Symbols of the Slavs and Aryans

"The interest in the Slavic-Aryan symbolism in modern society is quite high. And this interest is mainly polar. On the one hand, it is often spiritually awakened patriots and compatriots who have realized that the salvation of the Soul, Spirit and Fatherland is possible only through the revival of the Original Native Faith and ancestral roots. This part of humanity understands the value of the ancient clans of characters awakening to the Slavs and arias their inner Divine Essence. Graphics and power of these symbols in the birth and genetic memory are causing an effect similar to the birth of a supernova!

They saw the man suddenly realizes, "I is not a slave alien god! I — Grandson of God! My father Perun — Light of Heaven! My grandfather Dazhdbog Sun-Galaxy! My great-grandfather Svarog-Sun of the Universe! My Great-grandfather Rod-cause and originator of the universe! My Praprapraded God Ra-Ha-M-Home Home and CAUSE! I — Bozic! A descendant of the Great Gods! So, as of right, and spiritual kinship, too — God! Let the young, inexperienced, not yet mastered their power, but is equivalent to the original image and likeness! I am one with them, like a drop and the Ocean! I understand, feel and touch the unity of his honor, conscience and love, binding me to them! "

Vseslav (GLOBE Igor)
Elders Vedic Aryan culture of the Russian "CENTURY RA"

"Hello, dear editors! It has been a year since I read with interest the magazine "Vedic Culture". I like the magazine, but the last time reading the diplomatically-understatement of alien Slavic-Aryan Spirit religions increases, like a cancer, its corrupting influence on the minds and souls of our fellow countrymen, I want to cry out: "What are you so smooths out" sharp corners? " We must sound the alarm! Wake up people! Your calm and reasonable question our compatriots coming to hassle with strange religious, do not hear! "And just then one gives me a book A.V.Trehlebova" Koschuny Finist. " After reading it, I decided to write to you. Knowing that if I lay out in his article EVERYTHING grieved, will be too sharp criticism of the foreign religions, which is right in the last century were called the opium of the people. " You either do not type in my article, or there "well-wishers" who see in such a criticism of "inciting religious hatred" in the magazine, and I do not want you to create trouble. So I chose the book A.V.Trehlebova suitable to the subject site and linked them together my thoughts. I hope, in a way it can be printed. In addition, A. Trehlebov all its findings substantiated by references to primary sources, that I would not do it. Therefore possible to "well-wishers" and catch something more than welcome! I really hope that my article will be published. I tried as he could, to write it in the same spirit in which the articles were written about the symbols of the Slavs and Aryans in previous issues of the magazine to readers to get answers to the points raised therein. "

YAROMIR (Zhikharev Vyacheslav Nazarovich), Blagoveshchensk.
The author is grateful Vedamanu Vedagoru (A.V.Trehlebovu)
for the opportunity to use the information contained in his book
"Koschuny Finist Clear Falcon Russia" for writing this article.
(From the magazine "Vedic Culture» № 5)

In the previous issue of the magazine readers were given a promise to talk about shameless use of the Slavonic-Aryan svastichnoy alien symbols Slavs and Aryans foreign religion masquerading as the phrase "Russian
traditional religion. "

Why shameless? Because acting on the subconscious of the Slavs and Aryans images native symbols to trigger the confidence in mind the need to put them to kowtow to an alien god instead of spiritual ascent in a state of joy and love to God, and the progenitor of native gods.

Why alien? Because every nation has its God and Goddess — originator. This applies to Bogorozhdennym people born from Love Gods. Besides Bogorozhdennyh people live on our land, considering it, with "easy" hands of its creator, their "Promised Land", bogosotvorennye beings — members of the so-called "creaturely" world: the descendants of Adam and Eve, which their Lord Yahweh, Adonai, Jehovah- Almighty created from clay. As you know, the love in this "act of creation" was not even a hint, except that a "self — love." Therefore, the result of his creation — the created beings are his slaves. Born from the same Divine Love Slavic-Aryan gods and goddesses people prihodatsya They relatives: children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren. This, as you know, are not one and the same.

