Terms of off-road movement watch online

Terms of off-road movement watch online
Discovery channel presents a new show rules off-road movement. In the first series of two comrades are trying to escape from the ice prison. They will have to find an old jeep in which they have to walk down the icy mountains and find a way to civilization ….

The rainforest is unpredictable and deadly unsafe, but it is not scares program participants Terms of off-road movement. Two guys have to find car in the tropical undergrowth and return it back, driving where not passed yet no machine ..

Team "Rules off-road traffic"Travels the impassable areas of glaciers, tropical woodlands, deserts and mountains. Viewers expect untold discoveries. In the 3-Series command is sent to the mountains of Chile. They will hold their own car by not crossing the countryside ..

In the 4 series team turns out in the desert. They face the task to get out of the sand with survival skills and skill of driving ….

In a series of 5 programs from the participants of the "Rules off-road motion "to remember about their own journeys through impassable places, and tell of the difficulties they had to face during the filming transmission ….

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