The mystery of the Cossack rescue

Writer Yuri Sergeyev in 1995 in his novel "Prince's Island" for the first time opened the secret of the "Cossack saved."

This fighting tradition, miraculously preserved to this day, has its roots in antiquity. Yuriy Sergeyev was not only able to track down all the keepers' Cossack rescued "in different parts of Russia, but he has mastered the art.

Where are you from? As enthusiastic literature?

— I was born in the village of Don Skurishinskaya. I never thought that I would become a writer. But, apparently, I have such a fate. I think a key role in my future, my grandmother played Kalissa S. 1881 birth. Once in her Cossack cruets featuring Sovereign Emperor on the cover, I found a tutorial with which it is in 1887-1888-s went to the parish school. I was so interested! I spent hours viewing pictures Kozhemyaka, Ilya Muromets and other heroes. Grandma explained to me the letter, and to five years I have learned to read. By fifth grade, on the stove when I read an oil lamp fully two libraries — the Village and school. Kalisska grandmother gave me a push. It was a wonderful storyteller, knew so many different stories and pribautok that laid the foundation for me Russian. And the "backbone" and "Prince's Island" written by Don our language.

When did you first hear about the "Cossack salvation"?

— Here in the village was a grandfather Brawler. If I knew what I now do, I would not come off of it. We were friends, I called him "Grandfather young." In 86 years, my grandfather hunted Buyan, in the winter it podranival hare took off his boots and karpetkah such long woolen socks, consider barefoot, chasing a wounded animal, and caught him by the ears. He went through all the channels after the White Sea Cossacks which. And my grandfather, I often recalled when writing the novel "Prince's Island." I have written there about the "Cossack saved." And to me then began to flock to the people who knew about this unique tradition of our ancient martial arts.

Last year, I found 9 people that own "Cossack saved." For me, it was incredible, because when in 1995 I wrote a novel, I do not say, "Why do you remember? All of this has been forgotten and dead. " Apparently not. Traditions live.

Guardians of tradition live in one place, or they are scattered around the world?

— They all live in different places — in the Rostov, Volgograd, Krasnodar Territory. These people are amazing. They live long, live light. All herbalists. Possess amazing powers of healing. Before the revolution, in the Cossack army was always one to two hundred chiropractor who treated all diseases. And my grandparents learned something. Amazingly, the "Cossack saved" no besyatiny, no black magic.

In this method, all based on the torsion fields, and our grandparents owned torsion fields! They, for example, any bottle of the "scorched" brandy can make "Napoleon" to taste. May add vodka "lemon." And all this is done in a purely conventional manner.

Just last year, drove 15,000 miles in search of the grandparents, and this year the same.

I went to the Trinity Nekrasovskaya Cossacks at their invitation in the Stavropol region. Went for prayer, which have long sought and found her. Only five letters. If they vykolesh on the chest, the bullet does not take you. My good friend, who owns a martial arts trained commandos near Chelyabinsk for the first and second Chechen wars. Two and a half thousand people pinned on his chest the letters, and no one was killed. That is, it is all sacred works so far.

A special prayer you mentioned and "Princely island" …

— I've been looking for this prayer, and "Princely island," it really is mentioned. Cossack read it before the fight. I thought it was a great prayer. Was not quite so.

The Cossacks had a special ritual associated with this prayer. What's special about it?

— Before the fight in front of a hundred Cossacks were checking the enemy, never looking at his number. How much there — a hundred, a thousand, ten thousand, this they never paid attention. Cossacks bared swords, galloping in a circle, gradually increasing the tempo, and read this prayer. And then turned and walked into the lava attack. Offensively, they were by farms, uncle rode behind, and in front were two nephews, their task was to only pikes and swords take away, and uncle was cutting up the seat. He worked like a machine. Moreover, this ability to cut to the saddle, this lightness is achieved again through a special, prayerful state as if Archangel presents a special sword.

I was asked to write the script in the last year of Azov seat. When I started to collect material, I came to a point, and stopped because I realized that this is a novel. The script I did not write. Perhaps, then take it. But now I am writing a novel.

Azov sitting too, something to do with "the Cossack saved"?

-Azov sitting — this is 5000 and 800 Cossacks Cossack, who came to the defense of the fortress. Against them, the ships sailed 260,000 Turks, and came steppe. In total, the enemy was 370,000.

The battle began. Fighting the Turks, can not take it. Why not just try. Imagine, the enemy did not take even a fortress, and lost 100,000 killed.

Where was the royal army?

