The other day started again Khimki forest

In the south of the Khimki Forest newly felled trees. This was reported by a witness, journalist Alexander Minkin. According to him, on the site of felled trees pose a high concrete fence.
"There is another gangster action. Cut over a meter away from Moscow. Takes a step, and you're in the Moscow region. And there they cut down the forest, in the valley between the reference and put a fence there. This is the highway that goes to Novogorsk, 10 meters from the street Yurovskaya and Yurovskaya street — this is Moscow, Novogorsk highway — this is the area. river valley close — it is a national park, "- he said.
According to the journalist, the organization filed a cut over his document, signed by the deputy head of Khimki. "It allows Ltd." Promalyans "put fences. They first put the fence, and then passed out there the woods. Chances are there any houses to be built bourgeoisie" — suggested the browser.

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