The secret of the Inca masonry

Preserved Inca structures are built of huge blocks of stone, so carefully adjusted to each other, which is not included in the seams and a knife blade. How the blocks of stone weighing up to 100 000 kg so adjusted to each other, because the Incas had no iron tools?

Juice, soften a stone

Secrets of masonry has long troubled scholars of culture of the Incas, ruined by the Spanish in the XVI century. Wave of interest in this problem fueled reports that allegedly in the construction of the walls by the Incas used the juice of the plant is now unknown, which softens the hardest stone, and he became as soft as clay.

One famous traveler Percy Fawcett noticed a small bird that built their nests in neat round hole made in steep rocky banks of rivers. He expressed surprise that these birds extremely lucky — they find their burrows for nests, so conveniently located and drilled so clean, like a drill.

"These burrows they make themselves — told him the man who lived in the woods a quarter century. — I have seen how they do them. I watched them and saw them fly to the edge with some leaves in their beaks, clung to the rock like a woodpecker to a tree and rubbing pieces of the stone circular movements. Then they flew away and came back with new leaves and rubbed again. After three or four rubbing they threw leaves and taken peck on the same spot with their sharp beaks. This is where the miracles began — soon to appear in the stone circular recess. … I'm sure, as anyone who watched the birds, they know some leaves, juice, which softens the rock, and it becomes soft like wet clay. "

Fawcett did not really believe in this story, but after a while the Englishman told him the story of his nephew. One day he was riding through the woods on horseback. On his boots were great new Mexican spurs with wheels. When he once again pushed his way through the undergrowth, I was struck — his great spurs disappeared, as if someone had picked from them there were only two black small flyers. One local man asked him whether he has a thicket of plants with dark reddish leaves. Nephew remembered seeing these plants. "That's it! — Said chakarero. — They who ate your spurs! This is the same than the Incas used to shape stones. Leaf juice softens the rock so that it is done as a test. "

This miracle is made of stone with a hammer!

Of course, the hypothesis is intriguing stone softened their uniqueness and mystery. Maybe, there is a plant, but in mass construction Incas did not use it explicitly. Brilliantly demonstrated by Jean-Pierre Protz, who several years meticulously studied the secrets of the Inca masonry. In its publication in the journal "Science World" (USA), he wrote that the Incas used the stones of various weights as hammers. The recesses in the lower stone masonry hollowed stone hammer to full compliance with the convex lower surface, the overlay on top of the stone, and it is possible to so thoroughly customized stone blocks.

Having spent much time in the ancient quarries, tireless researcher himself handled a stone block. "The whole treatment process — says Jean-Pierre Protz — including giving the unit rectangular obtesyvanie three faces and finishing five edges, took no more than 90 minutes." If we assume that the time and labor cared little for the Inca, all the wonders of the ancient builders have a very simple explanation — they did everything themselves without the use of the juice of the plant or by mysterious aliens …

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