Storm warning announced in the Belgorod region due to heat

Abnormally hot weather with temperatures over the climatic norm by seven degrees, weather forecast, is expected in the Belgorod region in the coming days, said on Friday GUMCHS the region.

"From 3 to 8 August in Belgorod region expected severe weather, hot weather, the average daily values of air temperature will exceed climatic norm by seven degrees (normal 18-20 degrees.) In some areas the temperature will reach 31-36 degrees Celsius" — said in a statement.

Therefore, MOE announced in the region storm warning.

At present day temperature is kept around 30 degrees.

Rescuers warn of emergencies related to injuries and loss of life on the water, the occurrence of wildfires, disruption in the operation of the power supply due to overheating. Heat can also increase road accidents.

In hot weather, citizens are advised to avoid excessive heat, wear light breathable clothing with a hat, often in the shadow, and not to drink beer and other alcoholic beverages. When heat stroke need to go into the shade or a cool place, drink water and try to cool the body.

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