The cross in the sky


The venue of the mysterious planet Nibiru — Earth. Latvian astronomers can not see through telescopes hypothetical tenth planet of the solar system Nibiru, but it does not deny the existence. How not to deny the fact that it may mean the end of the world …

Ordinary telescopes Nibiru is unable to consider, but astronomers believe: the planet is moving in the spaces of the universe that can be calculated mathematically, but realistically, personally, can not see them. However, interest in it seems to have everything. And it is no wonder that, because so many myths surrounding Nibiru. For example, the Babylonians, Nibiru — a celestial body associated with the god Marduk, and its symbol — the cross. And the Akkadians, the ancient Oriental Semites who lived in northern Arabia in the III century BC, "Nibiru" literally means "meeting place".

At the same time, in Christianity it is believed that "the end of these days" when all will see a cross in the sky. If you compare all the facts, — converges: Earthlings will see in the sky "cross" before the face of the planet, and then … But maybe no Nibiru and does not exist, and thus the ancient parables talked about the end of the world?

"… For the coming of the Son of God will not come with observation, but as the lightning shines from the east to the west, so I will come on the clouds of heaven with a great army in my glory. My Cross will go before me, and so I shall come in my glory. At seven times brighter than the sun will shine I and so I shall come in my glory with My saints with My angels when my father lay wreath on my head, so I judge the living and the dead, and I will give to everyone according to his deeds. "

(The Apocalypse of Peter, chapter 1 — Ethiopian apocryphal version)

The correspondent of "Messages" decided to find out where all the same moves mysterious Nibiru and addressed to the leading Latvian astronomer, head of the observatory in Baldone, Doctor of Physical Sciences Ilgmaru Eglītis. At the time, he and his colleagues discovered five planets between Mars and Jupiter, has found in the universe, more than 350 new carbon stars, that is — 10% of the total number of bodies found by scientists all over the world! Currently, exploring the most remote branch of our Galaxy in the direction of the constellation Monoceros distance of 50,000 light-years from Earth. So who, if not Eglītis, ask questions about Nibiru!

End of the world postponed. At 24 years old …

Ilgmar Eglītis, fixing last year on the boundless expanses of space 39 new carbon stars, especially this winter have often watched the starry space — frosty nights were clear. He followed the life of the universe, standing near one of the finest in Europe telescopes (diameter 500-pound mirror in it 1.2 meters) — photographing celestial bodies, and then, on your computer, view pictures, and anyone looking for previously unknown star planets, asteroids. How to open them? From the spectral characteristics. It is the ordinary people think that the images captured by the telescope, the giant "camera lens", just burn bright points, and astrophysicists determine the light spectrum of each of them, the chemical composition and so on.

— If you take pictures from the balcony of a rally in the square: first, making the picture, you see a lot of people, and then select a few people, then — one, and it is already considering closely, studying his clothing, complexion, growth rate, weight and more. That's the study of stars like this. Sounds, of course, simple, and in fact … Calculate how much information we need to consider: annual precipitation is about 80 suitable for the observation of the sky nights, sometimes it is possible to make up to 50 images in a single photo — over 20,000 images of stars, and of these, need to find one, and then make sure that no one is above her assigned room — says the source.

But for all that the planet Nibiru Ilgmar Eglītis, as well as other astronomers until the saw. And the scientist concludes. First. Or Nibiru does not exist — it invented the researchers of the paranormal. Second. It is so far away that it is not able to clearly see the scientists and distinguished from other cosmic bodies. But the third …

— Perhaps Nibiru is moving in that part of our galaxy, those spaces, the existence of which the official science still does not know. Mathematically, these spaces can be calculated, but it is real in our telescopes can not see, and therefore, there is no opportunity to explore Nibiru — says Ilgmar Eglītis.

In the meantime, consider Nibiru does not work, we learned from the Latvian hinterland, joining forces with Western counterparts, closely monitors the behavior of another celestial body — the asteroid Apophis, which really threatens Earth. In 2029, it will fly very close to our blue planet — at a distance of 37,500 kilometers. Due to the gravitational forces of the Earth could change its orbit, and then on the way back, after 7 years, it may crash into the planet.

— But when determining the orbit of distant asteroid is quite large "corridor of accuracy" — plus or minus about 100,000 kilometers. Now is the time programs are developed by means of radar sensing motion of the asteroid, and then, perhaps, be able to learn about it more.

