The quality of equipment has an impact on the measurement accuracy

In the near future to address the problems of engineering and surveying in the construction industry are increasingly began to be used to develop 3D laser scanning. The growing popularity of 3D
laser scanner acquired through a number of advantages compared with other measuring devices. The accumulation of points is the first result of the 3D Scan, it has the largest number of disk imaging of the object with respect to which may be the monument of architecture, building, or structure, etc. The accumulation of points allowing you to decide in the next series of fundamental problems: getting the drawings and three-dimensional measurements of the object and to identify possible shortcomings in relation to the project model, evaluation of strains in comparison with previous measurements .

Virtual drive mode allows a topographical plan of the area. To Scan using a laser scanner is a panoramic photography, significantly increases the information content of the results. Development of ground-scanning is in constant development. Scanners improved design, develop the functions of the software used to manage devices and equipment, and processing of the acquired results.

More vserasprostranennym view surveying is leveling. His mission — to determine the height difference of points. Use different methods of measurement: trigonometric, hydrostatic, geometric (more common), barometric. We decided to purchase a level? At the current time measuring devices are optical, electrical (digital), laser (builders of planes), etc. To choose a suitable geodesic device, you need to know about the true future work in full, also should find conditions attached to the implementation of the main tasks.

Builder planes laser equipment due to the magnetic compensator eliminates the need for constant monitoring of the quality of the measurements. Fundamentally the difference rotary laser levels from the builder of planes is in a rotating prism emitter. Given device can be used inside the premises, as well as open space. It allows you to build even with the horizontal and vertical plane inclined plane.

From the purchase of leveling depends quality measuring work. The value of surveying equipment affects the type and multifunctional features, the reputation of the manufacturer, warranty, quality performance and reliability.

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