The second flood wave podtopila suburbs Yakutsk

The second wave of flooding on the Lena River in Yakutia Yakutsk podtopila suburbs — settlements and Tobago Kangalassy, told RIA Novosti on Wednesday a representative of the city hall.

The second wave of floods in Yakutia began on Sunday and Monday. By Wednesday, the water level in the river Lena rose so much that podtopil floodplains and grasslands and Tobago Kangalassy villages and green fields in the territory of Yakutsk.

"The water level rose a day in different areas of 15 to 28 centimeters and podtopil suburbs. In the coming days is expected inundation area Darkylah in Yakutsk," — said the representative of the town hall.

He noted that the government encourages local residents to refrain from leaving the territory of the floodplains and green meadows, and do not let go to these places children.

This year's floods in Yakutia began in mid-May. Floodwater podtopilo 17 settlements, 490 houses, home to over two thousand people, 13 public facilities, 15 community facilities. Approximate damage to the economy of Yakutia spring floods of 2012, about 500 million rubles.

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