However, I stress, it is about the year 2036, not 2012, when predicting the approach of Nibiru and catastrophic, and at the same time the loss of the Earth during the parade of planets. Yes, if all the planets in the solar system will line up in one line, and there is a version, if certain physical forces affect the Earth the most catastrophic way for us: like a laser beam melt it. But I still believe that the murderous attack on our planet will not — too far away we are from the Sun. Although, as it is on all the planets affect the Sun — the official science can not answer precisely. The only thing that is obvious, the Sun is now behaves abnormally. Solar activity at this time is not to reach a maximum — emphasizes Ilgmar Eglītis.

And second … The sun will shine!

In February, scientists at NASA, involved in the launch of a new space observatory SDO (Solar Dynamics Observatory), said: The sun is now referred to as a star is not normal, but a variable. The very Observatory SDO is designed specifically for the study "aspect of the variability of the Sun." It is a complete revision of one of the fundamental provisions of the picture of the world, namely, modern science has been unable to explain the behavior of light. This is emphasized by our astronomer Eglītis. After all, "instability" of the Sun and the Earth threatens disaster, and other planets.

Variable stars are those who regularly or irregularly, but returned to its former state. Unclear amplitude potential fluctuations in solar activity. Do not understand the nature of their impact on the biosphere, and in general — the nature of this impact. It is not known whether accompanied by a "variability" of the Sun by any extreme power processes in space. Ilgmar Eglītis believes that it is now much more important to consider not the 11-year cycle of the sun, but the 100-year-old, who, though still not completely understood.

The beginning of the 11-year cycle of solar activity is the amount of time when there are stains on the star. At the beginning of the cycle the number of active sites is small, then reaches a maximum and then decreases the number of them, the final phase of decline. The position of spots on the Sun also changes the phase of the activity cycle star. One of the most important components of a solar cycle is the behavior of the so-called coronal holes …

But it is associated with the Sun and the appearance of Nibiru, or more precisely — its impact on the Earth. First Nibiru allegedly was seen in telescopes in the spring of last year — a faint reddish object. But the scientists then thought it was not a planet, but "some unknown cosmic body." However, by May 2011 it had supposedly able to see with the naked eye to all the people of the planet. A December 21, 2012 Nibiru will pass through the ecliptic of the Earth in the form of a bright red star, and will look like a second sun in size.

UFO Pharaohs

In the ancient scriptures are references to the year 2012 as a critical, transitional moment in the evolution of the human race. Many now claim that in 2012, may come to an end, or on the planet will be powerful destruction. Presumably, Nibiru (aka Planet X, Nemesis, Hercolubus) exists and can really fly closer to the Sun once every few thousand years, but so far it is unknown to official science … But Ilgmar Eglītis keeps repeating: astronomy truly can not engage in dry " Scientist, "and a little science fiction. If so — it's time to say more about Nibiru not from the point of view of "official science" …

Nibiru — the red planet — flies in its orbit at an interval of 3600 years near the Earth, causing floods, earthquakes and other disasters that are repeatedly changed the course of civilization. Nibiru as if the ghost of the ancient predictions. Talk about it and the Mayan priests, and the ancient Sumerians, and stargazers Egyptian pharaohs. Nibiru — one of the most mysterious objects of space. American scholar and writer Alan Alford says, is 300,000 years Nibiru exists an advanced civilization! And as if it was the representatives of this civilization was once "suggested" the priests of the Maya calendar for the year 4000 and the year 2012, when there will be a change in the world — the transition to a different state.

By the way

When the Earth will pass between Nibiru and the sun, according to one version, the magnetic poles will shift and tilt of the planet will change. Strongest earthquake and powerful tsunami will bring trouble to many continents. But in the summer of 2014 Nibiru will move away from the Earth in its orbit, and then in the world to begin a new life — as if from scratch. In the ancient legends of the planet Earth bearing trouble, is described as a "new sun" — "luminous, shining, with a shining crown." And the fact that the ancient Egyptians called the "ship that is home to the gods," in fact is Nibiru. Motion parameters Nibiru so striking that many tend to consider it … artificially created and managed a giant space ship!

