Slavic family

Not many people in our difficult time to remember the true meaning of a family does not make life easier, not to improve the living conditions and certainly not in the financial aspect of marriage.
Its true meaning — to continue to sort of upbringing and education of their children, creating a virtuous offspring and spolnenii duty to come from. That's what the Slavs form a family.

Pledge of family health — its morality and moral level of relations. Education of offspring is a complete family virtually meaningless, and unacceptable for Rusich.
What does "full family"? Grade will be the family, including not only the father, the mother and child and the older generation. Uncles, aunts, grandparents, all blood relatives have kept the Slavic tradition
It is the duty of parents to come from is not easy, but it will do. The family must be about seven — nine children, these numbers include both reproduction and procreation.
Sure, just bring up children — a little. We should also give them the experience of previous generations, learn how to survive, to bring wisdom.
It is believed that the establishment of the family is more to consider ideological similarity of the young, but noted that the national and the blood, should be considered along with spiritual practices, the cause of such judgments, we believe, no explanation is necessary.
By choosing a life partner should be approached with the utmost seriousness and responsibility. The family will be the executive and administrative power. Contrary to the latest standards of treating the life-its laws, there is indestructible way of Slavic family, where the man is her head and extractor, will solve all the problems and make important decisions, she is also the successor of family, raising children, home stores and gives wise advice to her husband.
It's no good to be like a man and a woman to take over the reins of government, like a man ought not to perform the duties of a wife.
It would not be screaming about women's rights feminist movement, no matter what the rules are not established "the institution of the family" or what equality is out of the question. After all, everyone — his destiny.
There are many who do not agree with this, but this stuff is not written for them, and for those who want to create a healthy family and to fulfill their duty to the race.
Learn, absorb the traditions of their ancestors.
But if anyone would prefer to "western version" of marriage, that is their choice, though to no good and he will not.
But there are positive aspects to the current situation. Russian families living on tribal traditions will become more and Bole Bole, while deadlock western version will go into oblivion. Natural selection is such a cell of society.

Well, what about those who have not found a soul mate, but still wants to start dating for serious relationships, dating and even better for a family? Always possible to communicate in discussion forums or use the dating agency that will consider many factors and requirements. But everything must be approached very seriously, Wedboo for marriage — the responsible thing

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