South Africa has attracted an army to capture thousands of crocodiles have escaped from a farm

The South African government raised army and police units to catch more than seven thousand crocodiles that escaped this week with a crocodile farm in the north of Africa, floods in the Limpopo valley, reports Friday channel Sky News.

Farm owners due to the strong pressure of water had to open the gates of the enclosures to prevent the destruction of buildings. This allowed crocodiles to join the ranks of their wild relatives in the waters of the Limpopo River. Originally found in the wild 15,000 dangerous reptiles, according to farmers, half reptile managed to return. As of Friday, in Limpopo are about 7,500 escaped crocodiles.

"Earlier in the Limpopo River lived quite a few crocodiles, they are now here abundance. Police, army and people from the surrounding villages to assist in their catching," — said the representative of the local police Hangvani Malaudzi.

According to police, attacks on human escaped crocodiles are not fixed. Police responding to calls of local residents, who report the location of crocodiles. One of the fugitives found on the school field to play rugby in the 120 kilometers of the farm, said AFP.

The rainy season has begun in the region in October last year. To date, the level of water in the rivers in some places up to six meters. Flooding in South Africa killed 10 people, in addition, the authorities of neighboring Mozambique were forced to evacuate more than 55,000 people because of the threat of flooding a number of villages.

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