Slogan Orthodoxy or death is not aggressive — representatives of the Russian Orthodox Church

MOSCOW, Aug. 15 — RIA Novosti.The slogan "Orthodoxy or Death", which caused controversy and litigation, does not contain aggressive calls, but "malosimpatichen" and in need of a comprehensive and thorough examination, told RIA Novosti on Monday, well-known figures of the Russian Orthodox Church.

Scandal with the slogan "Orthodoxy or Death", erupted after the publication of photos of the girl in a T-shirt with this inscription in the social network "VKontakte". In December 2010, Cheryomushki Court in Moscow found the slogan "Orthodoxy or Death", is actively used, in particular, the Union of Orthodox Banner Bearers, extremist. Lublin Moscow court also dealt with the case on the basis of religious examination concluded that the slogan "Orthodoxy or Death" is not an extremist, but the case was returned to the Moscow City Court for review. As reported on Monday, "Kommersant", the Orthodox community intends to file a suit in the Moscow City Court to set aside the decision of the court Cheremushkinsky.

"It would be nice to have completed all of the relevant courts and would have made all the arguments for and against. Personally, I found this cute little slogan, similar slogans have not originally in the church community, and among the revolutionaries and supporters of radical political movements. However, this slogan can be interpreted in different ways. Aggressive calls, I do not see it, "- said the head of the Synodal Department for Church and Society of the Russian Orthodox Church, Archpriest Vsevolod Chaplin.

In his words, "to present the Orthodox Christian faith is more important than life on earth, because of the faith, as well as from good works depends entrance into eternal life." "So if you are trying to take away faith, trying to force the power to reject it, it is better to lose earthly life than with faith — eternal life. So decide for themselves martyrs "- added Chaplin.

He believes that "the main thing now — to understand how this slogan can create aggression, the desire to kill other faiths simply because they are."

"I am sure that those who know their faith and living the Christian life people never do and to call for such will not" — said Chaplin.

According to the chairman of the Synodal Department for Relations with the Armed Forces and the police Archpriest Dimitry Smirnov, the meaning of the slogan as sensational is that an Orthodox Christian for himself prefers death to renounce their faith.

"Nothing in this extremist, I do not see. It is not about to kill someone, "- said Smirnov.

The head of the Union of Orthodox Banner Bearers Leonid Simonovich-Niksic assured RIA Novosti that the slogan "Orthodoxy or Death", which is actively used by members of the organization, in particular, put on clothes, "no aggression towards those of other religions will not be."

"We are thinking that if we have to choose between Orthodoxy and death, we choose Orthodoxy, as it was during the early Christians. This slogan does not accept any aggression, it is only an internal slogan for us. I do not understand why some equate it with the slogan "Your money or your life," — told RIA Novosti Simonovic-Niksic.

According to him, the slogan was coined by Greek monks in '21, and was associated with "problems within the church." Banners with the same slogan in Greek can be found today in the Orthodox monastery on Mount Athos Esphigmenou concluded Simonovic-Niksic.

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