Slaveholder, Adonai Yahweh, Jehovah of hosts, their slaves little, so it has been 6000 years (since the creation of Adam and Eve) with lies and deception, as well as by military attack, grabs his film more and more slaves. Want proof? Please! The descendants of Adam and Eve — the Jewish prophets you confirm it yourself. We start with the lies and deception.

Jesus Christ (the spiritual disciple of the Slavic-Aryan Magi, bless him for the mission of saving the Jews from worshiping the devil) said, referring to the descendants of Adam and Eve, "Your father is the devil, and you want to carry out your father, he was a murderer (ie . — the god of death) from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him when he lies, he speaks his native language, for he is a liar and the father of lies "(John: 8.44).

If not enough references to the New Testament, giving a reference to the Old Testament (Old and New Testaments — this is the Bible (The explanation for those who do not yet know). Prim.avtora).

Jeremiah the prophet of his people, the Jews, "… that I might leave my people, and go from them, for they adulterers, an assembly of treacherous men. The bow to pull his tongue lies, amplified the earth; for they proceed from evil to evil … deceive every one his friend and not speak the truth: they have taught their tongue to speak lies, cunning to fatigue "(Jeremiah 9.2-5).

Need an example of life — please: in the Old Testament that Yahweh, Adonai, Jehovah of hosts is the angel of the Lord ("Exodus" 3.2-6), though obviously fallen angels. For the first, he separates his chosen people, the Israelites, that is godless (in Hebrew, the word "Israel" — theomachist) from all other nations ("Exodus" 3.7.), And secondly, his promises to the people of the land of the godless, belonging to the Slavic-Aryans ("Exodus" 3.8.), and thirdly, teaching his people how to steal through fraud Egyptians: "And I will give this people (ie, Israel) favor in the eyes of the Egyptians, and when you go (t . is run away from the Egyptians), it shall not go empty-handed. Every woman (An Israeli) shall borrow of her neighbor, and of her that sojourneth in her house (that is, Egyptian) of silver and jewels of gold, and raiment: and ye shall put them upon your sons, and your daughters, and Oberto Egyptians "(" Exodus "3.21-22.). Will the bright angel, and especially the most high God, to teach someone vile deception?

Now, will confirm his words about the armed attack.

Except meanness and treachery of hosts, as is clear from the texts of the Old Testament, has also extraordinary brutality, bloodlust, vengeance and injustice that permeated command-hosts Adonaya-Yahweh-Jehovah his slaves. Son of Abraham and Sarah this fallen angel, who, incidentally, is struggling with the people in darkness and fears light of dawn ("Genesis" 32.24-26.), Says: "… Thy name shall be called no more Jacob, but Israel, for you have striven with God and man hast prevailed "(" Genesis "32.28). The true reason that prompted hosts to interfere in the spiritual development of the people, they clearly indicated in "Genesis" (March 22): "Behold, the man has become like one of us (fallen angels), knowing good and evil. And now, as if he did not put forth his hand and take also from the tree of Eugene, and I would not live forever! "Therefore Yahweh, Adonai, Jehovah of hosts, jealous of people in their pride to God and eternal life, was to tempt them into your true guises — the image of a dragon-snake to deprive people of immortality, that is, to make them subservient to himself. In his endeavors, he went against the will of God and for that he was ousted from heaven to earth, thus becoming the god of death and ruler of this world. In the Vedas, the world is called "Mrityu Loka", that is the world of the God of Death — Yama. It is no accident Jewish exclamation-glorification "Maranatha" — "Our Lord is" ("Genesis" 32.38.), Consonant with the name of the Slavic-Aryan goddess of death — Marani (hence — Marin, Mara, ice, sea, morgue, and so etc.). That is why the hosts and said, "I — a great King, and my name is feared among the nations" ("Malachi" 1.14.).

