Temperatures down to minus 30 to come to European Russia this week

Frosty weather inherent harshest part of the winter, cover the next week the entire European part of Russia, and the place will be windy and snowy, Russian Hydrometeorological Center said.

"The prevailing temperature at night -18 … -24 °, sometimes up to -25 … -30 °, in the afternoon — minus 9-13 degrees in the west to the east minus 13-18. In southern areas during the week places will be snow, snow earlier in the week and will be in the west, then it is likely to be small. the south and earlier this week at the European part is the wind, "- said the weather service.

In the middle lane, where it will be center of the anticyclone is expected overcast, rain and cost. The atmospheric pressure is very high.

As the meteorologists, setting cold weather in much of European Russia contributed to the rapid spread of the ridge to the west of the Siberian anticyclone and the formation of an independent center of high atmospheric pressure in the Urals.

"Throughout the week, the weather in the north and the south of European Russia will determine the anticyclone in the south — altitude cyclone. This pair of large-scale atmospheric vortices, moving slowly to the west, keep freezing weather in central and southern parts of the region, in the northern regions — the weather is softer than usual, "- says forecasters.

In central and northern European Russia thermometer readings are above the absolute minimum in the south, in the Rostov and Volgograd regions — close to them. In the long-term average, the third decade of January and early February in European Russia — the coldest time of the year, the culmination of winter, is enclosed in the weather center.

RIA Novosti

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