South-east of England are threatening floods due to heavy rains

British Agency for the Environment (Environment Agency) has issued 42 warnings about the possibility of floods due to continuing rainfall, with the greatest danger threatening the south-east of England, said the agency.

At this point in 37 areas, including London, meteorologists and emergency services are preparing for the possible effects of the weather. In two regions in the counties of Surrey and Sussex began the evacuation of people and the protection of buildings from the approaches of water.

Rainy weather persists in most of the UK for the third month, and in the last days of the British capital and the regions to the south and east have fallen rains and strong winds.

One man for the past day had to be evacuated after his car got stuck in the water flow in Hampshire. Several villages and dozens of houses in the cities on the east coast suffered: partially flooded the first floors of buildings. Partially closed due to flooding major highway in the region.

Reports of flooding and come from the north-east of England, with the Met Office UK predicts increased rainfall and further north in Scotland.

High risk of flooding will continue at least until Tuesday, and by Wednesday, according to the Agency for the Environment, will go to a minimum.

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