The mysterious history of the Earth

Modern history by ruling circles in all countries of the world and based on the work of academics from the historical sciences has been greatly simplified so that it was possible to understand the common people. This story is distorted in every state in favor of its establishment.

Officially (according to academic history) human civilization on Earth began with the emergence of the first city-states in Sumer (Southern Mesopotamia), and with the advent of nomes (city-states in ancient Egypt in the 4th tys.dne. Until that time (the opinion of the official historical science) existed tribal organization of power (the primitive communal system), although it is often said that the tribes was already stratification of people in rich and poor, has seen first slaves (former prisoners, which has become more profitable not to kill, but to use their work) .

But due to the fact that many of the artifacts (not recognized by official science facts) are becoming more and more well-known to many people, some historians are now beginning to recognize them. Such is not considered that the man stood out from the crowd of monkeys 40,000 years ago, many scientists from history and archeology have come to believe that the person was living on Earth, and 100 and 200 thousand years ago. Many scientists are beginning to recognize that in the eight tys.dne in the Middle East there were the first states (including Jericho State and other States). But these are small handouts made in order to hide the essence of human history — the human civilization began not what that thousands of years ago, and it began millions of years ago. And the appearance of a person has nothing to do with the appearance of monkeys in the world. Is not recognized as an obvious fact — the oldest monkey in the world (13-15 million years ago) appeared much later than the appearance of the first people (300-600 million years ago), and monkeys are the product of the first human civilization on Earth.

Let me briefly describe the history of human civilizations from the beginning.

First, I will say that all civilizations in the universe are very diverse and have different levels of development. The creation of the most ancient civilizations led (or was personally involved) God (it may be called the Creator, Universal Mind, Brahma, or even what or name — anyway, we probably will never know this.) Who is this? Certain complex intelligent substance, which we probably will never understand, or something else entirely. Not the point. That God created the original universal civilization which was subsequently perform all the ideas of God. The representatives of the primary civilization created the vast universe new (secondary) civilization, and civilization have created secondary level three civilizations. This is similar to the content of the film "Babylon 5" — in our universe there are many levels of civilizations. What level was the civilization that created intelligent life on Earth, we do not know, but according to ancient legends in the creation of human civilization on Earth representatives of civilizations with the Moon, Venus and the Sun. What they were and what they are now — we do not know. But according to legend, the creation of intelligent life on Earth was long and complicated. Before the advent of human civilization have been attempts to create a non-human sentient beings, but eventually became the dominant human civilization on Earth.

I will not talk about the creation of the first races of people (with a subtle and ethereal bodies) and say that the very first civilization was the civilization of the asuras. Why the "Asuras"? Because, according to legend participated in the creation of the Asuras "sura" (gods, the first people they called their teachers, divine rulers). The process of formation of the first human civilization was long and took the period from 600 to 20 million years. There is a possibility that even the asuras were different (development of human civilization was a complex process and there were different versions). Perhaps the physical body first asuras were based on the bodies of dinosaurs (and possibly other living susestv living on Earth.) At the beginning of the 20th century in East Africa found a small tribe of pygmies, who had cold blood (like dinosaurs), the tribe was numerically small (only 40 people) and after the Second World War, it has not been able to find (died or were destroyed neighbors) .

But that's not it. During the creation of human civilization from the Sons of the Sun were also apparently what the errors in the education and training of the Asuras, which later appeared. But more about that later. With his divine teachers (rulers) asura still reached unusually high levels of knowledge and began to have many (unintelligible to modern humans) ability. In their development, they have reached such a level that some of the Asuras began to consider themselves equal to the gods (the Sons of the Sun). This is the first mistake in civilization Asuras.

This error led to the gods (the children of the sun) and left the asura asura began to develop independently. This happened about about 4 million years dne. But maybe it's happened before. In its development, the asura have decided to create a new man (through genetic engineering). This was a new bug civilization Asuras.

These experiments began about 15 — 13 million years ago and eventually created a new kind of asuras in the animal world of the Earth — a monkey. Attempts to improve their creation to the level of man led to the apes, the bipedal apes, Australopithecus and Neanderthals. All of them were men. Asura misunderstood by severe, that the creation of man is much more complicated and it began with the creation of intangible (spiritual, thin shell) of man. Creating a physical body, like a man is not the most important.

