Slavic community

Our ancestors have always lived by the community. This helped to survive and thrive, even now, those who are united in the community, clan, organization, etc. become more successful and prosperous (although organizations are different, have different goals and go different ways, but we want to have more of these organizations that help people and contribute to their development and happiness of their families!) association helps people in all areas: material world — the more harmonious people, the worse thing you can organize, the more the organization will be a resource and material support;

in the spiritual world — people can support each — other spiritually and your thoughts and spiritual strength to the success and development of the community, in the wizarding world — any group of people forms egregore and the stronger and more harmonious (spiritual and magical) people — the more egregor. and the easier it is developing in the community and society sposubstvuet development of each person entering into the community. I bring to your attention the practice of prayer for the community to develop, was acquiring material wealth and came to a harmonious community people to the community remained Lad and Order, Health and Well Being, Love and Justice!

Prayer Zeal commune

Rode God — the Creator rules, Reveal and Navi, of all things visible and not visible, on truth, love and justice come to our gods and goddesses likah Native, Save the bright, Great Ancestors, Spirits and mighty good people, that strength and knowledge, experience and the power of his ready to help
our community, to strengthen our faith, to multiply our Veda, fill us with health and wellness, so the community grew stronger and grow, and Lud, and order it always coming, spiritual guide our wisdom and virtue of the rights and Navi Reveal Learn and teach us, that our bosses were
Honest and upright, brave and true, true purpose of their community members sang, Lud and harmony in itself multiplied, health, prosperity, love and light filled his family, came to our community Veda wise, brave and loyal Knights, prosperous and generous Vesey, Workers bright and hard working, that the Faith and Tradition Native stirrups. So be it and so it is! Glory to God and Rod all his children!

Svarog Father, Heavenly Father, the Creator
the universe, the Father of Heaven, and Rod kind of the ground, I thank you and ask you to bless our community, filled with the Spirit and the power of his creative, give patronage and tutelage of his. God — Svarog manifest in men of the community of our righteousness, faithfulness, zeal and power, so that worked for the good of our community, descent Ohnište, native homeland, but for the glory of Thy Vsevelikogo with your light-filled, blessed with wisdom, in the Pocono Family God and live in righteousness Reveal to increase! Glory to the Father — Svarog!

Mother — Ladand, you are our Mother of the Gods, and we are loyal to your children. You care about us, love and grace filled, Goddesses native manifests itself — our souls berezhesh and learn, take custody of her, our community, that Lad, understanding, love and peace in our community has always remained and bezlad, exceedingly good and evil have far side passes! Mother — Lada, bless our community of women and motherhood, kindness, let your family is filled with love and wisdom of women acquire, Vedane Goddesses Native in them grows, the proportion of grants happy!
Glory Mother Lada!

Perun Our Father! Rattle in Svarga Your Blue Shield and Sword. We are loyal to your children, hear thy great power, the power of righteous, You're Living Cole Phenomena Lad and order, love and justice to protect, so Protect our community from all falsehood, confusion and omorochek from dark spirits, evil and envy, from the black rage! Let Light and Mighty Perunichi who are the Polk Perun, protect our community, even our ancestors filled with thy power, and help us to fret and order, justice and righteousness, faithfulness and unity in the community to exercise, Faith and Tradition of the people to bear, filled with thy might, the Spirit your Sanctified, thunder and Perunitsami Blessed with thee Mighty community together to create! Glory to the Father — Perun!

God Veles, Are you the King Reveal and Navi, Wisdom of the wise, worldly goods owner, come wisdom and prosperity in our community! Protect the community and all people of every family from witchcraft, slander and slander, from all kinds of sentences, from the spirits of the dark, evil forces of Navneet, poverty and laziness.
Let the evil side of the community far bypasses, and the benefit and wisdom come to us! Let the spirit guide Wisdom and Power Your gain, commoners honest riches spiritually and physically prepared! Vesey rich and generous in the community come good stuff, get wisdom. Community
Our day by day growing and thriving! Truth! Glory Mnogomudromu and generous Velez!

Makos — Mother, Nurse kind earth, Native Land, Holy Goddess, for you we walk, dance we carry, come to our community, Mother, strength and blessing of his fertile, give us a reliable support and defend! Let women be fertile and wise, let Beregin of their fathers are, loving and beloved, beautiful and lovely wives appear, let our children healthy family multiply, blessed with happiness, wealth grow spiritually and physically, even if the way — our roads are clean and smooth, puct righteous thoughts and
embody ideas, let our community grow stronger and grow, and the Good spiritual and material finding! Glory Makos Mother!

Dana — Mother, The beautiful goddess, a virgin clear, you are flowing rivers, the earth, gentle hug, heavy rains sheds steleshsya velvet fog. In you are the secret and every life, we call you, as loving children, come, come Mother, darling, come, cleanse our community of
diseases of all kinds, from laziness and ailments, from foreign to grief, from weakness and suffering of strangers zlozhelany! You Mother dear to us, bless our community force of his loving, life-giving, secret wisdom and serenity of mind. Let the community of our river clean, flowing
fast new people come, get together with us and with the Faith and Native Vedas hold, zeal strengthen their communities, and in the generic Ohnište Reveal claim both materially and spiritually Faraday — Peace Love and Justice create. Glory Dane — Mother!

Ubiquitous Our God Stribog, you to command the winds, Peace movement is full, you are wise and Mighty our Father, cleanse our community of stagnation dead and fill our works incidental light wind, the power of the mighty, scatter and disperse all sorts of intrigues and dark matter in and around our community, let the winds of Stribozhichi protect us from evil and have evaporated, so that the wizards and witches who wish us harm and suffering to the people of multiplying — the parties have avoided, and good people, for his country and Rhode Slavic Radeyuschie to easily find our way, inspired by the soul and fills them with us they powerful community connected. Glory to the Father — Stribog!

God — Ognebozhe, Thou Lord of Light and Mighty Knight, You pervade the darkness and Moroka basurov destroyed, you possess wealth donations fire and Dispatch to the World of the Gods home! Ogneliky father and Noble, its flames were burning, the power of the Mighty cleanse and bless our community. Wither and exceedingly evil in the souls and bodies commune, manifest in the bodies and souls of our Holy Zeal, determination, and bravery, courage and flaming spiritual, that a strong and prosperous community, active and growing manifested, Pocono and St. Ohnište Generic adhering firmly established in the world forever! Ognebogu glory!

Dazhbozhe our Light!
Hold in our depths of the earth, the life and beauty of the Great create it! You are joined into one Leakey own, join our community in a whole thoughts and desires, that way and order, mutual understanding and mutual community strengthened and led to a glorious future, bless us
and take custody of her, beautiful and radiant, our God, for we have grandchildren Dazhbozhi — True to your children, let your life-giving Light, Wisdom, righteousness, power and divine Thy presence always remains in our community and to the right by the glorious leads! Glory to the Father — Dazhbog!

I see how our community is filled with Lad and Order, the benefit of spirituality and
Corporal, joy and love, justice and righteousness,
Multiplicity and unity, affirming Reveal, Will Rod shows! And
realized everything said by the Will of God Family, Gods and Ancestors
Rod glory God!
Glory to our Gods and Goddesses!
Glory to the ancestors and the spirits of relatives!

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