The killer, who shot ex-colonel, had hidden techniques of shooting

It has been 5 days since the murder of Colonel Budanov, and in his case there are new versions, and new details that may shed light on who to kill Budanov was profitable and why the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation almost immediately after the murder, said that it was a provocation. Maybe he put in this definition completely different meaning, but brought many professionals and professionals to think.

As already wrote, "MK", from the very beginning there was a version that the murder of the Chechen rebels are, and the very murder committed out of revenge for Kungaeva or because of another episode of the Chechen war. But the master in one voice say that Chechens elected would be even more a cheap method and would qualify the killing of so painstakingly.

Shown in the last days of the version that the murder is connected with the HOA, as Budanov was working in one of the operating companies, also looks very awkward. Yes, murders occur in this area. But it is not so.

"MK" was able to talk with a former intelligence officer who specialized in contract killings. He immediately sent a note to the few details that put a shot Budanov section unusual murders not only because of the resonance, and because of the execution.

Recall that in Budanov was made 6 shots. Four in the head, two in the chest. In this case, all the shots went very heap, as in the dash. Our source says killer used a very rare method of firing shots twin — "twos." In other words, he quickly press down on the trigger twice in the small clearance time, so that all of the bullets went almost one to one, while the victim was still alive. With all of this killer left for himself two more bullets to waste. This explains why he did not threw the barrel at scene of the crime.

So in the USSR and in Russia taught to fire only a 2-structures — and the GRU military intelligence. And not all that far away. According to our interlocutor, at this point in military intelligence specialists such no longer exists. It only remains one option. In Moscow military special forces units are not that is not enough. Unless, of course, the shooter was from Moscow … By the way, in the late 90's there were several similar murders that have remained "grouse."

When asked why the car, which left the killers, they are not burned through, our expert said that it was not necessary. They burned only the part where they could leave marks.

Their highest class and says that they are not exposed the person in the video surveillance cameras, very well prepared escape routes and left the car where there are no cameras. And they themselves probably relaxed moved to another car, abandoned not far away, and left.

So as not to shine, they used a converted by firing live rounds of 9 mm caliber gas gun "IJ" with a silencer. Combat weapon easier to calculate.

And machine was a "clone." Vtochnosti the same with the same number belong to Muscovite which went on a business trip and did not know that the killers made a copy of its rooms. They, perhaps, knew that the owner of the "original" on a business trip and this thread investigation will go nowhere …

The main question remains: who profitably? Given that such experts at working level, we can state that this is not an ordinary commercial or "Chechen" murder. It's really a provocation. But it is not part of the "right" as many would wish, as any of those in power. And this is a provocation — mnogohodovki, says our expert. In other words, it should trigger a chain reaction of other events and eventually hit somewhere else. But by this time the root cause of all this mnogohodovki have forgotten or do not bind with the murder of Colonel Budanov.

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