The main mystery of Egypt

I have to say, I saw it, it is a miracle of miracles, not on the hot Giza plateau, where stands the three most famous of the hundreds of Egyptian pyramids, not in the Valley of the Kings on the west bank of the Nile and at dawn the summit of Mount Sinai.

I saw the horror and the curse of Egyptian antiquity, with its constant dire omens — the tombs and temples of the dead …

I saw the black soul of Egypt chooses me, one of many, and insinuating whispers calling me to her … aggressively pushing into the ancient horror and madness faraonstva, in the catacombs of his dead and bottomless heart …

"Father of history" Herodotus claimed that chronicles the Egyptian priests cover 12 thousand years. Another ancient historian, Diogenes Laertius, believed that Egyptian astronomical records began in 48,683 year to Alexander the Great.

Helena Blavatsky refers to certain Harmon allegedly determined, that plays in the Great Pyramid has occurred 69,000 years ago.

By VI century, Simplicius, of Forest, wrote that the observation of the sky were the Nile for … 630,000 years! Dizzy from one span of, let nothing and no confirmed reports.

What other culture on Earth would dare ascribe similar age? Is that the Sumerian, but the Sumerians' own fault "- left us a" royal list of "extent of half a million years …

About Black Earth — Ta-kem

Under these revelations father horror literature, HP Lovecraft Howard, could subscribe to almost all the mystics, I pay tribute to the Egyptian theme from the time she started coming into fashion in the West, that is, from the beginning of the last century.

Scientists and soldiers of Bonaparte past deadly desert paradise, and the Nile Valley, brought news of the first coherent nameless ruins in the sands, zverogolovyh idols and inscriptions on the mysterious language.

Later, the key to these inscriptions gave a lucky Champollion (Interestingly, the Russian Academy of Sciences took him into its bosom three years earlier than the French) — and sounded signs, pictures, and pondered them in court chronicles, and love poems, and prayers, and dry estimates on the use of slaves onions and garlic.

Began to be composed the real image of the country, there is no time like the snake with green scales of crops stretching between two deserts, along the fertile crimps Hapi. But darkly enthusiastic taynovedam was closer otherwise, they brushed aside the original information about the Black Earth — She-Who, teaching, most importantly, mystical and eerie, it is necessary to read between the columns of hieroglyphs.

Near the less well-known scientific, complex and semi-initiates triumphed amiable, bright mythical picture.

Egypt de — home to the sophisticated magic, dangerous magic, the abode of astrologers and alchemists, vodivshih friendship with demons, culture is so old that its origins must have stood the monstrous race of supernatural beings. Who among writers, even talented, did not give tribute to this Graveyard — romantic widespread epidemic?

We see Anatole France revives sphinx and demon — a musician with murals in the tomb, seductive Christian ascetic. Conan Doyle paints a student — Egyptologist, who was able to revive the mummy in order to use it to take revenge on his enemies …

But, truth be told, and there are a lot of rigorous science in an incredible mystery, against the general wildness Neolithic off alone She-Who. How did it start? .. Around 12,000 years ago, broke some vsezemnaya disaster — an asteroid strike, or other hypothesis, lurch Earth's axis caused by the accumulation of polar ice masses.

This cataclysm mankind remembered as the Flood … Dramatically changing the face of North Africa. Dying rain forests, hitherto covered the Libyan desert, but on the ground a long chain of lagoons and lakes occurs mighty river Nile. Along it settles a mysterious dark-skinned, large-eyed people, just caught "between two fires" from east and west come lifeless sand and rocks, and native river regularly overflows, making all his fertile valley in the muddy swamp.

However, people are not dying and not migrate, and he chooses the brilliant tactics of continuous irrigation. All fit for sowing the land covered by a network of large and small canals. Desert suspended, mitigating the impact of floods.

In Europe, the distant ancestors of the Greeks, Romans and Slavs still beat in the dense thickets of the Cave Bear club — and over the great Hapi is different … On average, it occurs during malopostizhimaya Badari culture in the delta Merimda emerging civilization. The hour of birth of the two kingdoms, which are then united under one white-red crown wearing cute nickname "Shatter heads" first pharaoh Narmer, also known as Menes …

What tribes which blood mixed then the Nile waters? Strange light-skinned people came there, perhaps, from the depths of Africa, pitched their tents praevropeytsy referred by the Mediterranean isthmus before the flood washed it.

