The rains have flooded several towns in the north of England

Floods triggered by torrential rains have flooded several towns in the north of England, evacuated about 450 people, writes Saturday gazetaTelegraph.

Most affected by the floods English Cumbria and neighboring territory of Scotland. Because of the dangerous flood of the river were evacuated residents of villages and Croston Darwen in Lancashire. In the town of Wigan water flooded the streets of the local residents had to be evacuated by boat.

After a 24-hour rainfall in 151 settlements in England and Scotland, with a Saturday morning, it was announced on the probability of flooding. From possible flooding had rushed to protect more than 11 million homes. On Saturday evening, forecasters predict a new, heavy rains in the region.

According to preliminary data from rampant disaster no one was hurt, except for pensioners in Scotland, who was hospitalized after his car skidded during bad weather.

In Blackpool rain and bad weather prevented the holding of a torch relay from the London 2012 Olympics, organizers were forced to cancel a street procession. Also were canceled Saturday competitions Great North Swim — the largest in England contests swim in open water over long distances, which involved about two thousand people.

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