What Sura Asura fled civilization has led to the fact that most of the asuras (without divine teachers — severe) was rapidly degraded (knowledge and abilities Asuras began to disappear.) Modern (degraded) are descendants of the Asuras Australoid people — the Bushmen, Hottentots, Pygmies, veddoidy, Papuans and Aboriginal Australia. But a small part of the Asuras realized their mistakes, continued sovershinstvovat their civilization. I recall that in the civilization of the asuras was no such thing as a state. Asura did not seek power and domination of other peoples. They continued to improve their skills and knowledge, and in the end became a civilization to enter outer space. They set up their base on the Moon and Mars (which are now available). Under pressure from more aggressive civilization of Atlantis, some of the Asuras went to great depths beneath the earth's crust, which has created its own community (which I now exist). Why we do not have contact with the modern Asuras (which constantly monitor the modern human civilization with their UFOs and visiting people in their incorporeal form). Because the asuras do not want these contacts with our very miserable civilization.

Approximately 4 million years dne. Earth has two new continent — Atlantis (the Atlantic Ocean) and the mainland Mu (in the Pacific), the continent of Lemuria had already largely gone to the bottom of the Indian Ocean. Asurskoy remnants of civilization continues its development on the continent of Mu. And there was a civilization of Atlantis Atlantis. Atlantean civilization developed difficult. At the initial stage of its development have tried to send in the right direction with the envoys of the Sun and it is they sometimes work out. Atlanta reached a high development and learned many amazing abilities (because of this, many later became the name of the people they considered gods). The first mistake was to create a state of Atlantis (to suppress the discontented masses in the state). State of Atlanta (especially in the era of the Toltecs, it is about 1 million years dne), it was powerful, it managed to (obey) all territories in the world (and even the remains of asurskoy civilization on the continent of Mu).

The second error of Atlantis — the creation of the army to subdue other nations, yet another mistake — the use of his unusual abilities (black magic) in the lower order (compliance) is more underdeveloped nations. Generally Atlanta made a lot of mistakes, because of which the civilization of Atlantis completely sever ties Sons of the Sun. Atlantean civilization rolled down the ramp. Atlanta's first in the world created slavery, created weapons of mass destruction (nuclear) and actively began to use against recalcitrant people (against Turanians and other nations). It was in the era of Atlantis originated a new philosophy of worship riches, and pleasures (due to the conquered peoples). Perhaps this led to the death of this civilization. And it happened about 9500 let.dne (death Poseydonis island — the remainder of the former continent of Atlantis). Many descendants of the Atlanteans (already degraded and lost all of his knowledge and ability) escaped from the sinking of the continent to the other land (Arctida, Middle East, Asia, Africa and America). It is these descendants became the basis of new human peoples (of modern civilization, while in the wild).

But it is not so simple in the development of civilization of Atlantis. Approximately dne 200-80 thousand years, part of Atlantis began to understand that their civilization develops in a blind (wrong) direction. They left Atlantis and created their own little civilization in the North-East Africa (in Ethiopia, Sudan). They were representatives of the White Lodge Atlantis, which recognized only white magic. Let me remind you that the rulers of Atlantis only used black magic (witchcraft to subjugate other nations). Atlanta White Lodge continued to improve themselves and yet they have reached the level of development of space (their spacecraft reached the moon, where they now have their bases). In addition, they have kept their small populations in the world (or rather in deep seas and oceans).

These Atlanteans as Asuras, broke all contact with modern humans, since the modern human civilization continues its fatal path of development, continuing the idea of Atlantis.

Modern human civilization, continuing its movement along the path trodden Atlanta (from the Black Lodge), continues to make more and more mistakes. They are many and will mention only some of them. It is the creation of money (first gold, silver, and later — just out of paper). The creation of money by the distinguished and strong only those who have (and often unjust way — by fraud and theft). Humanity once again created a variety of mass destruction, it is the repetition of mistakes of Atlantis. In the modern human society becomes a habit to respect those who have a lot of green pieces of paper (called money). And it is no longer respected scientists that are rich in their knowledge. The society was valued only that gives a lot of money, but no conscience and humanity. Even doctors do not try to help the sick, if they were not high enough payment. Money has become the measure of all in human society. Man has become even more use of natural resources (for profit), destroying rare animals, creating a lot of harmful nature of landfills. For money children kill their parents, the parents abandon children in garbage cans. What is this? Where are we going? Is all of this we can not see (or do not want to see, doing production only money).

