Temperature record in Japan

Temperature record in JapanNearly 40-degree temperature recorded on Friday in Saitama prefecture near Tokyo — the highest figure for June in the history of observation, reported mmo Japan. Thermometer in Kumagaya Saitama Prefecture stood at 39.7 degrees. The previous record was set in 1991 in the city of Shizuoka. Temperature then was 38.3 degrees. Mass of warm air from the south, has spread to large parts of Japan, contributed to the establishment of hot weather in almost all regions of the country. Meteoupravlenie warns of the dangers of heat stroke. Some municipalities have warned of the dangers to health over the loudspeakers on cars. This summer in Japan, the risk of thermal shock may increase because of the need to save energy after stopping a number of nuclear and thermal power plants due to the earthquake and tsunami. Thus, of the 54 nuclear reactors that provide 30% of its energy needs, 35 stopped due to the elements or for inspection. Kanto region, which include the Japanese capital, felt the lack of electricity due to the accident at the nuclear power plant "Fukushima-1". The government appealed to the people and businesses of Japan to 15% savings of electricity. Meteorologists believe this weekend will be weakened under the influence of heat coming to the Japanese islands typhoon.

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