Seven Simeons. The bomb in the bass watch online

Seven Simeons.  The bomb in the bass watch online
On their written in the press, and even made a documentary film. Who could imagine that their names will be entered into the history of Russian is not a platform, and in the chronicle of the most violent crimes of the twentieth century? Ninel Ovechkin and her kids aged 9 to 28 years old were the most well-known aviateroristami USSR. They tried to escape from the country, capturing the 1988 plane The hostage. Of the 11 terrorists were alive then six …
This year marks 25 years since the day or disaster. We will tell the unknown facts hijacking and meet with the surviving members of the family Ovechkin. And the answer to the questions: Who controls the actions of the musicians? How could smuggle a bomb on board and instrument? Why they decided at any cost to flee USSR?

Disaster, disasters, acts of terrorism

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