Stonehenge and its secrets

Huge construction of Stonehenge — a stone puzzle at the heart of Europe, as it was called this amazing monument one researcher Dr. Trevor Umlmor. This ancient building located in England, now archaeologists agreed that this architectural monument built in three phases between 3500 and 1100 years. BC Stonehenge I was a circular ditch with two rooms and may have served as a cemetery. In a circle along the outer shaft 56 are small funeral "Aubrey holes", so named in honor of John Aubrey, who first described them in the XVII century.

To the north-east of the entrance to the ring was a huge, seven-Heel stone. During the construction of Stonehenge II was built earthen walkway between the Heel Stone and input. Had been erected two rings of 80 huge boulders blue, which are likely to be delivered over 320 km from South Wales. In the final phase of the construction was done permutation megaliths. Blue stones replaced the circular colonnade of 30 trilitis, each of which consisted of two upright stones and build on a horizontal plate. Inside the ring was installed horseshoe of five separate trilitis.

Overall, Stonehenge is a structure of 82 five-ton megaliths, 30 stone blocks, each weighing 25 tons and 5 huge so-called trilitis, stones, weighing up to 50 tons. Stacked stone blocks form the arches, which once served as a perfect indicator of the world. Until recently, scientists thought that the monument was erected in 3100 BC, who lived in the British Isles tribes for observations of the Sun and the Moon. But the latest data of modern science forced to reconsider many of the conclusions of researchers.

Even in the 20-ies of the last century, the famous geologist X. Thomas set. that the stones for the construction of the complex brought from quarries. which were more than 300 miles from the construction site. Needless to say, that the transportation of huge stone blocks required extraordinary effort. In late 1994, the University of Wales Professor David Bowen with the newest method determined the age of Stonehenge. It turned out that he is 140 000 years. Why do old people need to make great efforts on cutting, complex transport, treatment lasting blocks and their incredible accuracy set in a specific order? The answer to this question yet.

The famous astronomer Fred Hoyle. after reviewing all the geometric features of Stonehenge, has determined that the creators of this building knew the exact orbital period of the moon and the length of the solar year. According to the conclusions of other researchers, the wells inside the circle formed by blocks of stone, exactly represent the trajectory of the pole 12-30 thousand years ago! In 1998, astronomer recreated by computer original form Stonehenge and conducted various research.

Their findings were shocking to many. It turns out that this ancient monolith is not only the solar and lunar calendar, as previously thought, but is an exact model of the solar system in the cross-section. According to this model, the solar system is not composed of nine and twelve planets, two of which are beyond the orbit of Pluto (the last of the currently known nine planets), and another — between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter, is now the asteroid belt. In principle, this model confirms the assumption of modern astronomy, and is entirely consistent with the views of many ancient peoples, who also believed that the number of planets in our solar system is equal to twelve.

A feature of all the ancient megaliths, is their unusually high earthquake resistance. Studies have shown that when they are used in the construction of special platforms, mitigating or completely extinguishing tremors. On platforms erected most of the ancient buildings. In addition, such foundations hardly give "ground shrinkage", which inevitably occurs with modern construction.

Scientists do not yet know who and what is raised during the Stone Age ambitious astronomical observatory in the center of Ireland. But after careful study it was clear that the construction of this huge attribute "megalith" ancient tribal druids, who lived in Ireland at that time, simply unreasonable. One thing is certain, whoever the ancient builders, they have tremendous knowledge in astronomy, mathematics, geology and architecture. And given that the grand monuments and buildings were erected in prehistoric times almost throughout the world, then we can conclude that we modern people know little about their own history.

Meanwhile, scientists are studying the ancient monument, Stonehenge continues to live his life in folklore. According to local legend, the giant blue stones have healing powers, they have appeared on this earth by the magician Merlin, the magician at the court of King Arthur, who brought them out of Ireland. The origin of the enormous Heel Stone associated with a different legend. They say the devil once saw a monk hiding among the rocks. Before the accident managed to escape, the devil has launched a huge boulder that crushed his heel. For a long time associated with the ruins of Stonehenge priestly cult of the ancient Celts, Druids, although experts deny this relationship.

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