That is why the feeling that arises when dealing with this man-entity defined in the Jewish concept of the word "holes" — in Hebrew: "The fear of the Lord", which are simultaneously present horror, awe and admiration. This feeling can be tested only in front of the muzzle deadly dragon. In the face of the same Almighty God — the originator of all things — an infinitely loving Father in Heaven we like feeling unnatural.

According to JP Mirolyubov in "Russian mythology", our ancestors believed that the "Slavic-Russes should tremble before God the Father, for he is their grandfather. Ancestors, and SCHURY ancestors came to help YOUR great-grandchildren "(" Essays and Materials, "v.6, s.12.Myunhen, 1982).

Almighty God, the Father of all things, to provide a "chosen" people will not, "for he maketh his sun to rise on the evil and on the good, and sends rain on the just and on the unjust" (Matthew 5.45.).

Hosts also said to his servants: "Hear, O Israel: you are to pass over the Jordan to go in to possess nations greater and mightier than thou … Know therefore this day, that the Lord your God which goeth before you, as a consuming fire he shall destroy them before thee, and thou drive them out, and destroy them quickly, as the Lord said to you "(" Deuteronomy "9.1-3).

"… Go ye after him through the city, and smite: let not your eye spare, and do not spare the old man, the young man and the virgin, and a baby, and women beat to death …" (The Prophet Ezekiel: 9.5-6). "And Joshua smote all the land of the hill country of the hills, and the valley, and the land lying in the mountains, and all the kings of them, did not leave anybody who is remaining, but utterly destroyed all that breathed, as the LORD, the God of Izraliev" — "The Lord -Punisher "(Joshua 10:40; Ezekiel: 7.9.).

His first slave — Moses says that the god of death. "From this day will I begin to put the dread and terror before thee upon the peoples under the whole heaven, who shall hear of thee, and shall tremble, anguish because of thee" ("Deuteronomy" 2.25.). "… At midnight the Lord smote all the firstborn in the land of Egypt … not at home, where there was not one dead" ("Exodus" 12.29-30.). "… When the LORD shall bring thee, thy God, in the land whither thou goest to possess it, and will drive out before you many nations greater and mightier than you, and you shall give them the LORD thy God, and shalt break them: then shall utterly destroy them, lest you make a covenant with them nor show mercy to … And thou shalt consume all the people which the Lord thy God giveth thee: let not your eye spare them "(" Deuteronomy "7.1-2.16.).

Same misanthropic spirit of Yahweh, Adonai, Jehovah of hosts are full-text of the Old Testament as well as the rest of the Jewish "holy" scriptures. However, with lies and deception iudohristiane still forced the Slavs and Aryans of this exceptionally Jewish creator as "the only true God" — "God of all gods and all nations." Using this with lies and deceit, bloody Baptist Prince Vladimir of Russia imposed a civil war that claimed two thirds of our ancestors. Using the same lies and deceit organizers of "holy" Inquisition "crusades" tried to completely overshadow the Slavs and Aryans ancestral memory and Faith native gods, headed by the Supreme Ancestor, eclipsing the lies and drowned in blood (Aw do not say: they have taught their tongue to speak lozhdnogo evil to evil from the worship of the devil.)

Whom this evidence enough — to visit your nearest your place of residence of the Judeo-Christian church. A close examination of the internal decoration, rife with images of Jesus Christ and His Mother Mary, please note that the highest of all the iconostasis and wall paintings, usually in the center, under the dome of the church, the old man is the image in a cloud with an explanatory inscription: "hosts — King stellar hosts. " Here is who is there actually in charge. Can ask and the priests (Fathers Memory devotees) — who is there, above all, the most important, in the cloud? Will say, "God the Father, the Almighty." But this falsehood! Hosts — not the Almighty Father, as a fallen angel, in the pride of his jealous to the Heavenly Father! Christ himself, the name given to Christianity, called the Devil, and hosts the father of lies! (The Gospel of John: 8.44.)

