The Kenyan army is conducting a military operation in the areas of Somalia

More October 16, Kenyan armed forces invaded the countryside of southern Somalia. Immediately aircraft bombed positions of group Jamaat al-Shabab (also referred to as al-Shabab, Hizbul Shabaab, from the Arabic. "Party of Youth"). The purpose of the invasion of Kenyans is the need to defeat the Islamist movement groups al-Shabab and the establishment of a security zone on the border of 2-states. Acts Kenyan army backed government forces Somalia.

The reason for the invasion was the fact that the fighters of naikrupneyshgo in a fragmented Somalia and throughout the Horn of Africa, the Islamist movement Al-Shabab, which is blamed for having links with a bit crowded "Al-Qaeda, "do not act solely on the Somali countryside, but raid on the land adjoining countries to kidnapping. Kenyan Minister for Foreign Affairs Moses Masika Vetangula said the step was made in order to "protect themselves." Internal Security Minister George Saitoti referred group al-Shabab "the enemy of Kenya," and gave an oath to storm the militants of the movement, no matter where they are.

For soon there was a whole series of kidnappings, so, not so long ago stolen from Kenyan resorts Englishwoman and a Frenchwoman. And it was a blow to Kenya's tourism industry, which gives the country a large part of the proceeds.

October 4, 2011 Islamist grouping arranged a powerful attack in Mogadishu — the explosion in the government quarter killed more than 80 people. October 13, Al-Shabab militants kidnapped 2-citizens of Spain, who as an employee of NGO "Doctors without Borders" working in the camp of Somali refugees in Kenya. In response, the organization is partly closed its operations in the country.

Grouping is in control of much of southern Somalia. The representative of the Al-Shaab Sheikh Ali Muhammad Rage in Mogadishu said that anger Kenya, directed against the implementation of Sharia law will be stopped.

Operation in Nairobi dubbed "Protect the country (" Linda Nchi "). It was agreed by the Somali Transitional Federal Government, with control of Ethiopia and Uganda, also with the United States and France. Before the military operation on the border of Nairobi made the grouping of the Army, Air Force and Navy a total of up to four thousand soldiers. On the part of the Kenyan Somali group supporting the interim government forces and militias of Somali gangs "Ras Kamboni" and "Ahlu-Sunnah-Ualdzhamaa" (up to 4-5 thousand soldiers). Kenya Air Force reinforced the South American drones and sea operation with cover U.S. Navy ships and France from the international grouping of forces to combat piracy. The main objective of the marine group — is the blockade of the port of Kismayo, a which Al-Shabab movement gets a gun and ammunition from abroad (in the main from Yemen and Eritrea).

Advent is conducted in the provinces of Lower Juba, Middle Juba and Gedo, the main blow is struck in the direction of the town of Kismayo from the north-west (from Afmadow) and from the south-west (from Barare). In the first echelon forces attacking Somalis who trained and armed by the Kenyans. Parts of Kenya Armed Forces maintain their artillery, armored vehicles, air force strikes. On October 24th the coalition forces advanced from the border of 100 km and killed a number of training camps al-Shabab militants. Then he moves slower due to heavy the rainy that impair the ability to advance. Because the command of Al-Shabab has managed to hold a general mobilization in the southern provinces.

Islamists have not only to wage war in the south Somalia, and in the metropolitan province of Benadir, where the interim government troops and African Union peacekeeping force AMISOM to try to knock out the militants from the capital.

There is a perception that war is associated with the conclusion of the Kenyan government and international oil and gas company Total contract for oil exploration offshore Lamu archipelago, including within the boundaries of the exclusive economic zone of the Somali country. Institute for Near East published a map of the field. At the current time, experts at Total already conducting seismic surveys on the shelf. Because there is the possibility that the temporary government Somalia could enter into a secret agreement with Nairobi, which gives them the right to extract the "black gold" in the Somali exclusive economic zone in exchange for military aid Kenya in the fight against "Al-Shabab". Paris and Washington, of course, well aware of.

Areas of exploration by Total oil fields offshore Kenya and Somalia

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