The phenomenon of reincarnation: the cases of life


Belief in reincarnation and reward based on cause and effect has deep roots in traditional Chinese culture. When I was a child, I often heard people talking about it. When misfortune happened, the old people always said that it is a punishment for misdeeds in past lives. If on the contrary, there was something good, it meant that in past lives have accumulated virtue.

In Chinese literature, there is a description of this aspect of life, beginning with "The Dream of the Red Chamber" to "Three words and two strikes." With the spread of atheism, which was filled with each of my books, yet it turned out that I no longer accept reincarnation and retribution seriously. When I got older and became more independent, I realized that a lot of my ideas and knowledge were false. I was again thinking about reincarnation. Here are a few examples:

1. Two of the boy's life Hainan Province

The seventh issue of the magazine Oriental Women for 2002 tells the story of a boy who remembered his past life. His name is Tang Jiangshan. He lived in a suburb of Ganchen Dongfang City in Hainan Province. According to the stories of his parents and older residents of the village, at the age of 3 years (this was in 1979), he suddenly said to his parents: "I am not your child. In my former life I was called Chen almonds, and my father called Sanda. We lived in Danzhou, off the coast. "

The place he called it, was more than 160 km from Dongfang. The boy also told that he had died during the "Cultural Revolution" from saber blows and shots. On his stomach were traces of saber wounds that have survived from the past life. Especially strange was that the boy could speak good Danzhou dialect, which is very different from that spoken in his hometown.
When he was 6 years old, he persuaded his parents to bring him to the place where he lived in his former life in the countryside on the outskirts Huanyuy Danzhou. When they arrived there, the boy went directly to the house of an old man named Chen Zanying. He called the old man in the local dialect, "Sanda" and told him that he named his son Chen Mingdao. After his death, he was born again in a village near the city of Dongfang Ganchen. He said he had come to see their parents in a past life. He also found his two younger and two older sisters and other relatives in the village. Especially interesting was that he even knew his girlfriend from a past life.
Although Tang Jiangshan was only six years old, what he talked about his past life, convinced the family and relatives of Chen Mingdao. Chen Zanying was very moved and cried with Tang Jiangshan. It is believed that this is indeed the reincarnation of his son Chen Mingdao.
Since then, Tang Jiangshan had two families. Each year, he traveled to Dongfang of Danzhou. Chen Zanying, his relatives and villagers considered him Mingdao Chen. Since Chen Zanying no longer had a son, he took care of him until his death in 1998.
The editors of Oriental Women at first did not believe the stories Tang Jiangshan. But after a detailed investigation truthfulness experiences Tana confirmed.

2. British boy remembers his past life

Evidence of reincarnation is not only in the traditional oriental culture, many Western researchers also have studied the phenomenon of reincarnation. For example, Ian Stevenson wrote the book "Children who remember their past lives," Brian Weiss — "Many Lives, Many teachers." In these books, collected the various cases in which people remember their past existence.
The British newspaper The Sun Online reported September 8, 2006 about a boy who remembered his past life. While the 6-year-old boy named Cameron Makaulay. In appearance he was no different from other boys his age. He is keen to talk about his "former" mother, his family and the white house, located at the sea bay. But none of this was in his real life. Place that told me he had never visited. It is an island Barra, which is 257 km from their home on the Scottish coast.
Norma, a 42-year-old mother of Cameron reported how willing Cameron tells stories about his childhood on the island of Barra. Cameron talked about his former parents, as his father died, and his brothers and sisters. He also explained that the "old mom" of which he spoke of it to that past life. Cameron was convinced that he lived already, and was worried that his family of his former life misses him.
Kindergarten teacher told Norma that he constantly spoke of Barre. He missed his mother and brothers and sisters there. Cameron also complained that in the present house is only one bathroom, and in the past, Barre, there were three. He often cried for his mother. He said she misses him, and he would like them to report that he lives well. He did not want to cease to speak of Barre, where they went out there, what they did and how he out of his room watching planes landing on the beach.