If you look closely you listen to the words spoken by the ministers of religion, you will hear the phrase: "Glory, glory to the Lord of hosts, Israel!" "Baptized slave / servant of God (names given Hebrew or Greek) … the glory of the God of Israel …"! "Crowning slave / servant of God … and will, for through Abraham and Sarah … but for the glory of Israel's crowning you"! From all seen and heard in the Judeo-Christian Church sane person can do only one — the only correct conclusion: just as "wolves disguise themselves in sheep's clothing," and the sniper camouflage suits, priests of hosts hung on the walls of his church image of Jesus Christ, Mary — mother of Jesus, and the holy ascetics, like camouflage! They are the same as in camouflage, disguise themselves in the garb of the sacred symbols svastichnoy Slavs and Aryans to subconsciously find loopholes and get into their pure souls enslave alien religion!

What has become of all the best dreams, hopes and aspirations with you our brothers and sisters — the Slavs and Aryans, deceived ministers hosts? Where have sent Vital Force of our compatriots, grazing in these churches, like a sheep in the care of wolves in sheep's clothing? All this goes for the needs of hosts and gives him the power to torment our long-suffering country!

I am sure that most of our deceived Slavonic-Aryan brothers and sisters, sincerely mistaken, naively believe that their spiritual focus is on good deeds and blessed by Jesus Christ. «Santa Simplicitas», said to our ancestors, the Etruscans and the Romans after them repeat: "Holy Simplicity"! Author himself would like it to be so! If consciousness defrauded citizens unable to accommodate a Vedic culture in its entirety, but it extends to the meager speck that was given to Jesus Christ, with the blessing of our Magi Jews (to save them from the devil worship-hosts), this is better than nothing ! But one can hardly expect that their good prayers reach heaven! After all hosts — a liar and the father of lies, and his ministers are not asleep! Perhaps that is why the Judeo-Christian priests constantly told his congregation: "Good intentions paved the road to hell!" Maybe that's why the servants of the Prince of this world inspire people lie about the fact that our great and the richest in the world The Power destitute and in need of charity in currency funds America and Western Europe? Or you do not know who runs the International Monetary Fund? Of course, the servants of hosts! After all, he prince of this world! Why is this done? To the bondage of loan interest for the loans were not only living today and their children, and their unborn offspring!

His followers Jesus Christ gave way to recognize the pastors of hosts: "By their works ye shall know them!" Make their hosts hide slaves getting harder and harder. People of mature age, have common sense, clearly convinced by the day that the Russian people — the main carrier of hereditary characteristics Slavic-Aryan people dying with terrible speed — 1 million. 200 thousand people each year.

Sensible people can clearly see that this is the result of genocide, the precise definition of which is given in the "Soviet encyclopedia" (Moscow, 1990): "Genocide (genos, Greek. — Clan, tribe; caedo, Lat. — Kill) — one of the worst crimes against humanity, extermination of separate groups for racial, national, ethnic or religious lines, as well as the intentional infliction of conditions of life calculated to bring about physical destruction of these groups, as well as measures to prevent births within their environment. "

A good faith review of the implications of forced baptism of Russia revealed the following evidence GENOCIDE OF THE RUSSIAN PEOPLE conducted servants of hosts

1. Rus was baptized by fire and sword.

2. Russian people were forced, through lies, to impose an alien religion of the Slavs and Aryans with the power of the creator of the Jewish tribe — Almighty Yahweh-Jehovah-fed their "God's chosen" by the people of the Goyim — Slavs and Aryans.

3. Hierarchs of the Russian Orthodox Church, as the true vandals, maliciously destroying the ancient Russian culture, destroyed Slavic temple, trebischa, Porno — places of worship, inherent to the Russian people.

4. Hierarchs of the Russian Orthodox Church take purposeful destruction of Russian sveschennosluzhiteley class. His soldiers shaBESgoyam they issued an order "hack all the magicians from head to toe"

5.Sveschennye Vedic scriptures of the Russian people, containing many thousands of years of experience of our ancestors, the hierarchs of the Russian Orthodox Church was declared "black magic" and "devils writing." Contrary to the commandment "Thou shalt not steal," they stole from the Slavs and Aryans of their knowledge: they were held withdrawal from the people of the ancient Vedic books and their destruction.

