The prophecy of the Mayan calendar: in 2012 mankind will enter a whole new civilization


According to the calendar "long number" Maya, 21 December 2012 completes the current terrestrial civilization. People will come in a brand new civilization that is different from the current one. Maya does not tell people about the cause of these changes. One thing is clear: the "last day" does not mean a disaster, on the contrary, it is intended transition to a new spiritual civilization with a new holistic understanding of the universe.

Maya did not own our current advanced technology, but they had amazing knowledge of astrology and mathematics. There remain many unexplained. They spread a net of roads, but did not use the wheel. Therefore they do not need to grow cattle and horses. However, it turned out, they knew how to engineer the wheel, because later it became known that the Maya used wheels as children's toys.

The doors of the temple of the moon adorns the image on the back side of the moon. Modern scientists were amazed by what they saw, they could not understand how the Maya could see her? Moon always faces the Earth on one side. Perhaps they were endowed with wisdom, and had understanding of the universe. The Mayas had their own system improvement. The Mayan civilization disappeared suddenly at the peak of its development. Scientists have not been able to figure out why.

In 1521, the Spanish conquistadors found only an empty city, abandoned by the Maya. The Spaniards destroyed most of the written evidence of this civilization. The surviving three books is not enough to understand it. Maya disappeared long ago, but remained their calendar "long numbers." He predicted the date of completion of the current civilization is December 21, 2012. For whom they have left this prophecy? 21 December 2012 — the last day of the thirteenth Baktun, according to the calendar "long including" Maya. Maya recorded that date

We turn first to the method of calculation of the Maya:
The number of days the term
1 Kin (day)
20 Yunial (key number in the Mayan calendar — 20)
360 Tun
7200 Katun
144000 Baktun

For example, is 6 baktun, 19 katun, 19 Tunam, 0 and 0 Yuniala Keane. Total — 6 * 144000 19 * 7200 19 * 360 = 1,007,640 days. is 13 * 144000 = 1872000 days, almost 5 years 125.36. J. Eric S. Thompson believes that the Maya equivalent to Julian Day, number 584283, namely, that on August 11 3114 BC — is 5125 years after that date, that is, December 21, 2012.

Given that the Maya were skilled astronomers, scientists engaged in research of the Mayan civilization, examining the position of the stars as of December 12, 2012, understood the reason why the Maya have defined this day as the last. This day coincides with the winter solstice. The sun will be exactly at the point of crossing the ecliptic and the Milky Way's equator. At this point, the Sun will be located in the rupture of the Milky Way, and the Milky Way like "sit" on the Earth. It will be like opening the gates of Heaven to Earth.

In 755, the Mayan priest predicted that after 1991, there will be two major events: the people will come to understand the universe and the Earth purification and spiritual revival will come. In fact, the Mayans called the last 20 years of the 13th Baktun (1992 to 2012) "The spiritual rebirth of the Earth" or "period of purification of the Earth."

In fact, we often see the features of the future in our daily lives. However, people ignore them. A similar prophecy is found on the back of the U.S. one-dollar bills. Please refer to the One of the seals — a pyramid. In this 13-step pyramid. On top of the 13-step pyramid — the bright eyes of wisdom. (In the original figure was a palm tree). This implies the awakening of the people after the 13 Baktun. Caption Annuite coeptis means that the Gods care about our behavior. Novus Ordo Seclorum — a new order in the new era.

We live in an age of materialism. Modern humans care about money, outer beauty, desire, pleasure, success, power and social status more than anything else. These modern values lead to the collapse of the universal consciousness. People are becoming more and more indifferent to evil, violence, disasters, terrorism, and the madness of society. Few people realize that the human world is moving towards self-destruction.

What force can cleanse the earth with such a state of society? Definitely, it will not happen under the state laws. Since these laws are written by people in the laws are loopholes. Violators may evade punishment because of their position or money. In addition, with the help of the law can be punished only for conduct that is seen by others, but they can not change people's souls. This will not help big achievement of science, because it is science contributes to the pursuit of material pleasures and the growing rejection of moral behavior and consciousness.

This strength for a return to morality and for the awakening of man. Definitely, people have to think about it, and these people should be more and more. But not easy to stand in the society full of temptations and coblaznov. Not to mention the number of people able to start with yourself! If only a few people will think about it, that will not be enough. This may clear some people, but not the entire Earth.

According to the Mayan calendar, 1992 — the first of the last 20 years of the 13th Baktun. (20 years — Yunial. Mayan calendar calls the last 20 years, a period of purification of the Earth). Among the major events of the last ten years can be regarded as a cleansing of the Earth, only after the emergence of Falun Dafa with its principle of "Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance." 1992 was the first year when the Grand Master Li Hongzhi introduced Falun Dafa to the public. Birthday of Master Li Hongzhi — 13 May. (Once again, figure 13).

In a short seven years, from 1992 to 1999, the number of cultivators in China reached one hundred million. Teachings of Falun Dafa cultivator has helped get rid of many diseases, evils and temptations. Do not be tempted by the world full of temptations, and to learn to think for themselves. This is tantamount to "dig in itself" in terms of perfection. Millions of people develop themselves, striving for kindness and patience, can be considered as part of the evidence of the "purification of the Earth."

In July 1999, Jiang Zemin's regime started the brutal persecution of Falun Gong exercises. This may seem like a coincidence, but it was inevitable from the point of view of history. First, the occurrence of the event foretold prophecy of Nostradamus. Nostradamus predicted in his book of prophecies "Centuries" the big event, which will take place in July 1999. This event will be a very important milestone. It will be the beginning of the battle between Good and Evil. Most of his prophecies are unclear, expressed terms of his time. However, in this case, he pointed out the exact date — July 1999. It's obvious. (Please, for detailed explanations, refer to the article by Li Hongzhi "For prophecy").
Second, since Falun Gong was released to the world stage. This improvement was not a regional or a particular group, because the power of purification and spiritual renewal to cover the whole world and have the power to spread "Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance" and the destruction of evil. Encompassing the impact of this will see everyone in the world. Every person on earth has the opportunity to reflect on this and draw their own conclusions.
Thousands of years ago the Maya, studying the stars, predicted: the awakened people will complete the sacred mission "Purification of Earth." December 21, 2012 people will enter a new civilization.

Tszyu M

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