Speech of Patriarch Alexy II in the central synagogue in New York to Jewish rabbis USA November 13, 1991

"Dear brothers, Shalom to you in the name of the God of love and peace! God of our fathers, who revealed himself to Moses in His saint bush burning, the flame burning bush, and said, "I am the God of your fathers, the God of Abraham, God of Isaac, God of Jacob." He is Jehovah — the God and Father of all, and we are all brothers, for we are all children of the Old Testament to the Sinai, which is in the New Testament, as we Christians believe Christ is updated.

These two covenants are two steps in one of the same divine-human religion, two moments of the same divinely process. In the process of becoming God's covenant with Israel was the man chosen people of God, to whom was entrusted the laws and the prophets. And through it assumes the his "humanity" of the Blessed Virgin Mary the incarnate Son of God. "This is a blood relationship is not interrupted and does not stop after Christmas … And so we, as Christians, must feel and experience this relationship as touching the unfathomable mystery of God's watching." It very well expressed in an outstanding hierarch of the Russian Orthodox Church theologian Archbishop of Kherson and Odessa Nicanor (Brovkovich) in his sermon in Odessa over a hundred years ago.

The main thought of the sermon — the closest relationship between the Old and New Testament religion. Unity of Judaism and Christianity has a real basis of the spiritual and the natural affinity and positive religious interests. We are united with the Jews, without abandoning Christianity, not in spite of Christianity, but in the name and power of Christianity, and the Jews are one with us not against Judaism, but in the name and by virtue of true Judaism. We therefore separated from the Jews that we are "not completely Christians" and Jews are separated from us because they are "not quite the Jews." For completeness embraces Christianity and Judaism, and the fullness of Judaism is Christianity. Underlying performance Archbishop Nikanor on the idea of mutual understanding between the Orthodox Church and the Jews. This desire for rapprochement was not alone in our Church. Back in 1861 the Bishop of Novgorod Chrysanth (Retivtsev) called on the Church to help end hostilities, to establish a relationship of dialogue with Jews. In the same spirit, spoke to the Jews in the beginning of this milestone and Archbishop Nicholas (Ziorov). "The Jewish people close to us in the faith. Your law — this is our law, your prophets — are our prophets. The Ten Commandments of Moses require Christians and Jews. We want to live with you forever in peace and harmony to any misunderstanding, hostility and hatred there was between us. "

Based on such doctrinal and theological beliefs, bishops, clergy and theologians of our Church strongly and publicly condemn all manifestations of anti-Semitism, hatred and pogroms against Jews. So, condemning pogrom of 1903 in Chisinau, Archbishop Anthony Volyn (Khrapovitsky) publicly declared: "Cruel Chisinau killer must know that they have dared to go against the Divine Providence, that they have become the executioners of the people who loved God."
During the infamous trial of Beilis experts of our Church — Professor of the Kiev Theological Academy Archpriest Alexander verb and Professor Ivan Petersburg Theological Academy Trinity — firmly defended Bayliss and strongly supported the charges of the Jews of ritual murders. He did much to protect the Jews from anti-Semitic attacks by the extreme radical right-wing organizations, Metropolitan Anthony of St. Petersburg (Valdkovsky). Bravely defended Jews against hatred and unjust accusations by anti-Semitic circles many of our bishops and theologians: Metropolitan Macarius (Bulgakov), Bishop of Grodno Donat (Babinski), Bishop Vissarion (Nechaev), Archbishop Serapion (Meshcheryakov), Archbishop Makarios (Mirolyubov) …

(The pronunciation of a long speech spurs would not prevent him exactly)

We should also be said about participation in the defense of the Jews against anti-Semitism of many of our theologians and prominent religious thinkers — such as Vladimir Solovyov, Nikolai Berdyaev, Fr. Sergius Bulgakov. Solovyov believed protect Jews from the Christian point of view, one of the important tasks of his life. For him, the Jewish question is not a question of how good or bad the Jews, and there is the question of whether good or bad, we Christians. To establish Christian dialogue did much our famous Orthodox religious thinkers of Jewish origin, Semyon Frank and Lev Shestov.

However, not only the famous bishops and theologians participated in this noble cause. Many priests in the field actively defended and saved Jews from the pogroms and persecution. During the Second World War and the Nazi occupation of the clergy and faithful of our Church, at the risk of their lives hiding Jews. Classic examples of this — the mother of Mary (Skobtsova), priests Klepinin Dmitry and Alexei Glagolev, many others, about the exploits which the sacrificial service of the salvation of their Jewish brothers and sisters, all of us should know. The army of our country in the fight against Nazi Germany at the cost of the lives of nearly 20 million won Nazism, released the German-occupied countries of Europe and so prevented the "final solution of the Jewish question", planned and carried out by the Nazis brutally in these territories, the Jews saved from complete destruction. After the Second World War, our church began to establish its relations and cooperation with all the Christian world, with many international non-Christian organizations and associations, including the Jewish. We actively participated in the activities of the World Council of Churches, in particular, of his commission "The Church and the Jewish people" in international conferences — in Moscow were two major international conferences of the Christian churches and non-Christian world religions, where the Russian Orthodox Church has strong condemnation militarism, racism and anti-Semitism. Unfortunately, today, at a difficult time for our society, anti-Semitism in our lives occur quite frequently. These sentiments prevalent in the extreme extremist right-wing chauvinist groups have medium: general crisis, the growth of national isolation … The task of the Russian Church to help our people to defeat the evil of segregation, ethnic hatred, uzkoegoisticheskogo national chauvinism. In this difficult but sacred to all of us, we really hope for your understanding and support of our Jewish brothers and sisters. Together, we will build a new society — a democratic, free, open, fair, a society of which no longer wishes to leave and where Jews would live confidently and calmly, in an atmosphere of friendship, cooperation and brotherhood creative children of one God — the Father of all .. God of your fathers, and our. With joy I testify here that pulls together a desire to lead a dialogue with the Russian Orthodox Church has always found a positive echo and support from the public and the spiritual leaders of the Jewish communities in the country. Of the best known may be mentioned Isaac Ber Levinson, who was the father of Haskalah movement (first half of XIX century.) — Movement of spirituality among the Jews of Russia. With dialogue between Jews and the Russian Church, he turned to Archimandrite Christopher, rector of the seminary Kremenets in Volhynia, where they both lived and worked. Levinson book about the dialogue with the Orthodox "Enough of blood" was translated into Russian in 1883, and has been widely disseminated. Its popularity scared our reactionaries, and they condemned her early in the century as dangerous to the Orthodox clergy.

In connection with the Jewish-Orthodox dialogue should mention a few names: Rabbi Shmuyla Alexandrov of Bobruisk (Belarus) — the famous Jewish Kabbalist under the influence of Vl. Solovyov and murdered by the Nazis in 1941, Rabbi Yehuda Leib Don Yahia from Chernihiv (Ukraine) — he was influenced by Tolstoy, who is often quoted in their sermons. We should remember our contemporary professor Michael Agursky from Jerusalem, expert on the history of Jews in Russia, has done much for our approach. He recently arrived from Israel to Moscow for the Russian diaspora and Congress is suddenly dead. Eternal memory of him … Actually Jews in our country respected our Church and its clergy. It is no accident lawyer Petersburg Metropolitan Veniamin in 1922 at the trial of the so-called "religious values" was a Jew Gurevich, who selflessly defended Metropolitan …

On the iconostasis of our Russian church in Jerusalem inscribed the words of the Psalmist: "Pray for the peace of Jerusalem." This is what we all need — and you, and our people, all other people, because as the only God our Father, and one week for all His children.

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