The active region 1339 — the source of a powerful outburst of solar material — turns to Earth

The active region in 1339 was two days ago after the east limb (edge of the disk) of the sun, and now turns toward the Earth.

November 3 there was a strong X-ray flare class X2, which was the source of the active region AR1339.

However, it still represents a threat for powerful eruptions. The largest group of sunspots has a magnetic field "beta-gamma-delta", which is a haven for the more powerful energy flares of class X. Bursts of outbreaks in the coming week could be sent to Earth as AR1339 turns toward our planet.

The active region AR1339 — one of the largest groups of sunspots in recent years, observations of the sun.

Each core dark spots from the group is comparable in size to Earth, and the band stretches more than 100,000 km .. Sunspots are so large that they can watch the sunset light, using simple optical devices and optical filter. It is hard to imagine how this is a huge cluster.

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