The Kerch Strait will be split into Ukrainian criteria

Our homeland and Ukraine agreed on the delimitation of the maritime boundary in the Sea of Azov and Kerch Strait. The relevant agreement is expected to be signed on July 12, in the Crimea, at the meeting of 2-states — Vladimir Putin and Viktor Yanukovych. According to "Kommersant-Ukraine" border in Kerch Strait will take place on the strip, on which the Ukrainian side insisted.

On the Ukrainian countryside, and it will remain peninsula Tuzla and Kerch-Yenikalsky navigable channel. It is true, as the deputy director of the Center for Economic and Political research Razumkov Valeriy Chaly, Ukrainian side is ready to agree to a common implementation of this channel.

For the section of the Azov Sea, in this case, according disk imaging edition, reached a compromise: line border pass between the interrogation positions of Ukraine and Russia. The agreement will also divide the oil and gas areas of Pallas on the shelf of the Black Sea, which will allow for joint resource extraction.

The negotiation of the border Kerch Strait, and in the Sea of Azov, between last with 2 countries since the 90s. Our homeland refuses to share strait the former administrative border vnutrisovetskoy, as in this case, it will lose control of the only deep fairway and Ukraine will be obliged to pay for the passage of vessels through its territorial waters.

In turn, Ukraine has repeatedly pointed to the Russian Federation to the fact that, for example, the Russian-Estonian border in Narva and Gulf of Finland was at the insistence of the Russian Federation held specifically for the former Russian administrative border. Ukraine asks to divide The Kerch Strait Similarly, in accordance with international law.

In 2003, the dispute over the Ukrainian island of Tuzla in the Kerch Strait Edged led to an exchange of statements between Ukraine and Russia, and the strengthening of border control from the Ukraine. The conflict over Tuzla came when Russian builders started to build a dam in the direction of the island. The work was done by the decision of the Krasnodar Territory, the troubled destruction of the coastal strip of the Taman peninsula because of the erosion of the Spit. But the Ukrainian authorities regarded the construction of the dam as an encroachment on the sovereignty of the country.

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