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Tale of the scientists of U.S. missile defense in Europe criticized

It all started with the fact that the bold South American newspaper The New York Times published the same ideology of American physicists Theodore Postol (MIT) and George Lewis (Cornell Institute) about the promising U.S. missile defense system in Europe. It turned out that mnogazhdy Hailed by the Pentagon, the Missile Defense Agency and by Barack Obama personally missile defense system may simply be zilch just because it contains within itself in advance weak and for all that the main element — the antimissile SM-3.

For those who do not. Scientists have painstakingly researched the 10 test launches SM-3, made in 2002-2009, and concluded that the entire South American missile defense system is not worth a rotten egg, so as antimissile although able to fly to the target and destroy the warhead is not able to. Direct hit SM-3 on the part of the ballistic missile, which is supposed to be the nuclear charge was recorded "in one or two cases," and in others — antimissile "molded" just do not have much, but it's not there.

"This means that in real criteria warhead would not be destroyed and fell to the target, exploding in eight or nine cases," — declared Lewis, ask a passing question about the reliability of early warning from U.S. satellites and radars that Tipo may not accurately give a trajectory enemy ballistic missiles. All those applications Pentagon and the Obama administration politely silent, but the Missile Defense Agency took out of its sheath reliable morpehovsky bayonet and rushed into battle with unscrupulous scientists.

To start outlook Lewis and Postol MDA (abbreviated as the agency is called) has announced a "wrong and misleading." Suppressing the urge to have that offensive, MDA, defected to the rebuttal: SM-3 — "One of the most successful programs of the Pentagon," all tests were successful, in rare cases, the anti-missile missile hit the target "a few inches from the expected point of contact" (in the air or what?). In general, the response of MDA is replete with statements such as "well", "successful", "one of the most …" "everything starts" and so on.

Understand who is right and who is wrong, it is difficult, if not impossible at all. At least since the disputing parties operate at different levels of reality, and the means resorted to different levels of truth. The scientists made their conclusions on the basis of publicly available photos, reports and videos released by MDA and the company quickly for PR own achievements in the minds of citizens and heating patriotism, if the purpose of the report before the real taxpayers. (So it was, for example, after tests air missile laser which later the U.S. Air Force together cursed nonsense).

In turn, MDA has its own disposal a huge number of classified documents about the trials that never anyone, except, obviously, the elect were not shown. These video comes specifically from the missile (in the U.S. this is in the order of mandatory), the characteristics of sensors with a ballistic missile target, the data from radars and satellites and a bunch of any other undoubtedly useful disk imaging.

I wish to say that. South American military victims taxpayers requiring governments to account for everyone, sorry bunch. It is, for sure, and well as in Russia you never know what you will earned by the sweat of penny. But on the other hand, such a system has developed the habit of those in power "otmazyvatsya" — experienced rolled out pictures, people happy, everything's cool. With all of this in reality is only a few know. The scientists speculate, we can say on grazing material.

Example. There is such a fighter in the United States. F-22 Raptor is called. How much noise as he was about, nor pen describe, nor in the parable say. And expensive, and confusing, but it flies, it's time, and the like as "invisible", that's two. Taxpayers sigh fork out, but happy. And it was found in the past, an engineer, allegedly involved in the project F-22, which said that the fighter never "invisible". Pro Engineer since then is heard, and the people on all kinds of exhibitions became three times more carefully consider the Luneburg lens (yes, there are such), suspended from the world's only aircraft fifth generation.

In general, Americans are doing a good technique. Not such a good as the reports of officials such as MDA or the Pentagon, but good. Not without flaws, of course. But it flies, and that for yourself. The purpose of the Yankees in the doctrine spelled like this — "to assure potential enemies not to increase their armaments", he says, is worthless. That's PR machine is working. And little by little flying missiles.

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