By calculations of the Mayan land is now facing the end of the era of the "fifth sun". Dates from the end of the year 2012 … According to the Mayan astrological charts, "the first Sun" lasted 4008 years and was destroyed by earthquakes. "Second Sun" — 4010 years old, and was destroyed by hurricanes. "Third Sun" lasted for 4081 years, and fell under a rain of fire, spilled from the huge volcanic crater. "Fourth Sun" lasted for 5026 years, and then there was a flood … Maya believed that at the end of 5126-year cycle occur a movement of the earth, which would result in a change of civilization …

In defense of the Mayan legends are not only the information on monitoring the skies, but also much more "down to earth" evidence — objects found by archaeologists. The Sumerians have not only written texts, confirming the existence of Nibiru, but also numerous images of a circular disc with two large wings. This symbol, the winged disk was revered among the Assyrians, Babylonians, Egyptians and many other peoples for thousands of years.

The ancient sages believed that it was of such a device 450,000 years ago the Earth was first inhabitants arrived Nibiru. On one Sumerian printing, located in the vaults of the British Museum, shows the deity who hold in their hands, "cords" that extend from the sun. Priests have reported thus saved the lives of the aliens on Earth, "curbing" moody star. The Sumerians called their teachers, "guarding the Sun" and "cords" — divine threads, cobwebs covering the entire Earth …

Earthlings is time to move?

— The more I study the cosmos, the more I believe authors fiction books and movies, many of which are already close to reality. Just look at the picture of the "Stargate"! What heroes are fighting in it? Mostly — for the product, which allows to accumulate more energy to conquer the cosmos.

And this is now close to physics in France in the development of a synthesis reactor. It will be produced by an extremely powerful energy. But another important issue for physicists: how to keep that energy, accumulate? And if the energy obtained from the reactor will begin to heat the water, cover and heat of the city, it can be compared with the nailing of the most expensive and advanced digital video camera! It is necessary to develop for the sake of flying to the stars! — Exclaims Eglītis.

And where to fly, having such a reserve of energy, there! Ilgmar Eglītis shows pictures. Here gaseous nebula California's dust clouds and the Cygnus Loop, and is one of the clusters of young, hot blue stars — the Pleiades. Indians at the time of his soldiers were forced to determine visual acuity — to look at the cluster of stars in the sky. If a man is then able to correctly draw on the location of the land at least eight stars, he has good vision, and when he could not — become a farmer.

Another photograph made using a telescope in Baldone, clearly visible under the Orion Nebula of Orion's belt — the brightest of all, we can observe from Earth, although its distance from us about 1600 light years. A recent pictures — exploding galaxy MGC4631.

Space Is Closed?

— Galaxies million. Although, who knows how many? Do not forget that the cosmos is endless. However … Now scientists are using the most powerful telescopes are trying to determine: maybe Cosmos closed? Agree, it is more difficult than finding Nibiru! If Cosmos closed, then fit to assume that nearby there is another enclosed space! — Emphasizes Eglītis. — And then we can talk more specifically about the existence of parallel worlds, subspace, and so on.

You can watch for different galaxies, for example, Andromeda — the nearest to our own Milky Way (the diameter of about 40 kpc, and 1 = 3.26 light years). It is located at a distance of 2.54 million light years. However, from the telescope (he "takes" a distance of about a billion light years) can be seen in Baldone 100,000 galaxies, the most distant of them from the earth look like tiny stars.

The challenge now astronomers consider not just new galaxies, but — the stars in them, and even the planet. To the naked eye at night, we see about 140,000 stars, but here, at least look at these pictures — 300 000. We, together with Russian scientists for a long time considered, for example, the Andromeda galaxy, seen new stars as they explode and change color. As a result, together opened 70 new stars, often tried to look for black holes on the location of bodies.

And want to know how big the sun compared to other stars in our galaxy alone? Well, for one, like this one, on the edge of the Andromeda galaxy — the tiniest of all (Eglītis shows the bright spots. — Ed.). Sun — the star has a secondary cycle, she left to live, according to some scholars, about 4.6 million years old. At one time the sun will be even more red, and we have to find a new home — on other planets. But I think by the time people will become more reasonable, will make clever use of the planet's resources and will be able to move anywhere, unless, of course, do not destroy ourselves before …

I ask Ilgmara Eglītis: "And would like to fly to another planet distant galaxies, such as Nibiru?" His view is changing. This happens in humans, only in love with his work, and — the Romantics. "Why not!" — He says, and it becomes clear what is actually dreaming Eglītis, who has spent over 35 years studying the sky …

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