And yet, until now considered by some scholars to have settled in the fertile valley of the surviving descendants of the mysterious, the Flood destroyed the country, the one of Atlantis, whose colony was probably ancient Egypt. Mother of the famous King Khufu, Cheops in Greek, the builder of the great pyramid, Queen Hetepseres, was, according to the portrait, found in her tomb, a blonde with light eyes, unusual elongated skulls have early pharaohs …

Be that as it may, the mysterious disappeared "Roma", the people of Ta-Who, drops of solution in the flow of the great invasions and migrations. But still sometimes meet a handsome man — a policeman in Cairo, a copy of the Pharaoh Ramses II, the domestic airline stewardess, similar rather a princess from ancient murals than Arabian …

In the sands

Maybe all the tricks irrigation Egyptians inherited it from Atlantis? Craft, which led to the rapid development after him progress in other areas?

After all, for the construction of canals to knowledge of geometry, terms defined flood the starry sky, the water supply to the fields impossible without basic mechanisms, etc. Maybe … But — whether another, purely ideal inheritance left to his disciples proud Atlantis, whether the Egyptians themselves have got this national trait … however, through their history is their sense of specialness.

A sort of the earliest in the world, racism, snobby "Aryan" … apparently too tempting — to feel themselves civilized in wild, wise among the ignorant, to live in the land, turned thy efforts in the earthly paradise, and to know how poor and barbarous -Dense other tribes in comparison with yours, God's chosen!

The temptation of pride, dangerous and most powerful … Many years ago, was on the screens of American film "Zardoz" — fiction, about the terrible distant future.

Small handful of scientists immortal lives in the man-made Eden — Vortex — protected by a force field, and around the planet is almost extinct, and the hungry hordes scratched into an invisible wall. We end the invasion of mad bloodthirsty riders extermination immortals.

History confirms this pattern finals … In the Egyptian museum, I saw a painted relief: haughty Pharaoh keeps the hair of three bearded strangers.

Any person born outside Ta Who, think only enemy and potential slave. And then one day, sweeping the city and trampling seedlings, lovingly manicured Vortex in the Middle Kingdom invaded Warriors "hekasasut" later wryly called Hyksos.

Especially hated Hyksos people were Ta-Who else because the conquerors worshiped Sutekh, or Seth, the main enemy with farming, the embodiment of the destructive heat of the desert …

Thus began the wave of invasions, when the Arab horsemen of Amr ibn al-Asa turned to flee the Byzantine garrisons, and the country became an Islamic … But back to the "Atlantean" pride. Modern Egyptians, completely Arabized and Islamized, at first glance, it is quite alien. Furthermore, their behavior rarely notice a hint of dignity.

Cute six year boy in the hotel "Santana" pretends he lifter that accompanies tourists on the floor and little hand reaches out for "baksheesh" (a common name for the whole East handouts).

Adult "businessmen" to impinge and bolder. Village in a Luxor, among the bare rocks, where the entire population lives souvenir trade, hefty man ran after me, trying to shove the black basalt of Anubis, and so belabored statue of the god of the dead walls of buildings, provided that they plaster fell off, — proving the authenticity of the stone … As soon as I went away …

On the national dignity of Egyptians

Great President Nasser declared that all the historical heritage, from ancient times, belongs to the Arab people of Egypt. This does not stop fans baksheesh relate to the old purely consumer-how to a profitable business.

In those villages near the ruins of some or Ramesseum Temple of Hatshepsut facades shanties and fabrichek gifts are painted crudely colorful likenesses of famous frescoes, at the entrance to the famous market of Cairo Khan el-Khalili on a sign Tutankhamun and his wife even drink coffee that is full anachronism …

And yet I would argue that the primordial sense of chosenness of the Egyptian soul did not disappear, though gained an unexpected form. 1999, my second visit to Egypt — with the creative team television program "Dialogue with the Sphinx."

Director Irina Shatokhina and cameraman Vladimir Dembnovetsky chosen for expressive "eastern" quiet frame gray donkey grazing on the mountain in the old Cairo. But now comes out of the machine, our guide, a young charming Semeh (we call him the seed), and literally almost resets the camera to tripod.

