Slavs! If you have not watched this video — look carefully!

Especially the youth is required viewing!

First gear, where national television (Republic of Belarus) so detailed quoted Pentagon documents to plan the destruction of the Jews and the Slavs in Russia, Ukraine and Belarus.

Some excerpts: "In return, we give the values of national patriotism. Patriotism balalaika and drunken tears, we will not allow any high-tech, it will lead to the complete collapse of the industry, which we restrict to the production of basic necessities for a limited contingent of slaves, mining raw materials to us.
Among the citizens a lot of engineers, skilled workers, teachers, doctors — we will provide them with such a survival that they themselves will flee the country.
Our main motto is: "Lay the youth and you will win any nation." We deprive them of their youth company, molested her sex, rock, violence, alcohol, smoking, drugs, ie they deprive society of the future.
Hitler was a silly boy — he acted directly, openly. He had to perform extremely hard work: millions to burn, shoot, shovel, etc. He left a trail of blood. And we act more cleverly, we will not have traces?
We are under the guise of democratic transformations give Slavic rednecks monarchy, everyone — the puppet president. And plenty of light, noise and pomp. "
Look around you.

What more proof do you need? And then someone else may be illusions?

These documents can already be easily found and read. The program has a list of names of those documents.

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