The search at the youth activist Mikita Krasnov

Searches of pro-democracy activists continue. Today at the 12th hour of the KGB came to the apartment kkardynatara youth campaign "Citizen" Nikita Krasnov. Nikita in the house itself was not.

KGB officers Nikita's parents found the decision to institute criminal case in respect of their son and resolution KGB investigator for the search. Immediately warned that looking for things related to action on December 19. Looking for some kind of a jacket with a hood, computer, flash drive. The house did not find anything, so things like Nikita is not there. Asking where they can now be Nikita Krasnov. 're Going to look at his grandmother's friends.

Part of the campaign activists "Citizen" is hidden, about 10 people are serving sentences in prisons in Akrestsin in Zhodino.

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