Thai authorities are struggling with lapses of soil on the streets of Bangkok

Ministry of Public Works and the City of Bangkok, take urgent measures against soil failure in the streets of the Thai capital to the effects of floods that hit part of the capital in the autumn of last year, said on Tuesday the online version of the newspaper Bangkok Post.

"After Sunday fell on the ground outside of King Rama the Fourth, in the heart of the city, I gave the order to check with the help of ultrasound all the main thoroughfares of the city, located near the water and over the city's drainage pipes" — told the mayor of Bangkok Sukhumphan Paribat .

The mayor added that the maintenance work in places where a high probability of failure of soil, are underway. Also, he said, provide a thorough inspection of tunnels so far the only state in the line of the underground.

On Sunday roadway King Rama IV suddenly collapsed ground, and formed a hole with a diameter of over one meter. In recent weeks there have been similar failures of soil and in other parts of the city, including the streets, walking along the bank of Chao Phraya River.

In the opinion of experts who reviewed the dip in the center of the city, it was formed by cracks in the underlying drainage pipe under the road, which failed the sand, is "cushion" of the road. Following this, a thin layer of crumbled concrete and asphalt, amounting to the road surface, and the debris fell into the hole left by the leakage of sand in the drain pipe.

Drainage pipes are designed to Bangkok strong water pressure, normal for the peak of the rainy season. But last fall through the city drainage system was pumped into the sea south of Bangkok for more than 8 billion cubic meters of water, and a few billion cubic meters went to the sea through the eastern and western outskirts of Bangkok, the bay and part of the interior of the city. Flooding last fall is considered the strongest in the last fifty years.

When pumping sea water into the drainage system worked continuously with the load at four times normal within three weeks.

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