6. Hierarchs of the Russian Orthodox Church declared the Slavic-Aryan Runica, Karuna, tragi and other ancient forms of Russian literature "bogomerzkih written" by banning their study and application, so that the Russian people are deprived of the opportunity to learn the ancestral experiences of their ancestors.

7. Hierarchs of the Russian Orthodox Church was the replacement of diverse Slavic-Aryan literature simple letter alphabet Cyril and Methodius, with which it became impossible to convey the true sound of the Russian language. The Russian people are so lost the opportunity to fully transfer his speech in writing. The latter was achieved only in the XVIII century, thanks to M. Lomonosov, who managed to carry out the conversion of Cyril and Methodius creation.

8. Hierarchs of the Russian Orthodox Church falsely claimed that the spiritual and moral education of Russia begins with only her baptism, that before the Slavic-Aryans were wild, primitive and ignorant people. Strongly hide all evidence that Russia has existed for thousands of years before the invasion iudohristianstva and that the Russian people have a wealth of experience of the moral life and spiritual development.

9. According to the parasitic life of Old Testament tradition, the hierarchs of the ROC organized serfdom in Russia, the Russian people. Germans, Poles, Greeks, Tatars and baptized baptized Jews owned serfs by the Russian people and the Russian landlords to serfdom did not own neither the Germans nor the Poles nor Tartars, nor Jews, nor anyone else, except their own consanguineous.

10. In accordance with the Old Testament tradition of usury, the Russian Orthodox Church hierarchy was introduced in the social and economic activities of Russia lending rate by which the rabbinate ravaged Russia and impoverished Russian people.

11. Christianity rightly prohibits magic as a deal with a host of Satan, but skilled magicians and Satanists — only an extremely small part of the total population employed technological activities aimed at the destruction of the world without magic. Hierarchs of the Russian Orthodox Church, drawing attention to the dangers of magic and lessons nothing about the greater severity of intellectual activity, contumacious discipline desires internal and external behavior, distract attention from the Russian people the vital need to ban the destructive activities of civilization, leading people to the degeneration and death.

12. In accordance with the recommendations of iudohristianskimi use of wine, the hierarchs of the ROC population of Russia led to alcohol-narcotic suppression of the psyche (from initiation to alcohol Communion as a child), which inevitably leads to social disaster. Russian people have an ulterior motive lay proverb: "He who drinks wine and beer, the accomplice of Tel Aviv."

Under the guise of humanitarian aid to the Moscow Patriarchate in just two days — 7 and 8 April 1997 goal imported duty free into Russia via Vyborg Customs 36 carriages with 99 containers of cigarettes to the amount of 3,423,900 U.S. dollars (see AIF № 18, 1997), despite the fact that the Government Resolution № 816 of July 18, 1996 preferential customs payments were all canceled. In "Drinking, smoking — stinks to be!" Proved devastating effect narcotic poison — tobacco on the human body and psyche.

Thus pastors Christians today do not respect neither state nor moral, nor the laws of God, if they hamper the rich and destroy the people of Russia.

13. Hierarchs of the Russian Orthodox Church, with exclusive rights in the education of new generations and the exhortations of the living, led the Russian people to the moral and physical degeneration: what the church taught, and that was, but it was — domestic infidelity. According to a member of the parliamentary commission of the Supreme Soviet of the Russian Federation Mr. Yakunin, a priest, has worked for the KGB to 20% of the ministers of all the churches of the former Soviet Union (AIF № 21,1992).