This deadlock development of mankind see more advanced civilization (Atlanta, asuras, the Sons of the Sun), and often they are trying to change human consciousness and human history. On Earth, there are often prophets and enlightened people who bring to the people of the covenant (laws) of the Most High, for which people have to live. But do people listen to the prophets (especially the inner circle, they do not require any changes to them, and so very good to live at the expense of other people). Prophet Jesus was called the Son of God, named after him a new religion, drove the canons of this religion for its own convenience and all. And so it happened with many prophets and enlightened. Religions in the world, very much, but there was one faith — faith in money. And is it even once the hierarchy of the Christian Church were against the anti-people policies of the state — not once (this is particularly evident in Russia — the church became part of the state apparatus, and is engaged in multiplying their wealth) and even with many well-known scholars (historians) continue to argue that modern human civilization is evolving rapidly. But it does not develop in improving knowledge, increasing spirituality, not to achieve success in space (on the moon Americans were not allowed Atlanta). Our civilization is developing in the direction of strengthening the arms of war, to kill people by other people. Strong states seek to subject (rob) weaker states and all this is done in order to plunder the natural cheaper in those countries. A striking example — the U.S. policy. But why the leaders of the other nations of the world can not resist this. Because in all the ruling elites in all countries there are people in power, fully infected ideology of black Atlanta (the dark forces of the Earth). For these rulers their personal interests are always higher than the interests of their people, their state. In such states, thriving fraud, theft, corruption, the rich get richer at the expense of the impoverishment of the masses. This is a dead-end development of our human civilization and it leads to "nowhere."

All I want to say in this article, is that at the present time on earth are not only men as rational beings. Continue to live on Earth representatives 1st race (angelic, we do not see them), the 2nd race (prizrakoobraznye, we see them rarely), Asuras live their advanced civilization (on the Earth and Mars), Atlanta also live their advanced civilization (in Earth and the Moon). But they did not want to have contact with people (because people are not prepared for these contacts, people have no real knowledge about the world.) And people generally do not seek to know the world. People are limited to a very narrow area of interest — better to eat, have fun, have a little more money, power. People who have power and money to despise the other (most) people who do not have their wealth. Between these two groups of people, there is a constant antagonism (rich poor will never understand). But other than that all the science in the world is subject to the narrow interests of the state (some states struggling to live off the subordination of other countries), and the science is not aimed at learning about the world, and the destruction of their enemies (people want to destroy their own kind). This is also targeted many religions of the world (all the state religion and the church are not to the benefit of the people, and for the good of the state apparatus and of themselves). In this case, people know the world around him can not. But this is not the point.

I want to say that many of the people they see unusual events near him, but do not talk about it, because they will not believe, and can even recognize the mentally ill. After all, few people believe that some people can communicate (chat) with parallel worlds with civilizations located on the Earth and other planets) There are people who hear the instructions coming from the representatives of the higher civilizations. Currently, a host of psychics, fortune tellers, healers, magicians and even witches. 99% of them are just scams and they are engaged in taking away money from gullible people. But even the remaining 1% of the true healers, magicians, and a lot of it is just they do not advertise their abilities given to them by God, for the fact that they have a bright soul (not spoiled by the subconscious). These people (saints) are the creators of a new human civilization on a new planet (not the world) according to Revelation.

According to these revelations, the whole earth and all the people on it will be lost, and only 144,000 people (righteous) (of more than 10 billion people) will be relocated to another planet and try to re-create from scratch a new civilization.

The main thing — people look around, look at the world around us, look closely at the events taking place on Earth.

Ended in 2011, a difficult year, a year of great natural disasters. The nature of the Earth does not cope with the barbaric attitude to nature (barbaric pumping natural resources, the creation of landfill mass on Earth.) More disasters will be present in 2012.

Mankind is moving inexorably to its inexorable end.

This article was not written to all the readers to believe in it (this is impossible), but to some readers a little thinking on the subject.

Anatoly Perminov

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