Norma Cameron continually begged to take him to Barra. As a result, Norma decided to make the trip, accompanied by psychologist Dr. Jim Tucker from the University of Virginia in the United States. Dr. Jim Tucker expert on reincarnation, especially in children. When Cameron learned about the upcoming trip to Barra, he jumped for joy.

The plane landed on Barra just in the wrong place, which told Cameron — on the beach. However, it was soon discovered that the island is a family Robertson, described Cameron. After some difficulties still found a former family home in Robertson Bay, which they were going to visit the next day. Norma did not tell her son about it. She wanted to see what would happen when they come there. Cameron immediately recognized the white house and was very happy.

When they approached the door, Cameron became quiet. Norma thought that he was thinking about how his mother was waiting for him with Barry inside as he remembered. But it turned out that the house is unoccupied. It is very sad. The former owner of the house had died. They let the man inside, who kept the key to the house. Cameron was familiar with the house and knew all the angles. As he spoke, there were three bathrooms, and from the window of his room could see the sea.
After the family returned to Glasgow, Cameron reassured. Norma believes that this was the best for him — to go to Barra. After this trip, Cameron became happier and no longer talked about how he wanted to fly to Barra. Cameron knows now that his mother and brother did not think he invents. Many of the issues were resolved. With age, these memories are usually weaker.
British television channel made a documentary about the history of Cameron's "The boy, who had once lived» (The Boy Who Lived Before).

3. President Lincoln's Reincarnation

The following case is one of the most famous presidents in the history of the United States — Abraham Lincoln. The message from PRWeb February 1, 2006 discloses that according to Yoga Paramahansa Yogananda, President Lincoln (1809 — 1865) was reborn as the famous American pilot and writer Charz Lindberg (1902 — 1974). Shortly before that, a female priest and author Richard Salva published the book "Journey of the Soul from Lincoln to Lindbergh» (Soul Journey from Lincoln to Lindbergh), in which they talk about the reincarnation of Lincoln.
In his book, the author describes the similarity of character of Lincoln and Lindbergh, their personalities and hundreds of parts of their life environment, as well as their mental and physical condition. Life and linguistic Lincoln gave the author an opportunity to explain the situation arising in the life of Lindbergh. This has helped historians to answer vague questions, such as why Lindbergh, the pilot was so against the United States to take part in the Second World War.
The book also tells us that a fifth of Americans believe in reincarnation, but only a few people notice what specific influence on the past life of the present. In the book, the author compares the Lincoln and Lindberg, and explains exactly what impact the accumulated karma of past life on the subsequent existence. For example, and Paramahansa Yogananda and Richard Salva think that Lincoln, in his previous life was a yogi. Salva analyzes the experience of life yoga influenced Lincoln, like the experience of life in Lincoln imprinted Lindberg.


It seems that the phenomenon of reincarnation exists in both the Eastern and Western culture since ancient times. One example from Ancient China tells of Emperor Wu, whose name was Xiao Yang, during Nanbeychao. He reigned 48 years and died at the age of 86. Since the time of the first emperor Qin Shihuang, he was long-lived emperors of China. Jianlong only lived longer. From historical records that Emperor Wu in his previous life he was a monk.
In Eastern religions it is believed that if a person with kind intention does good deeds, he will necessarily rewarded. It is also believed that reincarnation embodies the principles of heavenly justice. On this basis, good deeds are rewarded with blessings, and people who commit evil, will have to suffer later.
Monk in the process of improving permanently eliminates bad thoughts and all my heart is drawn to the good. So you can understand that Emperor Wu in his former life of a monk, though not able to achieve perfection, but the following deserve a happy life.
Maybe we will learn about such phenomena to reflect and take responsibility for all our actions. If we all, as taught by the Eastern religions, are always in the cycle of rebirth, a lot of good and bad experiences of our present life can be really caused by our actions in past lives. So we better be consciously aware of our thoughts, words and deeds.

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