— Very often in our history — from the ancient to the present, it was that the rulers "buy." It turns out that the Russian Tsar of the sultan was presented casket with two and a half pounds of cut diamonds. Condition — that the king did not help the Cossacks no gunpowder, no weapons, nothing. And it did not help. The Cossacks did it all ourselves on the personal enthusiasm. In the battle involved Zaporozhye Cossacks, who used a tradition called the Cossack in different places in different ways, where the "Cossack saved" where "Cossack science."

So, the Cossacks burned all night, the Turkish ships and the Turks do not know what to do next. And the commander of the Sultan of the Turkish troops came Casket, it opens, and there is a silk cord — objective writing — "if you do not win the battle, you will be hanged." By the way, the Turkish military commanders involved in the battle were executed on return.

In the penultimate day of the Azov seating (Incidentally, I'll call the novel "Azov state," and it turns out that they're served), the Turkish commander sets in daylight hours every two hours to 20 000 in the attack. And our only three and a half thousand. Imagine, every two hours, there is a stream of 20 000. And do not take. Incredible!

The next morning is such shafts Turkish corpses that war is impossible. The Turks were asked to skip the funeral command to remove the bodies of dead Janissaries. Cossacks were allowed, needed a break. And when the Turks came to the last killed 20,000 tribesmen, they saw that the Janissaries chopped to pieces along with the horses. On their return, they told his troops that they have seen.

The next morning the Cossacks washed, put on white shirts to get the last battle. Look, and the Turks do not. Janissaries night took off and ran. One would think, pray, rejoice that we had won. Nevertheless, wounded, tired of felling an armada, the Cossacks, about Don caught fleeing the Turks, and even 30,000 chopped down and drowned in the river. Such is the courage, the ability to own a gun, the power of the spirit …

There, by the way, was the appearance of the Virgin and the Archangel Michael. In those days it was an outstanding achievement. And there are cases of valor Russian, I gathered a lot. But Glavpur commanded Michaels such massive feats of heroism classified. Only now it is starting to break out.

How managed to save "Cossack rescued" during the revolution, the Bolsheviks, as you know, trying to destroy all the ancient Russian tradition — religion, way of life?

— When the secular authorities are all eliminated, and even a word about this was dangerous. In my country, in the village of Kumylzhinskoy was a training center for Kazachyem save. It was closed. These centers were in Plast and Cossacks on the island Khortytsya. And when there was a revolution, the Cossacks began to destroy. The Bolsheviks came to the village and the elderly, women and children were buried alive in pits. Cossacks at the time were at the front. A case where an old man of the village called Vyoshenskaya red marauders, they cut off his tongue nailed to the wall, and he himself was taken around the village until he died. Many of these atrocities happened.

Owning "Cossack rescued" hiding in Shemyakinskih lakes. Already passed the civil war, and the GPU does not have to take them. Point the hassle to gpushnikov by prayer, and they walked the village, but did not see anyone. Then the GPU took hostage a family-spasovtsev Kharakternyky and said, "Or do you teach us, or we will shoot your family." Then spasovtsy left. Interestingly, they were in a state of prayer poems of Pushkin, one of them was a well-read. But the family is still destroyed, along with spasovtsami. Thus, this system has got to the GPU, then the KGB, where it was called "Golden Shield."

How deep into the century goes "Cossack saved"?

— Once the student's our leading Sanskrit Guseva came spasovtsy. One of them saw on the table sheets, written in Sanskrit. He cried out at Gusev, Ph.D.: "Where did you get this?" She was taken aback and says, "So this is Sanskrit." Spasovets continued: "What is Sanskrit? This is our "Cossack science!" He was prepared to seven years and taught all subjects in Sanskrit. He began to read in the presence of all the scientists and freely translated. That is the tradition of "Cossack saved" go very deep and far.

I believe that before the baptism in Kiev, we had a very strong Vedic tradition. In "Prince's Island" I describe that in Sergeeva Lavra, which is now the poppy-head, was the center of the White Gods. It was a very light religion, there is no human sacrifice was not.

Many people leave the ancient faith was hard. But why was orthodoxy in Russia? Because it is one to one intersects with the ancient faith. All new churches were built in the old temple. But the worst thing happened in a split. I'm sure it was an ideological diversion, when persecution of orthodoxy. Solovetsky Monastery imperial forces could not take 8 years. This was because the silent! And there was only one reason — to destroy our ancient religion and take the library, which, by the way, has not yet been found. When Peter the ancient books were collected and destroyed. We had to cut the religion, the memory type. By the way, the current Orthodox absorbed mighty power of the ancient clans, prayers. And many owned by them.

