The Chinese authorities have warned Putins friendship with America

The Chinese authorities have warned Putin's friendship with AmericaAs part of a U.S. anti-China principle, that Russia did not get to the side of his opponent's head

On the days of the main paper (more precisely, the official printed edition of the CPC Central Committee) China "People's Daily" published an analytical material on the development of the Russian economy. "What Putin's latest and sophisticated Russian Federation?" — Ask the leaders of China, worried about the prospects of the Russian Federation. According to their view, the country is faced with six major neuvvyazkami, conventional solutions are not. And, according to the views of Beijing, at Fishing season there is no other choice, not counting temporary configuration of the model of Russia.

It should be noted that the official Chinese sources, which are usually diplomatic talk of cooperation 2-states, for the first time the voices are so sharp and direct criticism of the results of Medvedev and Putin's rule and, therefore, outline the tasks faced by Putin. "This time, Putin won the presidential election is not as easy as in previous times, support ratio declined by almost 10%. This means that, in recent years, Russians have more dissatisfaction with the state of socio-economic development of the Russian Federation, which provides for, perhaps, more unpredictability in the process of economic modernization have already been used. On the way of modernization of the Russian Federation will have a number of severe challenges "- writes," People's Daily "referring to the Xinhua news agency.

The global monetary crisis "has revealed the fragility and instability of economic prosperity and the rise of RF over the past 10 years, "the Chinese point. As a result, the modernization of the Russian Federation is experiencing considerable difficulties. The newspaper calls the 6 main flaws of the Russian economy. In-1's, the financial structure of the Russian Federation is seriously distorted, economic development is very depending on the resources, the newspaper notes. The volume of exports of minerals is a growing share of total exports of of 42.5% in 1995 to 72.2% in 2011, the share of exports of engineering equipment decreased from 10.2 to 4.6%.

In-2, in Russia "grow vkladyvatelnye and economic barriers, rated WB index management in place in 2011 the Russian Federation has shifted from 112th to 123rd" c-3, in Russia the situation is more complicated with technology, science and deed, in-4, "the share of natural monopolies is the highest, fair competition — defective", in-5's, "the low level of public capital, weak capacity for self-organization, self-regulation among various companies", Sixth "Russia has a small population and is experiencing a severe lack of labor force."

The Chinese wrote that at his own term as president, Dmitry Medvedev failed to address these prepyadstviya. Now they load borne by Putin. "Before the heavy neuvvyazkami in the way of the modernization process of Putin, has little choice, not counting accelerate the reform and development of the model configuration Russia", — concluded the Chinese.

In general, in fact, could not agree more, although the election issues here are home. As for the economy, I would have referred to several fundamentally problems. But here there are other issues. For instance, why specifically at this point, China has decided to speak out so openly on the subject, which he pursues with all this goal? And here I have a few opinions.
At first, I think, the Chinese elite, unlike Russian, aware that we have entered the time of rapid political and economic configurations of world maps. The destruction of stereotypes, the prosecution vkladyvatelnyh banks to conduct "immoral" policy, revealing anger against sovereign states, the samples find the "right" way of reforming capitalism — all this shows that the process used to say as a recognizable agent of world imperialism, went to …

With all this intense China plays in this field: already announced that HSBC Bank will soon start selling in global money markets securities denominated in Renminbi. The first such paper is actually outside of China. And given that one of the main sources of income in the money markets, after the yuan becomes convertible, will increase its foreign exchange rates, the impact China rise sharply — just in a field in which it has been relatively weak.

This means that the scale to counter the rise of its impact will only grow. Given the fundamentally configuration relative importance of certain regions of the world and, as a consequence, the need for the U.S. to maintain a guarantee of its own dominance (from which they will not give up until the end) pressure on China will only increase. Namely, it will be surrounded on all sides of the bases, South American satellites, etc., etc. In a similar situation for China's basic problem is the position RF.

With all of this (yet, anyway) China is not going to invade Russia or parts of it. As part of the U.S. counter Our homeland for China is the deepest rear — and he needs only one thing: that she did not get to the side of the head of the enemy. As if before the elections in our country the anti-liberal and patriotic (which we actually receive automatic, for obvious reasons, the anti-American color) rhetoric prevailed, but immediately after the elections, the situation changed.

The base in Ulyanovsk, numerous pro-American material on television, speaking of the future president — all of this could not seem very unsafe Chinese management. And here expect China can not: if our home will make a severe stroke in the direction of the United States, that is, against China, the latter is not in our face the deepest rear, and the enemy, with which you want to do something. That is wasting time and resources, including search for new allies.

With all this segodnyaschy Russian elite, in general, very small level, slightly different from the small shopkeepers and swindlers, subtle hints are not savvy. She needs to read everything in plain text, including nearly causing severe abuse. Way for another such article mainly edition of China recently inauguration of the new president can not be called.

Note that, as I wrote to Putin himself which obviously wanted to get a mandate from the public, the continuation of liberal reforms mean the loss of that mandate and severe prepyadstviya. And to continue such acts, he can only under heavy pressure from the elite who madly afraid of losing their money, stockpiled in the West.

China, the Russian society and some other forces these funds are not very exciting (to get them back to our country, is likely to be impossible), but the Russian elite "owes nothing to anyone," as it follows from its interpretation of liberal ideology. Well, apparently, except the West, which it should all just as on the other one will not give money stored there. For this reason, prevention of China should be tough and clear: "If you (I mean Russian Elite) dare to ignore our interests, then we will be able to protect them, namely, targeting your sore spots." And are indicated in the article in the "People's Daily". Well, according to some others who have not been identified.

What will be the reaction, I do not know yet. It is possible that our liberasticheskaya bureaucratic army will pretend that nothing at all happe
ned. However, the smallness of introducing ourselves to China, I can confidently say that if the response is not forthcoming, China will continue its pressure. More compelling and specific ways. I do not blame him here — he is in his own right, and our bureaucrats and elites so discredited that the work of the Chinese comrades in their education is welcome. Another thing is that for a country it will begin to create difficulties later will have to deal.

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