14. Hierarchs of the Russian Orthodox Church have taken all measures to distortion, mutilation and destruction laws Vedic Science to create a virtuous offspring, they announced the carriers of this noble science — witches, ie Veda mothers — Servants
Satan and tried to destroy them all. As a result of this knowledge weaning Russian women now give birth to 3000 children only one full

15. Hierarchs of the Russian Orthodox Church still allowed baptizes Russian children only Jewish or Greek names: of the 210 names permitted in baptism in the Christian church, only 15 are Russian (Evidence taken from the book of genocide A.V.Trehlebova "Koschuny Finist", Perm, 2004 ., str.382-384.)

I draw the reader's attention to the fact that, in accordance with the International Convention 1948 "on the Prevention and Punishment" for such cases, in which we can judge the true purpose of the servants of hosts, provides international criminal responsibility.

But that's just a modern power in Russia tries to ban not the ROC, and the Church of Old Believer Orthodox Slavs, knowing and speaking the truth of God.

Recently my friend amateur Russian Zen (Zen Buddhism in direction, used to accelerate spiritual growth certain techniques, one of which is based on the setting of the disciple of paradoxical issues and problems (koans)) remarked: "The Russian-Christian by birth, though Rusich, but in his heart and in his actions — a Jew! " Frankly, from a shock treatment was not easy to cope with a mixture of pity and shame that rocks in my mind in relation to their fellow countrymen!

And, in the conclusion of the article, I will say a little about the "traditional Russian religions." They are officially Judaism, Christianity and Islam. And it could not do without lies and deceit. Lies and deception is that it is supposedly three different religions. The truth is that this is one religion — Judaism, with two child branches, have your own name — Christianity and Islam. This is confirmed by none other than himself ROC Patriarch Alexy II (Riediger). To quote his official speech — a report to the rabbis of America in New York: "The main message of this sermon — close relationship between the Old and New Testament religion. Unity of Judaism and Christianity has a real basis of the spiritual and the natural affinity and positive religious interests. We are united with the Jews, without abandoning Christianity, not in spite of Christianity, but in the name and power of Christianity, and the Jews are one with us not against Judaism, but in the name and by virtue of true Judaism. We therefore separated from the Jews that we are "not completely Christians" and Jews are separated from us because they are "not quite the Jews." For completeness embraces Christianity and Judaism, and the fullness of Judaism is Christianity. "

In the same spirit, spoke to the Jews in the beginning of this century and Archbishop Nicholas (Ziorov). "The Jewish people close to us in the faith. Your law — this is our law, your prophets — our prophets "(Speech Alexy II was published 26.01.1992 At number 4 edition" Moscow News ".

If so himself Alexis II (Riediger) recognizes that Christianity — this is one of the areas of Judaism, it remains only to add that Islam — is another brand of Judaism. Suffice it to say that in Islam, Jesus is called Issa, Mary called Miriam, and the archangel Gabriel — Archangel Dzhabriilom. The rest, mostly (except for particulars) — all the same. Figuratively speaking: Judaism is the trunk, and Christianity and Islam — a branch. Branches, like, different. And the trunk, like, in opposite directions depart. But that's only the developers and Jewish life in voplotitelyami religion called Christianity and Islam on the basis of the old formula of "divide and rule" everything is made so that the roots and seeds of the inner essence of all these three religions are different in appearance, and in fact — the same !

Now, let me ask, "Is it right to assume the traditional religion of Judaism Jews"? The obvious answer is: "Of course — yes!" But he begs the second question: "Is it right to assume the traditional religion of Judaism Slavs and Aryans"? The answer is, well, obvious: "Of course — no!" True, and not a religion of the Slavs and Aryans have always been, is and will be the Slavic-Orthodox Aryan, that is Slavlenie Rule: God and His children Grandparent — light Slavic-Aryan gods and goddesses, who are the ancestors of our, and we — their great-grandchildren.

All of us it is time to think seriously about what is waiting for us, our children, grandchildren, friends and our country, if serving the hosts (intentional for his slaves, and unintentional, but still in ignorance — the flock committed Christian churches) will continue as many people and constantly, as before?

If you will tell the truth here found an echo in your heart — it's time to talk to your family, friends and relatives, telling them the truth, too.

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