Shambhala is located in Vladivostok?


Residents of Primorye — the keepers of the Eastern Gate, the portal of light forces

Vladivostok. February 4. VOSTOK-MEDIA — Many psychics, magicians and astrologers capital of Primorye is seen as the future center of magic, and by 2010, it should be realized in practice. This health center director believes "Longevity" Elena Voronov.

"Many come celebrate the unusual city. Women in Vladivostok super-interesting, unique energy. Coaches from other cities as one man said that people have a strong energy. A well-known coach Yogi B. Energy supply Dolokhov said: "This power, as you have, only the seminars here in Moscow at festivals, when gathers the" special forces nagual "from all over Russia," as a matter of training, who spent just ask finish it earlier: "I'm sick of energy", "walk down the street — the feeling that your feet off the ground jumps themselves …"
There is a fascinating tale about our roads, "The drivers say that those who have learned to drive a car in Vladivostok will be able to drive, anywhere!".
Many sources agree that the Vladivostok — fenugreek, a place of power in the world "- says Elena Voronov.

It is supported by well-known astrologer and magician Alexander Rempel.

"On the planet in the history of human civilization were a few global centers of magic and distribution centers for religious teachings. The last magical center (recognized by all magicians of the time, regardless of their views, schools, ambition) was Narbonne — a city in southern France, near Toulouse. In Narbonne was the Holy Grail, the Ark of the Covenant, and many other legendary treasure lost today. In Narbonne flourished the most advanced and sophisticated culture at the time. There also existed the school, where he taught Kabbalah and Apyi not magical discipline.
In 1209 magicians and astrologers Narbonne, making horoscope of the city, made clear that the city will be destroyed and rescue him unable to human and magical. Horoscope spoke about — that magical center will be revived after 800 years in the latitude 43 degrees and longitude 131.5 degrees. Vladivostok is 43.08 degrees latitude and longitude 131.55 degrees, and this is the city that after nine years, will have a magical glory that had once Narbonne — the city of magicians and astrologers. It is a magical prophecy was known to many magicians of the time.
It is noteworthy that in the same period in the territory of Primorye was indeed the strongest Asian magical center of Bohai culture. Pidan1 and its foothills have been forbidden territory for people not involved in magic, and on top of Pidan was established cult quartz crystal is a fantastic size (according to legends, more than ten meters in height), which went to the advice of the priests. All other accidentally or intentionally coming to the restricted area, the guards were killed. In 1250, after the destruction of Narbonne, the crystal disappeared from the mountain. The chronicles do not mention how it happened, but this year the priests stopped going to Pidan, and soon this part of the Maritime and does depopulated.
On the southern coast of France near the town of Carnac, near Narbonne, Tuma is a pole of Saint Michael. This huge megalith today buried in the ground, forming a hill, and above it in the Middle Ages, the Chapel of St. Michael. In ancient times, on top of the hill was a giant crystal. It was destroyed during the Albigensian Crusade. In the church of St. Michael kept an ancient manuscript, which has these words: "When Pidan will be erected an altar, when it will grace the top of the religious building, people get to know the secret of the gods. The altar and places of worship to be the last Pidane into force of places connected to circuit common. This will take place at the beginning of the century of change. "
In 1972, there was a film called "The Lost Treasure of Jerusalem" commissioned by the BBC BBC. It was first proposed prophecy astrologers Narbonne and first performed Vladivostok as a possible successor to the glory of Narbonne. But in those days, even the most optimistic researchers could not imagine that in 15 years of magic in Russia will be allowed, revived and quickly begin to gain ground in the society. In 1994, an international conference of magicians was again voiced "prophecy Narbonne" and Vladivostok had already been considered as the only possible successor.
Today, Beijing is seen as the future center of magic, and by the year 2010 (as stated in the "Narbonne prophecy"), it should be realized in practice.
I think that the closer in 2010, the greater will be talking about Vladivostok and the greater will be the prophecies about him. As an astrologer, I can confirm — Vladivostok really destined to become the capital of the region, but that in the future. Magic Capital of the World in 2010, he's really gone, so mages will try to fulfill the prophecy, "- said Alexander Rempel.

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