The question of the IMF loan is still open

The IMF has just received a request from the authorities of Belarus for financial support. Questions about how the IMF will lend and which may be the terms are decided at a later stage in the preparation of the program.

The correspondent of "Liberty" said the IMF Resident Representative in Belarus Natalia Kolyadina.

"From the 1st to the 13th of June in running the IMF mission in Belarus. Her visit was scheduled earlier for postpragramnaga monitoring. Mission will discuss economic policy measures that could help restore economic stability and to ensure the transition of the economy to a high and sustainable growth. And Mission uses this opportunity to exchange views with the authorities on possible next steps in response to their request for program support. "

Radio Liberty. Come even further the mission of the IMF or any questions regarding the loan will be resolved in the course of this mission?

"I can not comment on it because it is our only mission began on 1 June. Therefore too early to say, that will be. "

Natalia Kolyadina refused to comment on the statement of the Prime Minister of Belarus Mikhail Myasnikovich about that Belarus counts on a loan of between 3.5 and 8 billion dollars in the next 3-5 years.

Radio LibertyFrom the point of view of how heavy the IMF crisis in Belarus in comparison with other countries, say, Greece or with the post-revolutionary countries of the Maghreb?

This means that the privatization should be transparent, so that everyone understands how it is done, and there have been no no question that certain assets were sold too expensive or too cheap

Natalia Kolyadina: It seems to me that the crisis in Greece — otherwise. This certain degree of financial crisis. With regard to Belarus, I would not name this crisis, but the situation on the currency market is very complicated, increasing inflation, and this is a concern. As for the depth of these problems, I still can not comment on it because it is their assessment and will be engaged in the mission.

Radio Liberty: The grounds for granting the loan program will be agreed between the Government of Belarus and the Fund. The Belarusian president sharply critical of conditions at the large-scale privatization, which Russia has determined its credit support to Belarus. What can take place in a hypothetical privatization program, which will be a condition of the IMF loan?

Kolyadina: It is too early to speak about the program of the Foundation, it took only two days from the time the authorities have turned to the Fund's request. Under the previous program, we supported the privatization measures, in particular the establishment of Agency for Investment and Privatization. We would like to privatization was done in the interest of economy of Belarus, in the interests of the people. This means that the privatization should be transparent, so that everyone understands how it is done, and there have been no no question that certain assets were sold too expensive or too cheap.

It is desirable that the privatization was done in a professional manner. This will give confidence to everyone that national assets to be offered for privatization will be privatized on the most favorable terms. And they will be achieved, if the privatization takes place on a competitive basis unless one investor is trying to agree on a price, and that those that he wants to buy, and there is competition between investors. We support privatization and we believe that the process has begun. But the conditions that I have described.


The IMF mission continues meetings in Minsk.

The press service of the National Bank reported that the chairman of the National Bank Petr Prokopovich at the hospital and his meetings with the IMF can only take place next week.

The government and the National Bank of Belarus on May 31 was sent to the International Monetary Fund on the allocation of the new treatment of the loan.

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