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About Vanavara village, located north of Krasnoyarsk, with a population of about three thousand people, hardly any of the outsiders could ever find out if it were not for the event, which brought fame to the whole world.

Already a lot of time has passed since the world was shaken by the news of the Tunguska meteorite, but scientists around the world continue to debate, to propose new versions of the event and respond with the old ones. As the phrase from the film, the truth is out there somewhere. Although the meteorite to popular opinion, and left a no "references", such references still exist in the form of unexpected gizmos with their legitimate owners, or the natural wonders that can not be explained.

Thus, in the Krasnodar found a mysterious artifact, which was code-named "Holy Grail." Cup, found near the Tunguska meteorite, according to his keepers, has healing properties, and scientists say about extraterrestrial ratio of the chemical elements that make up this mysterious vessel. Information about the discovery shocked the world. Wrote about it in both domestic and foreign media, calling it "normal glass", the "Greetings from the aliens." The owner of "Grail" tirelessly repeats his story of how his great-grandfather, a nuclear physicist by training, has brought this thing from an expedition to the intended area of the Tunguska meteorite.

Retired sincerely believe that this is no ordinary cup, and have healing properties and has a positive effect on the human body is subject. First owner for many years put the cup under his pillow at night, and all day drinking water from it. We have to admit that he really lived a lot — as much as 103 years old (I do not know really because the chalice, or for some other reason) and all the while feeling good, no complaints on the health and led an active life, dying and gave valuable thing "inherited" by their offspring.

The situation became even more interesting: the new owner is not so enamored with the Cup and did not believe in his features. For a long time this item was stored somewhere in the garage or basement. But one day the daughter of the new "owner" Cup was in a serious car accident and received terrible injuries incompatible with life. The assurances of doctors left, that even if a young girl survives, the rest of life will remain disabled. However, having heard so disappointing forecasts, the girl's father immediately thought of the cup and almost by fiat told his daughter to drink any beverages, either plain water or hot tea, just out of the "holy grail." And in less than two months, as she rose to her feet and she paid a visit to the doctor. It is difficult to convey, what was his astonishment.

After such a miraculous recovery daughters, which could not be called anything other than a miracle man seriously interested in a family heirloom and began taking all sorts of attempts to unlock the secrets of the little things. He took the cup in a forensic laboratory for studies and received an unexpected conclusion.

According to experts, the "holy grail" of chemical composition consists of 90.5% silicon and impurities — potassium, iron and nickel, osmium, selenium, neodymium, cobalt. The chemical composition was carried out using X-ray spectral analysis. In all probability, the subject (otherwise the sample) clearly has an extraterrestrial nature, that is, different ratio of isotopes.

So says the official conclusion of the experts. Surprisingly, this is one of individual cases where "extraterrestrial" was documented surveyed.

In the area of the Tunguska catastrophe continue to occur, and other unusual anomalies. For example, the forest here is growing with unusual speed, and the number of mutations in the trees is very exaggerated. In addition, the maximum number of mutations observed exactly where, according to scientists, was the epicenter of the explosion.

There is a theory on this subject, which states that the Tunguska explosion damaged the ozone layer of the planet and the ultraviolet rays have to pass through a hole formed in the disaster area. It is these ultraviolet rays, and probably cause mutations and other biological and environmental anomalies in the area.

As a result of the trace element and isotopic analysis of microparticles of which is universally recognized, and is actually a meteorite, found an increased number of elements such as arsenic, zinc, selenium, bromine, silver, iodine, etc. Perhaps it is these substances settle in the soil and become catalysts for rapid growth coniferous forest.

An interesting historical fact is one that tells about resourcefulness Soviet scientists. So, they did not fail to use the results of observations of the forest and made a bold attempt to make fertilizer, similar in composition to that found in the Tunguska meteorite. As a result, their expectations were met, and the crop of potatoes has increased several times, nearly doubled, and other biomass and did dozens of times she has surpassed the number of such new fertilizer on untreated plots of soil.

Unclear was only one, in fact, all this is directly related to the meteorite Stony Tunguska River. For it may be the case that the role played by cosmic dust, which is constantly emitted to the atmosphere and serves as a stimulant for the plant life. By the way, the cosmic dust is attributed to many "services", such as a variety of human and animal disease, the reproduction of certain pests, higher yields, or, conversely, a bad harvest. Add to this list the woods, in fact, does not make much effort.

It is worth mentioning that at the Stony Tunguska explosion was the greatest impact in the community and was the most memorable, but it was not the only one not only in the history of the earth, but even in a specific period of time. For example, it is believed that all that summer of 1908, when the world witnessed an amazing phenomenon in the form of bright nights in the earth's atmosphere penetrated another celestial body, called the Aleutian meteorite. All in the same 1908 in the Aleutian archipelago in the atmosphere cleared another interesting object — iron-nickel meteorite. It was 100 tysyachetonnoe "creation" of the dust that is crumbled into small particles. The result was a huge cloud of space dust, which is separated by a great distance, and scattered in the atmosphere, settling in a large area. Aleutian meteorite — the predecessor of the Tunguska meteorite, and probably not the only one.

Another sign of substance, probably directly related to the Tunguska meteorite — iridium anomaly is observed in the sediments. More precisely, these anomalies were few and they were observed in two different spots.

Renowned scholar of American studies the samples of ice in Antarctica, explored and dust particles taken from deep ice layer. As a result, it was found that iridium in these layers contains much more than the norm, and more than in the other layers of the ice. Due to this unexpected discovery as iridium — an element rarely found on Earth, but rather normal for a meteorite, he even managed to suggest the scale of the Tunguska "guest." In his opinion, the mass of the Tunguska meteorite was at least seven million tons, and a size of about one hundred and sixty meters.

Data from other researchers studying the layer of ice from the South Pole in the same year, showed that elevated levels of iridium there.

The next wave of interest in the Tunguska meteorite swept the world after the provocative article in 1946 in which the noble fiction Kazantsev expressed his assumption on the matter. Kazantsev's hypothesis was the fact that this phenomenon — it is nothing like an explosion over Tunguska taiga spaceship aliens or aliens, if someone so desired. Moreover, he drew an analogy between the Tunguska explosion and explosions in Hiroshima and Nagasaki, noting that much less in Hiroshima suffered the building, which is located directly at the epicenter of the explosion, in the same way as the Tunguska river, where stood unscathed dead forest. However, at that time it was too unexpected approach and an article as a true and the scientist, criticized "in tatters." This was unacceptable and frightening version, and raise questions of this kind was not accepted, even though it is no secret that at the government level have been conducted secret development of weapons against aliens and their existence as such, and not refuted are not secret "in high places."

However, experts vied to say that this can not be called and the statement about the explosion in the air wrong, ignorant and ridiculous. Not surprisingly, because if recognized nuclear explosion, nothing would do but to accept and the Tunguska meteorite artificial. On this recognition, neither the government nor unprepared society simply could not go at this challenging time.

But later found unusual beads with tiny diameter and unusual structure, supporters version of aliens immediately "identified" the remains of the housing space saucer.

The modern version is much more diverse. For some of them, it saved the Earth by aliens, preventing blow powerful forces that would not leave anything alive on Earth.

Thus, the question of the Tunguska meteorite remained unclear. Many versions, but the picture of the mysterious, "sensational" phenomenon has not been studied. Yet there are still many questions, chief among them: "Protect our Earth anyone, if the next time something like this happens." It seems that we are only at the very beginning of the path of knowledge and incredible surprise, and people will learn a lot of interesting things.

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