Why the outrage? Ass here, of course, irrelevant. He simply goes against pimped, of which the country is quite a lot, along with their hungry, ragged people. And the Egyptians, unlike us, masochists, do not admire its "seamy" and do not like to pay attention to it visitors …

But later, in the car, Semeh so sincere and spoke angrily about foreign filmmakers who create ugly caricature of his country, its glorious past — for example, in films, on the biblical story of the Jews exodus from Egypt! .. He seriously suffered from the humiliation inflicted by his people.

And there have been other episodes in, say, 1997, during my first visit, for the filming of a TV show called "The Mystery." Then the three of us — by Alexander Miller, operator Mikhail Lebedev and me — violently attacked passers-by. You see, we took in the lovely lens, but ragged and grubby kids … Oh, yes, once were for arrogance, for the oppression of the strange and severely punished pharaohs and nobles and peasants.

The very nature of their extinct for centuries, now the holy descendants inhabit the coast of the Arabian Mujahideen, the Ottoman Turks, the Mamluks — former slaves from the Caucasus, the Polovtsian steppe … Some fantastic genetic examination could then find extra-distance relatives Khan Konchak! ..

But when I think back on the national dignity of the Egyptians, so naively let manifested, — I can not get away from the idea that it is based on the slaveholders not arrogance, but something quite different, it is certainly worthy of respect. Well, say, self-slogger farmer, now six thousand years to equip this region, wedged in the yellow paws Seth. Working pride …

But, in fact, the first number of years referred to me — more than fifty centuries, passed from the association in one power of the kingdoms of Upper and Lower Egypt — would be enough to settled agrarian community, constantly forcing him into the very nature of creativity, to develop and craft and the highest art and bold scientific thought, and deep religious philosophy. I would suggest — a philosophy that is "programmed" to develop ideas in the Middle East and throughout Europe …

Let's go back to the days of cold storage, when, about 3700 years ago, in Ta-Who weakened by strife between the king and the rulers of the provinces, the fans broke Sutekh, violent Hyksos. What have they, but destruction? For example, iron weapons, largely secured them victory.

In the sacred texts

Probably among the innovations that changed the future of the Black Earth (and not only), you can also include the arrival of some tribes, related by blood Hyksos. They were called in the Assyrian texts — "Habiru" or "Habiru." Known also another version of the name: "ibrim" ie, "the other side" — meaning the other side of the Euphrates …

Name warlike nomads survived to this day in all the familiar form: the Jews. Biblical patriarch Abraham was, apparently, the chief labor ibrim coming then in the Nile Delta and settled there in the land of Goshen nizhneegipetskoy.

Relationship with the Hyksos Jews went to benefit: they peacefully grazed their herds multiplied, and some come from the Habiru even reached high positions in the state. The Bible mentions of Joseph the son of Jacob, who became the first minister at the Hyksos Pharaoh …

So last century. But here were driven hekasasut. And in a series of kings She-Who was Ramses II, soldiers and workers, which has not happened. Everything in it was different superhuman scale. The chronicle tells how Ramses alone swept whole sections of new enemies, the Hittites.

Forever lacked Ramses slaves and prisoners of war for the construction work and once, without thinking twice, drove the Jews out of Goshena build new cities. Since then, they did not come out of slavery in Egypt. In the ancient mines of Sinai, which produces turquoise found inscriptions in Semitic language — it's not a captive ibrim left them? ..

Later, with the Pharaoh Merneptah, rose Habiru, their leader and prophet was Moses — Moses. The biblical story of how an infant's mother let him swim in the basket on the Nile, as Moses picked Pharaoh's daughter, — a tale of criticism does not hold, it simply deducted from the biography of the legendary Assyrian king Sargon.

Other more reliable information. Moshe was lucky he did not break the ore, and graduated from the school of priests sun god Ra at Heliopolis, received high dedication — and that of Egypt made the idea of an invisible one God, the Creator of the Universe!

