Swastika on Fascism and Slavs

Advocacy and public display of Nazi symbols or paraphernalia paraphernalia or symbols similar to natsistskoyatributikoy and symbols of confusion — entails наложениеадминистративного fine of five to ten minimalnyhrazmerov wages with confiscation of Nazi or other symbols or ukazannoyatributiki or administrative arrest for days with dopyatnadtsati Nazi seizure of a ukazannoyatributiki or symbols.

Again, I remind everyone that the yard in 2011, and we have a democratic society. What is democracy? We use a dictionary Ozhegova:

Political system based on the recognition of the principles of democracy, freedom and equality of citizens.
Let me remind you also that the people living in Russia, a religious symbol which yavlyaetsyasvastika.Takimi people are conservatives, Hindus, Buddhists, etc. And etireligioznye areas appeared much earlier Nazi Germany.
Now, about the word Fascism. Today, all the blame Hitler izmyvaniinad Russian and other peoples, bloodthirsty atrocities and genocide. Nonikto knows the real meaning of the word fascism.
The term Fascism derives from the Latin "fashio" bunch, bunch. Vrusskom language similar word fagot — a bunch of branches, twigs. Fashinasimvoliziruet is something strong, reliable, established izslabogo, fragile. Remember the parable of the fingers, which are each in sebeslab, and being in a fist is a force. Istoricheskiyprimer or when you can easily break each arrow, but you can not etosdelat with a pencil.
Nazis were the first to call themselves Roman soldiers of Julius Caesar conquered Egypt. Medzhaev the image, the Romans believed they nesutv barbaric country law and order. Symbol of power imperatoraschitalsya battle ax propped beam rods and interwoven ribbons, which was called fagot. The symbolism is that around silnoyvlasti (ax) by a few restrictions (tape) will krepnutnarody (bars).
Now focus on the assignment of the Swastika Germany.

Spodachi anti-Russian media, known on kogorabotayuschih, many people now associate sfashizmom Swastika and Adolf Hitler. This opinion cram lyudeyposlednie 70. Few people now remember that the Soviet vperiod money from 1917 to 1923 shows a swastika as узаконеннаягосударственная symbolism that shoulder patches and ofitserovKrasnoy Army soldiers in the same period was also a Swastika in a laurel wreath, avnutri Swastikas were letters RS fss We also know that ZolotuyuSvastiku-Kolovrat as the party symbol, Adolf Hitler gave samtovarisch IV Stalin in 1920. But Hitler addressed tibetskomuordenu "Black Caps" or "Black-Shapochnik." And they told him: "You can not take a gold swastika as party symbols, for eslikto something violates the fundamental laws of the universe — you will die. Vozmiteluchshe symbol "Black Sun", a black swastika, for black etotsvet change the world. "

For those who still doubt that the swastika has ethnic value, and is much older than Nazi Germany, come to us in Omsk.Na all the old buildings, temples and churches are still ostalissvasticheskie characters. And churches in the Slavs called horominami, horomami.I's mansion at all — that is, all the houses of the time, you can naytisvastiki. Just not black, and red, gold and blue. All these zdaniyabyli built in 16-17 century. What kind of Hitler can say? Eschevecherkom And when the sun sits, look at the sky. Find Bolshuyumedveditsu, and to the left of it will see the constellation in the form of a swastika, kotoroenazyvaetsya Kolovrat.

Earliest archaeological artifacts depicting svastichnoysimvoliki now date back to about 4-15 millennium BC Pomaterialam richest archaeological area poprimeneniyu swastika as a religious and cultural symbols are bytovogonaznacheniya Russia and Siberia.
Neither Europe nor India nor Asia can not be compared with Russia or Sibiryuv abundance svastichnyh characters covering Russian weapons, banners, costumes, household utensils, objects of everyday life iselskohozyaystvennogo destination, as well as houses and temples. Raskopkidrevnih mounds, cities and settlements speaks for itself — mnogiedrevnie Slavic cities had a distinct form Swastikas, sorientirovannoypo four cardinal points.

Swastika and svastichno-solar symbols were the most important, and one can dazheskazat, about the only element of the ancient praslavyanskihornamentov. But this does not mean that the Slavs and Aryans were plohimihudozhnikami. First, the types of images Svastichnyh simvolovbylo vast. Second, in ancient times, no pattern nenanosilsya into anything just because each element uzorasootvetstvovalo certain religious or security (oberegovoe) value, since each character in the pattern had its mystical Swastika silu.I true value is as follows:  Swa — Heaven, Tick — The movement away celestial motions.

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