She has fallen — it attacked four policemen and kicked and clubbed

Most of the society protesters on Independence Square in Minsk, who were arrested on December 19 and sentenced to administrative arrests, already free. Reporters 'Freedom' met with former political prisoners, have recorded their testimonies.


"The commandos were beaten young girls and the elderly"

Behind the bars are still five activists of Mogilev region. Convicted were about two dozen.

Bobruisk journalist Eugene Vaskovich served in Akrestsin 12 days. Man detained at Independence Square on December 19. He was not beaten — tied up and thrown into a paddy wagon. She was beaten by riot police, he says, young girls and the elderly:

"The Girl on the steps of the monument to Lenin fell. It attacked four policemen and started kicking and batons. As any dog. Maybe this was an order. As we were taken, we were standing on their feet day. Face to the wall. Can not drink or go to the toilet. Some people fainted. They endured. One guy was even with a broken leg. Riot policemen called to the doctor with Akrestin, he said nothing. When the ambulance arrived — said that a broken leg. "

Eugene Vaskovich not declare hunger strikes, because, in his opinion, it is pointless.

"You could die from this hunger strike. They do not care if we were holding a hunger strike or not. They have their master, whom they obey. In the programs of banned food to pass. I recently gave two chakalyadki, but there was not as much, but the two halves. "

A few cameras had to stay and Bobruisk trade union activist Michael Kovalkova. About ten days imprisonment, he tells how a man with life experience — with restraint and without emotion. Notes the courage of the youth:

"We sideltsev I saw fear in his eyes. Everyone was laughing, smiling. There were students who said, well, be dismissed. But they were convinced of the rightness of their cause, who came to the Independence Square. "

Leaders of Bobruisk plant of tractor parts and assemblies in his own noted the release of Mikhail Kovalkova:

"The Deputy Director of the ideology of the plant parazveshvav posters:" Shame. He participated in hooliganism. In Minsk, was arrested and sentenced to ten days in Kovalkov Michael. " After hanging a flyer, they have made themselves a disservice. I started coming to the people who said, "Michael, hold on, most of the plant is on your side."

Gomel Oblast

"Lukashenko gave the opposition a lot of trumps"

After a 15-day arrest of Gomel insulator FREED Yuri Klimovitch, trustee of the presidential candidate Vital Rymasheuski. At large as well Yuri Zakharenko thValery Slyapuhin, who were arrested for 12 days.

To Mr. Klimovich not met friends and journalists, the police showed unprecedented pasluzhlivasts. About an hour before the expiration of his arrest in prison elektrasvyatlo extinguished. Security guards with flashlights come in a cell with Klimovich, brought him outside, put him into a police car. Both dovezla activist to the house:

"Just to the entrance of the house! They are not helping, and as porters and reported things to the car and then out of the car. I said that weakened hunger strike, then I do not need to strain. The police answered, "No questions asked!". Sergeant for things — carried, delivered. I was just amazed — service at the highest level. "

This "service" showed policemen and 18 December in the evening, when Yuri Klimovitch coming home from church and went to the store to buy some tea.

"I was walking home and literally changed the route pavkilyametra — remember that there is no tea house. I decided to go to the store and buy it. Under no circumstances should know in advance that I will change the route, the police could not. They could be waiting for me at the entrance of the house, but not there. That is, they tracked my route around the city. And, I think it was done by my cell phone — via the phone. "

Mr Klimovich, like other agents of candidates for president, accused of abuse. Found some ilzhesvedkav themselves witnessed this crap, not paying attention to the oath. A 15-day, according to Klimovitch, Judge of the Central District Marina Domnenkov appointed him just for his performance during the review of the administrative case:

"In court I said that in this case we have a criminal group that violated my rights. I was detained in violation of the law. This is a criminal gang, and you, as a judge, you can join or not to join. Judge Domnenkov thought and declared me 15 days. "

According Klimovitch, mass arrests, landing in the KGB jail presidential candidates Lukashenko gave the opposition a lot of aces, and therefore will have to quickly release all the prisoners:

"Winners do not like, like victims. In this sense, he gave the opposition a lot of aces. Now the acting presidents of many countries of the world, former presidents declare their support for the detainees. Such a gift the opposition just could not wait. After the election — what the program could be in our opposition? No! West turns away from her. In Russia and can not go. Where to? That was a dead end. And now they have given the opposition youth movement flag in his hands. They stand with the flag. Now the well-known program for the year ahead. Already slogans and ready to eat: the release of political prisoners, the election without Lukashenko! Who gave this opposition? The President. "

Grodno region

"Around the opposition is consolidating more and more supporters of democracy and freedom"

Chairman of the Grodno regional organization of the United Civil Party Yury Istomin Minsk for participation in events on the Square has been sentenced to 13 days. The arrest was serving a prison in Akrestsin. He was released on Sunday. The main impression calls a moral victory of the opposition. The opposition is consolidating around a much larger number of supporters, said Yuri Istomin:

"In fact, when we talked to people who are not detained in the square, and on the Minsk stops, near night clubs, sports facilities, etc., in the prison, they took our side. First, they are on their own, as they say, skin experienced by which chaos of hatred towards people capable of this power. Second, next to him, they saw people from the opposition and decided to agree that this is normal and intelligent fighters for a better future. "

Belarusian human rights record that the Grodno region frequently detained and arrested activists who worked in the headquarters of the opposition candidates in Grodno, and in provincial cities and towns. Previous links between democratic organizations now allegedly infringed. What should you do? Ponders the question Yuri Istomin:

"The most important thing now — to help those who remain behind bars. To show solidarity with them, to warn against the punishment. Another important now to stop to reflect on what happened. I even think I need to reformat the opposition and relations in the opposition. Formed new and more complex conditions. You have to be stronger, and this together next to each other. "

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