In Egypt, the sacred texts can be found not only antiquated dogmas of faith, but one that is much later was named Essene preacher Yeshua Messiah (Greek — Jesus Christ.) The concept of original sin and redemption, the underworld court of Heaven and Hell, the future resurrection of the dead in the flesh … Spring festival associated with the uprising of the dead god Ushiro (Osiris), became the prototype of the Christian Easter.

Infant Jesus with his mother and stepfather in hiding in Egypt from King Herod — and here, the image of Mary with the Child-God surely acquired traits millennia canon Ta Who, image Iset (Isis) that hides her son Horus from an evil persecutor of the same Seth. .. Egyptian spiritual program, and Moses learned from priestly school, and all thinking ibrim perceived for 400 years on the Nile, to transform the world.

Judaism, with its secret part, Kabbalah, is generated by it; blew tightness Judaic dogma, colossal movements of Christianity and Islam also bear the stamp of religion Ta-Cam. Breathing pyramids swept from Arabia to Norway, from Siberia to Argentina … But still — the innermost sanctuary of faith in the One, the unnameable, the main focus of the Spirit, storming the heavens, long remained Egypt ….

Once this night, from April 30 to May 1, was the night of the spring holiday Germanic pagans. On the Christian calendar, it finds itself on the eve of St. Walpurgis — that was the Walpurgis night. Fanatics, the name of Christ covers his hatred of all things healthy and cheerful, they believed that this time of evil possession of the land and witches fly on the Sabbath. European medieval announced mountain — Brocken, Blocksberg other — sometimes demonic "gatherings" …

Contrary to the gloomy superstition, on this night in 1999 we made the ascent to the mountain, believing that moving to eternal light and adjusts internally. However, the mountain was special: it was called Jebel Musa (Mount Moses), or simply the Sinai … Steep trail, rough stone steps, we climbed to the top of it, burdened by their sins, a video camera and tripod to the BSP of this.

Wealthy pilgrims carried Bedouin camels, snoring and sides nearly colliding into the abyss walking climbers — I am afraid that the riders were just as difficult to feel the mystical spirit of the night, as they mount to enter the eye of a needle … Panting, increasingly making halts, cursing CUT hand equipment, we, nevertheless, in a hurry, because the tradition told to meet dawn exactly where the prophet of Israel in a fiery cloud of Yahweh was a god, and capture a touching scene of reading the Bible in different languages.

In the mauve haze before sunrise we overcame last rise — and saw before him the church, folded at the top of the units delivered in the same way that we barely dragged their own bodies and not too heavy equipment. And around on rugged bizarre, like the hand of the sculptor made reliefs, wrinkled brown peaks were other churches or chapels, likes white, almost detached from the ground "Himalayan stronghold" painted by Nicholas Roerich.

And to them, clearly visible in the festering May morning, were the slopes of the ancient trail zigzags. These monks carried the goat stitches bottom of the valley, and each plate floorboard, every icon and every link fence, a sash and a nail. Built temples on the verge of the sky, passing cleared of all the selfish, sordid, perezhigaya in all the weaknesses, all the heritage of cunning, greedy, lustful primate made man on the steep path to the peak of the evolution of Sinai …

Narrow gate

Great spiritual workers are always born the land of Egypt. Since … the Caliph Al Mamun, who was looking for treasures in the tomb of Khufu antediluvian kings, and to this day last debate — for what, in fact, built the Great Pyramids?

The coffins were empty — but it could mean that the mummies of pharaohs were simply perepryatat. It happened sometimes, for reasons incomprehensible to us already …

Many around the man-made mountain winds and did fantastic fiction — old occult, about how "divine energy descends from above the top of the pyramid, like the tree with the root at the top and bottom of the crown, and then spilling over the earth", to the latest, like crazy " hypothesis, "one resident of Kiev that stood on the pyramids … solar heating system to regulate water levels in the Nile.

But I am interested in one assumption made, in particular, Helena Blavatsky. I felt it possible justice when, bent double, a narrow passage descended into the bowels of the tomb of Khafre.

This way, says Blavatsky, symbolizes death and rebirth, here — the very "narrow gate", leading to the world renewed and blessed life with God, about which mentions the evangelist Matthew.

But more than that, the downward and upward moves just summed initiate (probably priestly school student) to the present ordeal. Man was placed in the tomb of the pharaoh, perhaps, for many days, and covered a huge stone lid.

