The history of science (6 episodes) The Story of Science Watch online

The history of science (6 episodes) The Story of Science Watch online
There are issues with which the world's population is set from the beginning of time. What's outside the ground, as we emerged from what is the world around us, history search for answers to these questions is history science. Of all the achievements of human science has the greatest impact on our lives, the fact litsezreem how we define ourselves. Her ideas, findings and results surround us everywhere, but the history of science had been created not only in the laboratory, and beyond. Power and passion, rivalry, His Majesty the case all played a role. This is the story of how history has created a science and how science made history.

Series 1. What is there beyond Earth?

Since that time, as people first glanced at the sky, they are worried question — What is there beyond Earth? The story of how people discover all that we understand about the universe.

Series 2. What is in our world?

Almost all our lifestyle — the result of our efforts to understand how the world works. Investigation of the parameters of matter, the discovery of chemical elements brought in a large configuration life population.

Series 3. How do we come from?

From religious texts and legends about the creation of the world followed that man — the crown of God's creation. But the development of science has led to the newcomer a constructive approach to the question of how we came out.

Series 4. Can we possess unlimited energy?

Possession of an unlimited source of energy — davneshnee zeal population. As science finds answers to the questions: What is energy. what it can do and what in fact is.

Series 5. What is the secret of life?

Each of us is hiding the biggest mystery. What is the radical difference between living and nonliving matter? What makes the rich richer and the feeling that we live in? Samples explain the magic of life formed the basis of many scientific investigations.

Series 6. Who are we?

Figuring out what forms the our thoughts, feelings and desires.

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