried in holes and under the stones in the caves, and at midnight on the hill staged boisterous merrymaking. From everywhere flocked to them witches and other evil spirits gluhomannaya. " In general, the bombers wanted to do the best, but it turned out as always. As a result, the old legends have hardened, they added new ones.
Little snow men
And in the end — yet another local myth, which is also the name for the appearance of the tract. Were carried out in this extraordinary place little hairy humanlike creatures such as yetis. Peasants from childhood stuffed with tales of evil spirits, found them look like devils and were afraid to appear here. Perhaps it does not sound very plausible, but … And what little snow men, too, have been brought to us as a result of a glacier or a curvature of space under Sosenskiy moved together with the Karelian plants? Here we just did not protect them or they do not want us to live — hid in a cave, away from the blasting and curious adventurers.
Dear readers, if you know the legends and mysterious events connected with the history of your communities, call or write to the address of the publisher. We will be happy.

Elena Guseva

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