The kinetic missile interceptor EAPS

South American aircraft manufacturer "Lockheed Martin" presented on display a unique solution — a kinetic missile interceptor «EAPS», which is able to completely change the air defense weapons. In the development of «EAPS» designers used a small technology «hit-to-kill» — hit-to-kill. Outside «EAPS» like a small version of the anti-aircraft missiles, a length of about 1 meter, with a diameter of 5 cm and a weight of three kilograms. Kinetic mini-rocket intended for the destruction of a direct encounter many types of aircraft and aircraft purposes:
— anti-aircraft missiles;
— rockets;
— anti-tank missiles;
— artillery shells of various calibres;
— bombs;
— mortar.

Kinetic mini-missile interceptor as part of a new air defense system experienced a year at the site 26.05.2012 «White Sands» (white-sand) in the state of New Mexico. Tests were carried out in collaboration with technology promotion center, weapons and engineering innovations RDECOM / AMRDEC. During the test, kinetic interceptor was launched in an upright position, then completed a number of flight maneuvers to test the aerodynamics in motion, verify the correct performance of the system control and data acquisition. As reported by the developers, most recently, will be carried out full-scale test (At flying targets) latest air defense system.

For U.S. Army air defense units, this development is an invaluable contribution to the present time — in fact we now have them there is only one similar system counter unmanaged and managed projectiles. This artillery system «C-RAM», made on the basis of the ship's anti-aircraft guns «Phalanx». The main drawbacks «C-RAM»:
— large dimensions, system performed on a four-truck chassis;
— missing on this day range of implementation;
— causing collateral damage ammunition, did not hit the target.

The new system with a kinetic mini-missile interceptor «EAPS» has the above-mentioned shortcomings and intercepts ammunition and missiles at non-hazardous range from the protected unit. Used system Aiming for settlement purposes provides a direct hit. This on this day can "boast" only anti-missile missile defense of the United States «SM-3".

EAPS is designed as a small mobile air defense system of forward-deployed. Applicable chassis is not mentioned, but maybe it «HMMWV». The small size of the rocket launcher and thus, in principle, to allow you to install / dovooruzhit any armored vehicle, which are used in the land divisions of the United States Army. This solution can dramatically increase the protection of armored vehicles and personnel of the infantry from artillery and mortar fire. Here we should take into account that new girl system fails to provide protection against a massive artillery or from the introduction of the enemy complexes of multiple rocket launchers.

The main purpose of the system «EAPS» — the interception and destruction of single targets, such as shell / mine, the creation of the protected unit of a typical umbrella, which would weaken the impact of fire on subdivision. For kinetic targeting mini-rocket interceptor can be used counterbattery modern radar type «AN/TPQ-36».

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