Technotronic era of dictatorship


The new film about the era of Galina Tsareva chipizatsii, total control and change, prepared for the world in the depths of a global government.

Evil comes to humanity. Globalization processes really raises the question of the role of the radical change of the nation state in the modern world is getting Russia to build a global information network cell of society, which will lead to a complete loss of the sovereignty of our country. In fact — it is unprecedented in the history of the construction of the world of humanity sverhtotalitarnoy technotronic dictatorship, where the laws of cybernetic control systems are transferred to the human society.
Single global trade and financial system of electronic cashless payments (based on plastic cards) have long been established and operates in almost all countries of the world. It remains to drive into this system personally each person — to hand over a card with a chip — the "small and great, rich and poor, free and bond" (Otkr.13.6) and then completely eliminate cash. There is a total collection of personal data on each person, which will dispose of at their discretion the powerful. At one point, a person can know that he is not the owner of the apartment, house, because someone got into the database and changed the records of its property. You can lose the car, family, children, and self, if you will displease e-government. With what purpose built, unprecedented electronic concentration camp, and that we priugotovano in it?

In an interview with Aaron Russo recalls that he once asked Rockefeller question "You have all the money in the world that you need. You have all the power in the world that you need. What is the meaning of all this, what is the ultimate goal?"At this Rockefeller replied:"Our ultimate goal — to make sure that everyone was chipped. In order to control the whole society, the bankers and the elite to control the world".

After chipizatsiyu and control over the material by introducing human-UEC world government wants ultimately to enslave people and make all the obedient slaves, ready to take a single ruler, coming into the world of 3.5 years before the end of the world.

The film explains in detail the technical risk of the introduction of UEC and shows the sad experience of the introduction of such stuff abroad. Of course, it all goes to the abolition of money. But thinking flesh and mind zakulisniki still can not understand what the Russian spirit can not be defeated by any electronic means.

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