Tatiana Spruce: Our goal — to expose instigators

A night of freedom — a blogger Tatiana Spruce, Learn nickname — "fighter". This last week she has posted on the internet talk radio intercept intelligence on Independence Square in Minsk on December 19. Now she is engaged in the identification of agents provocateurs, broke windows at the Government House.

Ablameyko: We know that you were given sound recordings, intelligence intercept conversations on Independence Square. Who gave them to you and why you?

Spruce: With me is contacted through the Internet, and a stranger to the strictest of confidence conveyed recording. He said that the material is related to the Plaza, and then he disappeared. After a while I got a few more records, also on condition of complete anonymity of a different person. Why handed to me? I think it's no accident. Because since the 19th of December, I do the collection and dissemination in the Internet space information about the events that took place on December 19 in Minsk. Together with his colleagues, and I'm looking for places in his LiveJournal diary evidence of provocations that have occurred in the square.

Ablameyko: As far as I know you are not all released. Tell us in detail about the contents of all the records that you have?

SpruceIt talks of the Belarusian security services: the KGB, the Interior Ministry Internal Troops guarding the president and others we have not been able to identify. It talks were held in the evening at the Independence Square on October Square on December 19. Some units use an encrypted connection so the full picture we have. But the most important thing is that these records are evidence that the opposition had no plans for storming the government building, the authorities prepared a special operation in advance, and that the storm was 100% provocation special services. It is important also that the Square has acted a number of different law enforcement agencies that are not coordinated with each other.

AblameykoTatiana, or one you doing this? Or is there someone else who does the same thing?

Spruce: It is clear that I do not work alone. Because this is an enormous amount of work. I help other people, including specialists avdyemantazhu. All communications with regard to security services in this country falls under the bar special privacy. Accordingly, for the dissemination of such information is subject to criminal liability. Therefore, people who are working on it, a great risk.

Ablameyko: You just do intercept, or analysis and video and photo evidence of the presence of agents provocateurs on the porch of the Government House?

Spruce: Also, this and that. Our goal — to expose the provocateurs. In my blog have a file on everyone. The aim is to submit to them a statement to the court, to the police to search for specific people responsible for what happened. To the innocent people released from prison.

AblameykoTatiana, do you think, can ever identify all provocateurs?

Spruce: I would like to. But before the change of power in Belarus is absolutely unreal. These provocateurs could be recruited from Russia or Ukraine, and we do not know about them.

Listen to the conversation in full:

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