The Great Game. Mikhail Leontiev watch online

The Great Game.  Mikhail Leontiev watch online
"The Big Game"- A project of Misha Leontiev, a study on the historical confrontation of the Russian Federation at first with the English empire, and then the United States. Included in the project examples eminent political and military duels between the majestic powers that shook the globe, viewers will open their eyes to the usual one fact: the action that happen to us at the moment, has already happened to our forefathers in exactly the same sequence and with the same exact result. "
"We have carefully analyzed all the world's wars, cool war, local conflicts of so-called" peace time ", the death of Russian empire, uncover the greatest political intrigue and secret moves of the major players on the political map of the world" — M. Leontiev.
The viewer, it seems to be completely clear that this series less than a purely personal point of view of its creator on historical events that occurred in the recent past ….

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Mysteries of the history, excavation, archeology

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