Darkness, silence, bezdvizhie, terrible loneliness in the depths of the pyramids … Do not alone with the royal mummy whispering incomprehensible secrets of the other world? According to legend, the subject here is the master of masters, the creature with the face of a lion. He revealed the "secret name of God, the power of giving."

The future priest learned for myself "eternity of Life, Light and Truth — and the illusion of Death, Darkness, and Sin." New man rose from the tomb, with the soul, free from all small and selfish. Unless, of course, do not be mad … Do not visited it here — or in the heart of the pyramid of Khufu — student school geliopolisskoy Ra, the young Moshe? ..

Gone zverogolovye gods allegory properties higher principle, but there was a practice of initiation, the transfiguration of mental image, and Egypt became the first centuries of our era — the birthplace of monasticism, the bright lamp of early Christianity. Earlier than in the heights of Sinai border with sky showed behind the church, near Alexandria escaped Saint Anthony, suffered dreadful temptations and fears of demons, later portrayed by Bosch and Dali.

In the abandoned houses of the middle of the desert found refuge from the world departed hermit, and, perhaps, the beautiful maiden with frescoes and reliefs depicting the life of naked people in Paradise Valley Ta Who, really tortured them longingly the impossible …

Then there were built first in the world kin, dormitories for hundreds and thousands of ascetics. Vineyard of Christ, called the garden of the ancient piety Egypt before the arrival of Muslims. But do not rise to the Sinai has been the development of the ritual of initiation into the pyramids, rising towards the light?

And the monastery on top of the mountains — not make similarity Tomb-cradles for all who choose to undergo a bodily death to death and a new birth into a radiant spirit? ..

The main mystery of the Black Earth

And now — the main miracle, the main secret of the Black Earth, that with what I encountered in the yard's new hotel in Sharm el-Sheikh resort, laid less than thirty years ago, on a thin coastal strip of the southern tip of the Sinai Peninsula, near the former Israeli military airfield, now serving tourists from all over the world (us, as anyone wanting to Kievan brought there by "Planet Tour Rameses").

There, at the hotel, I saw how the workers are planted on a small lawn modest flowers, including daisies field that are so lightly we tear and trample on our generous Dnieper meadows.

Every bush color removed from the package along with the black soil, brought to distant lands across the sea, and each planted bush supplied separate thin hose water supply.

And more. On the bank of the Nile in Cairo, where are green and blooming gorgeous jungle, each palm tree is growing in a tub of your own, and each has its own botanical wonder pot.

…We all know how the Ukrainian peasants cultivated and nurtured gardens and flower beds in their own backyards. But it is easy to imagine our countryman, hlopochuschego of poplar or acacia, planted in pots on common land slopes of the Dnieper? Alas …

Ability to withstand the terrible stovekovoy combat desert, hot breathing Seth, whose yellow legs ever try to bend the tender shoots of irrigated fields — that is the essence and soul of Egypt.

In a peasant diligence and rigor in restlessness and integrity of those whose hands the land was dug silted-Who millions of large and small channels, those who invented the leather bucket and rotating shadoof bulls watering wheel Sakya — that is the beginning of a huge hardening will that is incredibly strong desire for purity and freedom of the spirit, who have found a grand exit and in the mysteries of the pyramids, and the height of Christ's first monasteries.

It is unfortunate that after all the turmoil of colonial conquest and modern Egypt became routine feudal power with protruding at every step portraits "of Allah" Mubarak and a million homeless people sleeping rough in the main necropolis of Cairo. Sorry …

But as they say, "is not over," the abyss of time before deeper than behind us. A pulse of higher spiritual and moral commitment embodied Hermes Trismegistus, Imhotep, Moses, Jesus and Muhammad, is given to mankind forever.

Perhaps, the belief in the immortality of the future of all living things is the first time felt the farmer saw that exist in nature hopelessly dead, and above it, which employs a soul? And the body of their kings, and he was close to the body to keep from rotting, like corn, intended eventually to come up and give the crop.

And how "dead and bottomless heart of" Egypt, "the horror and curse Egyptian antiquity?" Yes it is not there. Invented his idle Western intellectuals, who had never seen as summing hose with life-giving water to the edge of the desert cherished bush daisies.

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