The lake Fushian Hu Yunnan province found ancient, unexplored pyramids


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Leonid Gavrilov


About six months ago in the Undersea Research Centre "Prodiving.CN" and the NGO "Laboratory K" asked the Chinese experts in the field of underwater archeology. According to their data instrument measurements — sonar, sonar and results topometry at the bottom of the lake could presumably located the sunken city.

However, take a dip in the high altitude, low temperature conditions of the lake, and a large depth was difficult. Therefore, a visit was organized and training with the equipment, which ended two days ago.

The results concluded the Sino-Russian archaeological expedition to the preliminary investigation of the lake Fushian tell Leonid Gav and Yevgeny Spiridonov, the organizers of the project:

"The fact that we found in a freshwater lake pyramid over 40 meters high — it's really amazing. This new wonder of the world — our common world heritage, preserved through the water — and water is absorbed.

The lake Fushian Hu Yunnan province are ancient, unexplored pyramids. Surveyed area of ancient buildings the size of the capital of the Han era. The city is not mentioned in any of the famous Chinese ancient archives and manuscripts. Referred to, and the missing Chinese city Yalong could be made of wood and clay, found the same design are classic megalithic structures that exceed in complexity and execution of drawings Egyptian megaliths.

They have survived almost intact and untouched by time or man. The upper part of one of the three pyramids examined at a depth of about 54 meters, bottom — 97. In the photos processed stone blocks visible figures, similar to the human ear. According to the sonar, we have repeatedly scanned three-dimensional sonogram units ranging in size from 3 to 5 meters.

As we expected the lake Fushian Hu-tectonic origin. Approximate very approximate age once ground structures — from 5,000 to 12,000 BC. The lake was studied by one percent of its area. Width up to 7 kilometers, the length of it is more than 30 kilometers, the depth of its reach to 180 meters.

On the basis of our underwater research, study materials, conducting ethnographic and videoissledovaniya we compared it with the data of sonar, side-scan sonar, courtesy of the Chinese experts, and we can draw the following conclusions:

* The architecture of the pyramids is close to the Maya culture, the size of the blocks is more to the Egyptian pyramids of the Giza plateau — these data confirm our Chinese colleagues.

* Facilities located at elevations higher elevations. Around this ancient complex was an ancient lake. Its depth does not exceed 30 meters. Impact event, earthquake, or one after the other but a huge rainfall has caused irreversible changes and movements in the Earth's crust. And the city built a natural geological fault, the lake of tectonic origin — was doomed.

* The facility was built on the tectonic break. The top of one of the mountains is once surveyed island in the middle of the lake.

* The earthquake did not destroy the ancient city. The first earthquake damaged the structure of all the weak, and further processes (abnormal rainfall, earthquakes and temperature change) is likely caused people to leave. Subsequent events "Flood" and the movement of tectonic plates completed the conservation of this wonder of the world. 5 cm per year down — the dynamics of the deepening of the lake at the moment according to Chinese geologists. The maximum depth of the lake at this point — 180 meters. The bottom of the lake is made of stone, mainly limestone, water clarity in good conditions up to 15 meters.

* Preliminary findings of an additional ethnographic studies suggest the hypothesis that the hearth of a unique culture that is around the lake Fushian.

* Further study of the lake is only possible integrated approach. In our opinion, the lake is very safe to explore means of technical diving. In addition to long work permits, skazali and high altitude, temperature and visibility — it is safe to do it hard, but possible. A height of 2 kilometers when diving was more than real — all members of the expedition, even "local" dive team appeared dizziness, nausea and tingling in the fingers. Doctor of the expedition was decided to move the base camp at a lower altitude above sea level in the city of Kunming. At this point in life and health of the members of the expedition is not in danger. April 12th, which lasted 10 days underwater, research expedition was successfully completed.

* Chinese colleagues for further research would be well advised to go through the organization of an underwater laboratory on the example of the Russian Blue Lake, or research such as midi-class submarines "Sadko" SPC "Ruby."

* Explore the place, the lake Fushian — unique. Chinese archaeologists is true not correlate these structures with the Chinese and the Chinese arhitektruroy Necropolis. This is an absolutely honest approach. Most Chinese archaeologists date the building from 5000 to 13,000 years BC. Some refer to the Han Dynasty — but it is clearly not an objective approach. The exact answer and the final verdict will study Russian geologists on the basis of the samples.

contact number of staff of the expedition in China +86150 080 687 63, Leonid Gav

We insist on paying attention UNESCO and other organizations at this archaeological site. This is the heritage of our common Earth history. It survived thanks to the water depth and time. Our duty is to preserve and explore as objectively as possible. We need to know our shared Earth's history, to understand the complexity and uniqueness of our modern life — still heavily dependent on space weather.

Such catastrophic events, claiming the lives of an entire planetary civilization should make us think the only possible way of life and the immortality of man as a species — to accelerate projects on joint nearest the colonization of space and near-Earth space.



In the photo published data from side-scan sonar.


photographs taken underwater telerobotom


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