How do you deliver "Cossack science"?

— What is the "Cossack saved"? Until recently, it was the Cossacks Cossacks. Saviour passed from grandfather to grandson, that is, within a generation. To transfer knowledge of children selected by the thought run faster than their peers. That began to teach these guys. The teaching was very tough and interesting. I said one of the keepers of the Cossack rescue when he was 7 years old, his grandfather took him for the village, and he was hiding something under his handkerchief. Out on the edge of the forest, his grandfather opened the handkerchief, and then Cossack saber. Grandfather took it, went into a certain state and birch, the size of the shaft, as the reed severed obliquely. The boy knew it was impossible. Grandfather knocked the stick inches seventy, told the boy: "Stand and be patient." Then began to beat the boy on his knees, shoulders and head. Then ordered to pull the tongue and said: "The language, keep your word." Then touched their eyes, saying: "The eyes, be watchful." Boy crying in pain, and the old man says, "Let's see, this thy sword." Handed sword boy and said, "Drive them out of the heart prophetic fire on the blade." And the boy turned and began to play checkers. It turns out that when transferring "Cossack rescue" does not even have to make any effort. Only need to enter into this state.

In the "Cossack rescued" the primary role played by race. Can you explain the role played by past generations in the lives of combatants spasovtsev?

— Every man is a great number of generations, thousands, if not millions of people, and the relationship with them is not interrupted. I used to have a very good custom. On the walls, especially in the villages, hanging pictures kin. And through photographs, according to some scholars, this relationship is not lost. Tribal loyalties maternity care is very effective. Grandparents who keep the tradition of "Cossack rescue," led me to my family. I saw my grandmothers, grandfathers and thousands of other relatives. They stood in the warm river — Kalisska grandmother, grandfather, Yegor, father, and everyone looked at me. I saw them as, immediately ran to them, spray flying in all directions. A grandfather, who led me and said that it was necessary to go quietly, talk to them and ask for help.

Strength kind — a great power. And it is not contrary to the canons of orthodoxy. I am the man himself Orthodox, I have a spiritual father abbot of Elijah Optina. But I believe that we can not discard our ancient culture and ancient civilization. She was much stronger, cleaner than the present. Orthodox Jews say: "This paganism." So what we did different from Comrade Lunacharsky, who said that the history of Russia begins with 1917? And I wonder who my ancestors were, how could Cossacks fought in the same Azov, where, incidentally, the Cossacks took part in my village.

"Cossack saved" — is, in fact, super-weapon, which in our society can become extremely dangerous if it falls into the wrong hands. Now much of what a man of peace, used to the detriment of …

— Fundamentals rescue stunningly controlled by the Lord God. The basis of rescue lies on the righteous anger. If you did something rotten — stolen and the like, the cut-off is serious.

Another one of the principles — if you're going to protect the family and the people, you can do whatever you want, do not encourage evil, of course. Do not spasovtsev techniques is improvisation. They hit the man, and do not look back, because there's a corpse. Do fighters spasovtsev was no liberal, compassion for the enemy. If the enemy has crossed the border, you have to destroy it. And they beat the enemies with great force.

I understand that the owner of the "Cossack rescue" should be purity of spirit, thoughts. And this can only be a weapon of self-defense, not attack. If a person is saved not apply in the case, then blow on it will be ten times more. So?

— Moreover, the teacher gets a dunce of the return stroke tenfold. So the guys who are trained to save, select a very select people — in spirit, by the nature of them to be absolutely clean. Warn students about the consequences immediately. So many were dead at the young age of the students who entered the pride. One of them came to the ability to materialize objects. But at 43, he died. That is, the top viewing and control.

In the early 1970s, one master of martial arts, has reached such a young age mastered that in his view, and the boulder could sprinkle it in the sand, came to Greece in the Monastery to confound the Orthodox and to show that he is so powerful, and the Orthodox are clumsy. He came out with the monks at the sea shore, and look scattered boulder in the sand. The monk looked small pebble, the cross over her and gave master. Almighty huffed, puffed, and the result of it jumped horned, which, as it turned out, did everything for him.

It should be a very fine line not to cross. Everyone who owns a martial arts are like a razor's edge. Step right, step to the left and to spill blood.

By Kazachyem save and Russian style Kadochnikova not hold competitions because science is a combat, the military class.

Andrei Polyakov

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