Sun gives headache and aurora

Last week died down first bright new developments of the 24th cycle of solar activity, including the first in 2006, the X-class flare. Events of a smaller scale was so much that they have become "background noise." February 18 only recorded 14 outbreaks of Class C and Class M 5 flashes, February 19 — 12 outbreaks of class, reports the Institute of Applied Geophysics Hydromet. The geomagnetic field has undergone a number of serious disturbances, which stands out against the background of a magnetic storm on February 18, generated by high-speed solar wind. According to geophysicists, a series of powerful flares M and X class by the magnetic storm in 0430 MSC (for station Khabarovsk), which lasted 10 hours. After a little lull in the Sunday Sun is active again. Monday marked 10 flash with the class. Such space "weather" along with a wide range of reactions meteopaticheskih is highly repeatable aurora.

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