Studio apartment in Moscow — new, but highly popular format

The bright and spacious studio apartments in many years used the great demand among creative people, but for this time they have not lost their popularity, and now are even more commonplace konkurentnst "Odnushki." Become owners of such apartments in Moscow, would not refuse any single successful entrepreneurs, neither students nor couples, even more so when you consider that the cost of their order of magnitude lower than the price one-room apartment, because many initially intending to stay in St. Petersburg, prefer to purchase a studio.

Some time reverse these studio apartments equipped with people without the help of others, just cleaned the walls in one-or two-bedroom apartments. Now they vserasprostraneny, in the main, in the Moscow suburbs.

This is a huge room without interior walls. The windows are usually placed so that the set partition is simply unrealistic. Usual studio an elongated shape with a huge window, the kitchen area is located near the entrance area bedroom near the window. In the traditional version of a studio apartment without balcony or loggia; room is divided into zones with unusual designs — swings the floor, columns, feature lighting. Divide the space into zones by using screens, furniture and various decorations. Perfect option many believe that studio, in which placement of partitions can be changed at will. In Russia came to the western fashion for Transformers: one movement of the hand and the wall of the cabinet there is the bed and bedroom area transformed into the living room.

These studio apartments have significant advantages. Because of the lack of walls and corridors of interior space expands; simplified conditions for repair; furnish a room furniture.

But at the same time, the absence of walls and a minus, it is unrealistic to fence off the kitchen area, because odors are distributed throughout the apartment. Apart from this, there are problems with noise.

That's why these apartments get married couples with no kids, single people, the elderly. Often this zhlem acquire and creative people, as in similar areas are very comfortable equipped recording studio or art exhibitions.

Despite its relative modernity, the studio has become very popular and have the highest demand in different sectors of the population, and selling real estate such a class is easy.

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