The number of flood victims in northern Afghanistan approached 40

The death toll from floods in the northern provinces of Afghanistan has reached 37 people, destroyed more than a hundred homes, said on Saturday agentstvoAssoshieyted Press referring to the local authorities.

Previously reported that in Badakhshan Province in north-eastern Afghanistan, floods on Saturday night claimed the lives of 13 people. According to local officials, heavy rains, this was the fourth day does not stop at the north of the country, led to flooding in five districts of the province. The water destroyed 135 houses, flooded hundreds of acres of farmland.

As the agency representatives of the other Afghan province of Ghor, the floods in recent days killed 24 residents of the province.

"Many houses have been destroyed, there are reports of deaths of livestock and other animals. Sky is overcast, and we look forward to continuing rains," — said the representative of the authorities Gore Abdul Hai Hatebi (Abdul Hai Khateby).

According to the agency, in the flood-affected areas are already suffering from severe food shortages. Food distribution to greatly complicated due to widespread flooding already broken, unpaved roads.

Severe floods caused by heavy rains or melting snow in the spring — a common occurrence in northern Afghanistan. Flooding in the north of the country in May killed at least 19 people and another 60 were missing. Several thousands of people were forced to leave their homes.

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