Stir in the search for truth

Members of the Brest Movement "For Freedom" demand from officials of the city administration said on a number of issues that have arisen in the course of the campaign and on the day of voting.

The observer from the Movement "For Freedom" at the site number 1 Brest Vitaly Bumblebee after appeals to the CEC and the Prosecutor's Office wrote a letter to the Chairman of the Brest City Executive Committee Sergei Palyshenkava to conduct a review and punish those guilty of fraud in the said polling station. According to Vitali, the Commission voiced number of votes for that or other candidate after the counting of ballots, but when the final report was drawn up, the figures were quite different:

"In the name of the chairman of the executive committee, I sent an application. The essence of my message is that the order was violated counting. The totals in the report are not the ones who were in reality.

Vitaly Bumblebee states that at the polling station number 1 on December 19 was a violation was committed, which led to the falsification of the election results. Officials also need to sort out and clarify this point:

"The only sure way to resolve a dispute between myself, observers, and the district commission is only a recount. Need to count ballots, even if they do not got no translated wrong. "

The coordinator of the Movement for Brest Denis Turchynyak addressed to the chairman of the administration of the Moscow district of Brest Alexander Rogachuka alleging violations of election laws


Turchynyak writes about minivans, which during the campaign was drawn national symbols and inscriptions, calling to vote for Lukashenko. These vehicles ezddili the city and stayed in a place where unauthorized stop. Rooms on the machines were shut down red-green signs.

In a statement, Dennis Turchynyak requested a check on this fact:

"I said in a statement that, according to the electoral law, citizens and legal persons are not entitled to provide financial assistance to any other candidate, other than the payment of money to a special fund of the candidate. Information on how the funds were used, be announced after the election. So I ask to report on how it was used from the fund Lukashenko. Who paid for mobile ads candidate, as it took the money. "



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