The global system of pyramids

We continue to talk about the sensational results Tibetan expedition, organized by the weekly "AIF" Russian Eye and Plastic Surgery Health Ministry and Bashkir savings bank. With the expedition leader Professor Ernst Muldashev talking Zyatkov Nicholas.

— Ernest Rifgatovich, you said that you have found a link that you find to the group of Tibetan pyramids with other monuments of antiquity.

— The main monuments (and meskikanskie Egyptian pyramids, Easter Island and the complex of Stonehenge in England) on the face of haphazardly scattered on the planet. But if the study included Tibetan pyramid complex, then there is a strict mathematical system of their location on the earth's surface.

In particular, if the main pyramid of Tibet — Mount Kailash hold axle to the other side of the globe, this axis will point exactly … Easter Island with its mysterious stone idols.

If we connect the meridian pyramidal Mount Kailash with the Egyptian pyramids, the extension of this line displays again on Easter Island, and the distance from the Egyptian pyramids to Kailash is exactly one-quarter of the meridian lines Kailash — about. Easter.

But not all. If we join the Easter Island to Mexican pyramids, the extension of this line displays on Mount Kailash, and the distance from Easter Island to the Mexican pyramids, too, is exactly one-quarter of the meridian line. Easter — Kailash.

— That is the distance from the Egyptian pyramids to the Tibetan and from Easter Island to the Mexican pyramids are the same?

— Yes. This could see anyone on the globe. We have conducted calculations on a computer model of the world. It turned out that two lines that connect with Kailash Easter Island in the Egyptian and Mexican pyramids, outline exactly one quarter of the Earth's surface. If we connect the line Egyptian and Mexican pyramids, this "quarter" of the world is divided into two equal triangles.

— And it is related to this geographical system antiquity Stonehenge monument in England?

— If you connect the line to the pyramid of Kailash Stonehenge monument, the extension of this line again displays on Easter Island, and the distance from Kailasa to Stonehenge is exactly one-third of the meridional Kailash — about. Easter. This line divides the specified quarter of the globe in half.

— And if you put on the line one third of the distance from Easter Island …

— There will be the Bermuda Triangle.

— You want to say that in the Bermuda Triangle, in accordance with the mentioned scheme, sank a monument of antiquity?

— It can not be excluded. All the legends of the Bermuda Triangle becomes understandable if we assume that the sunken monument like the pyramids and stone "mirror" of Kailash, changes over time, bends space, etc. And I believe the legend, for a quarter of the expedition we are on the legends and find their scientific basis.

— According to your circuit, on the opposite side of the Tibetan pyramids world is Easter Island. There are stone statues, but the pyramids, alas, no. And on Kailasa have both.

— I think that in the area of Easter Island and in fact should be sunken piramidy.Bolee addition, Helena Blavatsky, there are indications that somewhere in the Pacific sank a huge pyramid.

— Ernest Rifgatovich, and Tibetan texts you can not find mention of the existence of a global system of the pyramids?

— Not found. But an important hint at it, I think, is the height of the main pyramid of Tibet — Mount Kailash — 6714 meters. The fact that the distance from Kailasa to Stonehenge monument is 6714 kilometers, as well as from Stonehenge to the Bermuda Triangle and the Bermuda Triangle to Easter Island. In addition, the distance from the North Pole Kailash too is 6714 kilometers.

The latter is particularly intriguing, because in ancient Tibetan religious texts and Blavatsky mentioned that before the Flood, the North Pole was located in the region of Tibet and was the home of the "sons of the gods", and the Flood was caused by the displacement of the Earth's poles. It is possible that the point Mount Kailash was the point of the former North Pole, a mysterious pyramid builders reflected the height of the pyramid of Tibet away or coming pole shift happened.

— But in one case featured meters, and in the other — kilometers …

The global system of pyramids
Meridians, connecting Mount Kailash with the pyramids, the globe is divided into equal quarters

Pyramid, I think, were built for the purpose of entry into the world of subtle energies. A subtle world, according to physics, fractals (a fractional dimension in space), that is, objects of the subtle world "self-similar" at different scales. Therefore, 6714 meters and 6714 kilometers are two large-scale characteristics of a fractal.

It should also be noted that the main western "mirror" Kailas directed precisely to the Egyptian pyramids, and two northern "mirrors" — in Mexico. By the way, the Egyptian Sphinx looks at Kailash.

— Logically, the same parallel system of pyramids and monuments should exist on the opposite side of the globe. But there found the pyramids.

— When we drew the same system on the opposite side, it turned out that all the seats, parallel Egyptian and Mexican pyramids and Stonehenge monument, are under water. Therefore, we do not know about them. Maybe someday they will find other researchers. Large Russian physicist George Tertyshny analyzed this world system of pyramids and came to the conclusion that the existence of the Earth and other pyramid complexes.

— If so, for what purpose was to create a world system of pyramids and monuments of antiquity?

— I do not have the knowledge to answer this question. Among other things, it can be assumed that the system of the pyramid was created by someone, and once due to the Earth to space.

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